Reviews for Spirited Beings
Voldemort- Coolest Badguy EVER chapter 6 . 9/21/2010
Ah, the perfect ending to a great story - with Caleb Reaves. Lovely. 8)

As usual, I loved Dean and Caleb's conversation, which was very sweet and brotherly.

Awesomely written; thanks for the brilliant read! 8D

- Coolest Badguy EVER
Voldemort- Coolest Badguy EVER chapter 5 . 9/21/2010
Some lovely Dean angst to round out the story - what more could I ask for? 8)

I do so love protective, older brother Dean (or Damnit Dean, as he has come to be known!).

Brilliant chapter. ;)

- Coolest Badguy EVER
Voldemort- Coolest Badguy EVER chapter 4 . 9/21/2010
Oooh! Dramatic chapter! Poor Dean's getting stabbed, Sam's getting hit by flying chairs - Mac will be busy. 8)

Loved the action - great chapter.

- Coolest Badguy EVER
Voldemort- Coolest Badguy EVER chapter 3 . 9/21/2010
Tell Mac I'll be visiting him soon."

"Better start looking for a new place to live..."

HAHA! I love Bobby! He's so awesome.

There's some great lines happening in this chapters, giving me a good laugh, so thanks for that! 8)

- Coolest Badguy EVER
Voldemort- Coolest Badguy EVER chapter 2 . 9/21/2010
"Still haven't found Waldo have you?" Dean said, and blinked innocently when the others looked at him, as if he hadn't made an odd comment.

LOL. Love it! 8)

I liked the quick mention to Carolyn in this chapter - I've always thought Josh and Carolyn were cute together, so I'm looking forward to getting up to those stories. 8)

- Coolest Badguy EVER
Voldemort- Coolest Badguy EVER chapter 1 . 9/21/2010
Aww, good ol' Mac, the favourite "uncle". 8) I liked Caleb's so-called threat to get Dean and Sam to stay with him. Tough love!

With sweet, light-hearted opening to the story, with a nice bit of mystery from the bank-robbery thrown in.

Awesome start. 8)

- Coolest Badguy EVER
River City1 chapter 6 . 5/23/2007
This was awesome! All my favorites! Great supernatural story; good triumps over evil; hurt Dean; protective, nurturing Sam, Mac and Caleb; angst anc comfort. It was terrific!
Becomingwhaturmeantobe chapter 6 . 5/20/2007
Great job. I loved it.
irismay42 chapter 6 . 2/15/2007
That was a perfect ending. I think that was my favourite chapter. I really like the idea of Dean's being connected to Pastor Jim somehow... Interesting idea! And as usual your dialogue was spot on!
windstar chapter 6 . 2/13/2007
awe this was sweet thanks for the update
adder574 chapter 6 . 2/12/2007
Loved this from beginning to end. Can't wait to read the next thing you write.
gatorpez chapter 6 . 2/12/2007
I liked the conversation between Dean and Caleb. Dean needs someone he can unload all the "stuff" that has been dumped on him and that he carries around.

I like how Caleb thought that Sam is just like canon Dean said that to Sam in "Devil's Trap" and I think we're seeing it again this season with some of Sam's actions.
SilverKitsune1 chapter 6 . 2/12/2007
This was such a cool story! I'm just so in love with the Brotherhood universe you and Ridley are shaping.

And so I had to keep my shit together- for Sam, for Dad. . ." Dean rubbed at his eyes. "I'm tired. Maybe you can help me convince Sam to give this all up. Maybe I can take him away from this. . ."

I love that Dea would give up hunting in a second for Sam. And it kills me how much the poor guy has been asked to do.

Again, lovely story.
TraSan chapter 6 . 2/12/2007
I enjoyed this story a lot!
Angela chapter 6 . 2/12/2007
It give me a very cold shiver to see how clinical Caleb was about the fact that it would be him to kill Sam if the time came. I thought he liked Sam.
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