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Koi chapter 2 . 5/11/2010
Koi chapter 1 . 5/11/2010
Amanda Saitou chapter 19 . 5/3/2010
And finally I take my time to review this last chapter properly. Let me say, I was so glad that you've decided for a happy ending, as Silvergun and Starscream really deserved that after so much suffering. The circle was finally broken and they could live a different life at last.
I also enjoyed the return of Starscream's trine mates, and that Astrotrain found some loving shelter in Starscream's clone.

The ending with a new Megatron was amazing, and I wonder how this could affect the future in which Silvergun and Starscream are living now. But that, I suppose, is another story...

Amazing work!
grimlock47 chapter 19 . 4/19/2010
fantastic story. i bow to ur briliance. i hope u make another story soon or continue ur other 1. again, great story :)
Taipan Kiryu chapter 19 . 4/8/2010
Finally I finished reading your story, and I must say it was quite a pleasure.

There were some things that broke the smooth line you had since the beginning, like some abuses – in my opinion, of course – in Starscream’s personality. I can perfectly see him as Megatron’s bondmate and your version of their relationship was perfectly believable, but for moments I felt him weak, no traces of his arrogant and self-confident personality. But, then again, I understand you were portraying a version of him suited to this story. Also the inclusion of Astrotrain didn’t convince me fully, and not because of the bond he had with Starscream, but for the pieces clicking in order to reach a happy ending. I’m not a big follower of happy endings, but at the same time I can be very fond of them. Yeah, one of those love-hate relationships :oP

But then again, fanfiction is a playground in which we follow canon to a point, and the rest is filled by the way we would have liked things to be, or the best way they’d work for a particular story.

Reading your story was a very enjoyable experience. As a fellow admirer of Megatron and Starscream, whether loving or hating each other – huh, not much of a difference, LOL – I thank you deeply for having written it and sharing it with us.

And yeah, how to resist a happy ending if it involves Megatron and Starscream? The peaceful resolution to the war was a welcomed bonus. Indeed it seemed like an impossible dream, but you made it happen in the precise moment, the only one in which it could have happened. Rodimus Prime was not completely honest during his doing in this story, but he showed good signals of leadership. Fortunately Silvergun didn’t comply to be his puppet and at a point made the peace negotiations his own. Galvatron would have been impossible to convince, but Cyclonus was no lunatic, neither stupid, and he knew what was the best for the Decepticons, and who.

Thanks again for this ride. And you’re completely right: there will always be a Megatron rising somewhere in the Universe.
Taipan Kiryu chapter 15 . 3/11/2010
Nice job portraying Rodimus Prime’s insecurities. I admit I never liked him, he was too lame compared to Optimus, but his value as a character was precisely there, in all the flaws he had as a leader who wasn’t ready to become the head of the Autobots. He was very lucky that, in the cartoon, Galvatron was a complete moron and couldn’t carry on even the simplest plan, otherwise the Decepticons would have wiped out the Autobots, no matter if the ‘Cons were outnumbered, famished and living in that dust ball Charr.

Things are getting a little bit too melodramatic for my taste, but I have an open mind toward any good story, and you have one very interesting fanfic here, your explanations and links between the past and present events very well done. I applaud your ability to not leaving gaps behind.
Taipan Kiryu chapter 14 . 3/11/2010
There was something in the interaction between Starscream and Astrotrain in this chapter that increased suddenly the temperature in my room… More than just interfacing, these flashbacks had something bitter, painful and even tender. Passion is so complex that treating it like something merely physical is so unfair. I loved the God Gambit reference, by the way.

Everybody knows that a jelaous woman is someone to fear. Now what happens if the jelaous one is a powerful, and hurt, Triple Changer?

Mh, oh yeah, I agree with you… Astrotrain is one handsome bad aft! And his voice… oh wow… just his voice can melt anybody’s panties!
Supermoi chapter 1 . 2/28/2010
Evern better the second time around! That story amaze me greatly... I hated the way Meg abnd Star ended in the 80's movie, and with this story, you wrote what should have been instead! I'll go through it time and time againbecause it's the most awesome MxSS story I ever came across, right along you Hunted Species story!
Taipan Kiryu chapter 11 . 2/6/2010
So Megatron took over the spotlight, appearing at the precise phase of the circle to instruct his former self and send a dooming gift to his later one.

And I applaud again the way you are making every detail click. Linking the Constructicons creating Megatron the Slag Maker with Silvegun’s decision to return to the past you gave logic its rightful place. Time travelling may be the unleashing of catastrophes of devastating proportion, but that doesn’t mean order cannot be established.

Now interesting choices are awakened. Silvergun has the chance to not listen to Megatron’s advice, return to the past but waiting for Starscream for centuries instead of having the Constructicons reprogramming him after his lover’s death. But that would be a similar turn. The other option seems more attractive, stay in the present and change it, opening an entire new future to come. Of course, young Silvergun doesn’t have the strenght and will of his future self, so hesitation and fear was to be expected.

And now the Autobots are coming to scene… Oh boy, one certain thing is that they have a big spark and are willing to forgive, but that will be more than a little bit hard to achieve, I presume. How ironic, considering that Silvergun hasn’t done any damage to them after all.
Taipan Kiryu chapter 10 . 2/6/2010
I was wondering what was going to happen when Megatron and Galvatron met and, most importantly, if one of them killed the other one. Despite the transformations that would turn Silvergun into the maniacal Galvatron, they still had the same spark. Fortunately Soundwave –ah, a rose called by another name… - arrived in time to put things back in place, or at least to save what could have been a catastrophe between the layers of time.

So the circle continues rotating. Not close to an end, but the gears are in progress, Soundwave’s evolution being an important part of the machinery of time.

Big kudos for you for taking the time to give the proper explanations, and not just rely on time travelling for the big changes to happen. Poor Megatron, tortured for so many milleniums. Knowing, but not being able to feel what he had felt for Starscream once. But fortunately he had the vision to understand a second chance was yet to be repeated again and again, and he made the proper preparations, knowing that his own doom was in progress, but also his rebirth. If one thing can be called hope among all that madness, that has to be it. Now it all depends if he will be able to escape such circle, or keep being tortured by it, eternally warning himself but eternally suffering the same loss. And most of all, eternally fighting his worst enemy, himself.

By the way, I loved your explanation for Soundwave’s behaviour during the devastating scene aboard Astrotrain. Now it all makes sense, thank you! I prefer this than the big slag the movie and third generation provided.
Taipan Kiryu chapter 9 . 1/26/2010
Wow, Blitzwing with an Autobot symbol was quite a shock… but still, not unbelievable after that episode in which he actually helped the Autobots. I wonder how Astrotrain took his treason.

I was very glad to read that you will give Soundwave an important role in your story, and now I’m starting to guess the direction and the connection to his past. I know that we can’t especulate with precision when talking about a fictional universe, and that there could be many reasons why Soundwave was left so much aside in the third season, but I like to get into such fictional universe anyway and try not to think in all the commecial interests that were behind the very bad decisions taken since the animated movie, and I think that Soundwave was relegated from his high rank in the Decepticon hierarchy because he allowed it to happen. He didn’t seem to have problem in becoming a simple soldier more, his telepathic and communication abilities left to be wasted, and my guess is that he did it because Megatron was no longer there and he knew he wouldn’t find him in Galvatron. Only on that infamous “Carnage in C minor” Galvatron showed him some respect and didn’t beat him around as he did with all his warriors – he even grabbed his hand, LOL – but in the rest of the show he practically ignored his existance and his special powers.

Gee, definitely the Decepticons in Charr were living in pathethic conditions. The Autobots really showed their lack of cruelty and ambition letting them live.
Taipan Kiryu chapter 8 . 1/25/2010
I’m glad that Starscream hasn’t lost his natural suspicion just because his affair with Megatron. Devious and intelligent, he wouldn’t overlook Wiper’s arrival to the former secret base of Alpha Trion and his guys. But even since those early days, Megatron was already underestimating Starscream’s advice, and thus, regretting it later.

I was afraid for a moment that the relationship between Megatron and Starscream could be becoming too romantic for such a short time they have been together. They have had all the time of the world in the future to come, of course, but most of that time they had spent it hating each other. Pain can add something pleasant to a very passionate relationship when both involved enjoy the master-slave scheme, but in this story is obvious that both Megatron and Starscream are not interested in just proceeding to the next level of the game they already mastered. It’s good that Starscream is having some memories. He may feel wonderful in Megatron’s arms but that doesn’t erase all the pain and humiliation he lived under the Slag Maker’s dominium, not to mention Starscream himself acquired a degree in betrayal.

Too many wounds between them, no wonder why Starscream decided to leave despite what he knows he is starting to feel. But this story is only at the half, so my guess is juicy things are coming!
Taipan Kiryu chapter 7 . 1/25/2010
I insist, very nice way to solve the time travel affair. I was wondering how you were going to justify it, and you came into a very original and attractive solution. The coin and how it got into Silvergun’s hands, inspiring him to become the Megatron we all love and fear, opens that big question about the origins, about all the “what ifs”. So that was going to happen anyway, and will continue happening as events repeat themselves, but I’m curious as how Starscream will change his future and Megatron’s now that he knows he can.

Specially now with Alpha Trion and an insurgent group jumping into the scene. Cybertronian Revolution taking its first steps, loved it! That’s one of the things that always attracted me from the Transformers universe, the way the Great Cybertronian War started and the role Megatron played to make it happen. More than the evil villain cliché, there was more than met the eye in him, even if talk about a fictional universe, as ‘Megatron origin’ brilliantly showed it.

And it was nice to see Starscream finally falling for Megasexy. His feelings may need to be worked a little bit more, but his body knows what it wants. Who wouldn’t, considering the one at the other side of the berth? ;o)
Magnusrae chapter 19 . 1/16/2010
What a glorious ending to the story. I am so, so pleased that you made it a happy ending; a tragic ending would have been too sad. And I liked the evolution of Skullcrusher into the new Megatron, it holds the continuality together nicely.

Very nicely written and well worth the reading. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Taipan Kiryu chapter 6 . 1/15/2010
And talking about twists… so Megatron of the present actually had an indirect encounter with the Megatron of the past! There’s no wonder what coins can do huh? Makes us wonder how complicated time layers really are. The real theory of chaos lies there.

And talking about chaos… I loved the kiss scene! Megatron and Starscream have always been my favorite couple of the TF Universe, and no matter how many times they get written, a good story like yours always brings that neverending love-hate relationship to another level. Despite the cartoon never touched directly such issues, it was very obvious that Starscream wanted desperately to catch Megatron’s attention in any situation, even more than he wanted the Decepticons leadership. And Megatron… well, he kept him alive after so many treacheries for some reason, sick perhaps, but that wasn’t scarce of desire.
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