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Crush-Chan17 chapter 6 . 1/23/2011
This made me feel in love with KakaSaku : O It was sooo adorable! I loved it Plus it was funny too hehe.
Crush-Chan17 chapter 4 . 1/23/2011
HAHAHAH This had to be the most hilarious chap so far XD I love this story so much! I love how Dei-Dei talked! How he said yeah after almost everything then blew them up XD ahahah.
wlkwos chapter 9 . 1/16/2011
This is definitely one of my favourite chapters so far, since it is has a definite plot of its own, is character driven, and also happens to include the very bishie Uchiha Itachi. I'm not entirely certain what karma's views on marriage to another Akatsuki member are, but I'm with Sakura here. Itachi is a hell of a lot better than some of the previous husbands, especially Orochimaru. And then he drops her on the floor.

Although the Great Public Seduction of Uchiha Itachi is only launched perhaps two-thirds of the way through the chapter, its seeds are there from the beginning. Itachi is affectionate in private, and completely indifferent in public - and this annoys Sakura, establishing a source of mild conflict. As one creative writing teacher of mine said, conflict is good. It makes stories exciting, gives them something to be about. Even better is when the conflict arises out of the personalities of the people involved, as it does here. What I really do appreciate (and I suspect I may be starting to sound like a stuck record) is the fact that the Sakura we see here is so much more confident than the Sakura who was married to Gaara. Throughout the story as a whole you've developed her character slowly but steadily, and, thanks to a series of increasingly peculiar and creepy marriages, she's learned to make the best of any positive qualities her husband might have. She's much more proactive and determined to have fun now - and so you get something like the Great Public Seduction.

I must admit that I enjoy your dialogue and the way you write character interactions. It's snappy and it flows, and is a good source of humour. Zetsu's two personalities in particular made me laugh as he switches between being polite and being blunt or sardonic. I also liked Kisame's line about "playing mind games with our resident genjutsu expert", highlighting the futility of attempting to one-up Itachi this way. Which only makes it even more satisfying when Sakura's game of reverse psychology pays dividends by the end. And, to skip back to the beginning of the chapter, Yukari's ominous absence in the previous chapter is completely undermined by the fact that she was on lunch-break. Anticlimax is always good for a laugh.

Once again, this was a truly enjoyable chapter, funny, well-paced, full of amusing dialogue and entertaining characters (Sasori hooking his doughnut with chakra threads!), and with a definite plot of its own. Writer's block or not, I think this chapter worked very well in the end.
wlkwos chapter 8 . 1/12/2011
Well, GaiSaku was disturbing in some ways, but this one really is the creepy molestation chapter, though it starts out as very possibly being Sakura's favourite day. Only her karmic curse is still in operation, despite her very best attempts to be positive and upbeat and really love her increasingly weird husbands, and Sasuke's gorgeous head is attached to Orochimaru's body. The realisation that Sakura has been kissing the Number One Public Enemy is more than a little disconcerting, and it just gets creepier from there. Chains, tongues, petting, and several near misses - poor, poor Sakura. This cracktastic potion really doesn't want to give her a break.

Although this is a somewhat darker and rather more twisted chapter, you still manage to get some lighter comic mileage out of it. Points of note are the excellent conditioner which distracts Sakura from her misery, her conversation with Kabuto through the locked door, and her decision to make rice balls. Nothing says unsuccessful escape attempt from an evil child molester's underground labyrinth, like locating the kitchen and starting to cook. Also, I was impressed with the way that each of these three moments of humour either have some significance for the chapter or are linked to the story as a whole. The hair products turn out to be the key to Sakura's escape from the locked room, and she mentions other realities to Kabuto yet again in her conversation with him, whilst the rice balls prove to be the cause of Sakura's imprisonment. Which now makes me wonder - is this reality the consequence of Orochimaru tasting the rice balls Sakura made for Kabuto?

Another point of note was the reference to Orochimaru's "I was young and in love once". I do like the fact that some casual humour in a previous chapter turns out to be important in this one. Also, whilst I enjoy Yukari's (not always useful) advice and her quick wit, having her absent during this chapter was a good idea. It varies the formula, and adds to the darker tone of this chapter. If something has gone wrong here and Sakura is stranded, then she's definitely in big trouble. Despite the humour, there's an undercurrent of tension throughout the piece, which changes the tone just enough for the chapter to be noticeably different from what's gone before.

So, who next? And will karma ever relent?
thegirlofmanymoods chapter 15 . 1/9/2011
Hey, first off, this is a really good fic. Usually I'm not a big fan of humor fics because a majority of the ones that I've read are poorly written but I do thoroughly enjoy this fic. Also this fic has very unique idea, I haven't seen one even somewhat close to it.

Please update this fic when you get the chance, I am really looking forward to seeing how exactly this will end.
Hidden Fire chapter 15 . 1/6/2011
Love this story! Please update!
TawakeNix chapter 15 . 1/1/2011
Im still reading haha! After like what a year? xD The characters are kinda ooc but thats where humor comes so oh well xD
DancingOnAir chapter 15 . 12/9/2010
Ahh! I love this story it's so funny and creative. I think you should still continue it if you ever have free time to do it.
LiveLikeNeverBefore chapter 15 . 12/7/2010

I Love how it's the most unexpected people that shows up. 8'D

This is just hilarious and romantic~~~

Man I would love to
DontCountMeOut chapter 15 . 12/7/2010
So, is teh updating thing a fast thing? hehe Love it and cant wait for more!

Mass Romantic chapter 7 . 11/30/2010
Oh my God. Gai. There are no words to explain just how much this chapter killed me. I was one big ball of cringe as soon as I read the "we make love!" part. *shudder* I laughed non-stop
jay 8P chapter 15 . 11/24/2010
cant wait for the next chapter update soon
Lady Icicle chapter 15 . 11/23/2010
Hahahaa! AWESOME STORY! Please tell me you're continuing with this! I really, really wanna read some chapters of like, Pein and other characters. Laughed my ass off at some chapters, really enjoyed reading this. :) Good work!
wlkwos chapter 7 . 11/20/2010
Another funny chapter in which Sakura finds herself in a truly awkward situation. However, she is a quick learner (the village's shrewdest child, as Kakashi once said), and is getting the hang of going with the flow. I suppose after waking up next to Gaara (homicidal maniac), Neji (playground bully beating up poor little Hinata), Deidara (pyromaniac Akatsuki member), Kabuto (a traitor with an unhealthy love of playing around with corpses) and Kakashi (teacher, 'nuff said), she's starting to take each new husband in stride. They all turned out to have their sweet side in the end, and after a succession of husbands like that, well, how much worse can it get?

Ok. So this one likes sleeping outdoors in the invigorating cold air, and has a habit of talking about youth at the top of his lungs ...

What is this, I don't even -

Cue an explosion of laughter from me, and sheer brain-bleeding horror on Snookums' part. Screaming "BLOODY MURDER!" and bolting behind a tree is very definitely the best course of action when finding yourself married to Konoha's Noble Green Beast. It might also be wise to subject Miss Yukari's fairy dust/love potion/thingummy to serious laboratory tests for crack. Though I see that Sakura attributes it to karma. Which, when she explains it, makes a certain amount of sense. So, having recognised that there has been a pattern to her marriages, she sets out to break the curse by endeavouring to not complain about Gai for the rest of the day. Just to add a new dimension to the chapter.

Of course, everything about this marriage tests her resolve, from the unspeakable green spandex, to running at high speed through the woods on a full stomach, to leaping up the steepest and tallest mountain in the vicinity just because it's there. Of course Sakura likes - sorry, I mean LOVES Gai. She's totally into extreme outdoors activities. Racing Gai and Lee up mountains is exactly what she's always secretly wanted to do, because she LOVES Gai. And she didn't listen to Neji the hunk and dream house architect extraordinaire when he begged her to call off the wedding because she LOVES Gai. As for Lee and his tears when Gai kisses Sakura, well, his explanation left me laughing - completely unexpected, yet very fitting. Your sense of comedy is great, and one of my favourite lines this chapter was the observation that "even youthful beasts like Gai have trouble carrying grown women up mountains at the pace he was used to."

I seem to recollect that in my last review I commented on the lack of response of some of her husbands to Sakura's strange reactions upon seeing them, such as screaming when Kakashi touches her, so I was happy to see that even if Gai doesn't say anything about Sakura shrieking and bolting for the safety of a tree Neji and Tenten are quite happy to mock her for it. Tenten's sardonic streak in this chapter is great - Sakura the crypt-keeper drama queen - and gives her some much needed character. I suppose one of the joys of working with the supporting cast in fan fiction is that you have rather more freedom to play with personality and back story and relationships with other characters, especially if they are relatively under-developed in the original work. So hooray for this level-headed but sarcastic Tenten. If I'm right in remembering this (I read it so long ago) you gave Hanabi quite a definite personality too in the Neji chapter. Love for the neglected (female) side characters, I see.

Once again, I really enjoyed this chapter. Whilst the idea of Sakura being married to Gai is ridiculous enough, it was the dialogue, the interactions and the little details (Gai insisting that Sakura colour the bandages over her singed eyebrows black certainly deserves a mention here) that made it such a delight to read. And I am as glad as Sakura Snookums that she was spared the horrifying experience of making love to Gai. The brain bleeds at the very notion. Now the question is ... has she broken the karmic curse? Who will the next Mr Sakura be?
totallybob chapter 15 . 11/14/2010
hey i love your story! PLz uPdate soon!
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