Reviews for Perfect Marks
AmberLynnn247 chapter 12 . 7/3/2007

blaise is amazingly hot in this story!

please keep writing!
wingsrookie chapter 12 . 7/3/2007
oh my goodness! That is probably the best chapter I've read since...a long time. And as I read quite frequently, that's saying something. If your next chapter is as good as this one, the world will probably explodiate in shock. I can't wait. I wonder what an explodiated world looks like... ;)

anchored chapter 12 . 7/3/2007

this is pretty much the greatest fanfic ever written.

just thought i'd let you know.

update soon.
mynightshining chapter 12 . 7/3/2007
I bet you rarely get 'aw' and 'that's hot' in the same sentence, so here it is: Aw, that's hot!

Love it! Cannot wait for more. Congrats on your book too. Can't wait to read it.
asdfjpoetic chapter 12 . 7/2/2007

So good.
Gueneviere chapter 12 . 7/2/2007
Aw! What a lovely chapter!
M.M. Vestal chapter 12 . 7/2/2007
This was positively lovely. I really enjoy your style. You've put romance back into the romance genre. Usually, in fics like these, the author rushes straight into physical contact (and usually extreme physical contact), but you take your time and really add meaning to the characters' actions. Your attention to detail is exquisite. I look forward to your update.
ilovefireyredheads chapter 11 . 6/29/2007
cute chapter! i can't wait for the next!

UfailATlifenowDIE chapter 11 . 6/26/2007
loving this story. been following it for some time keep up the good work.
LizzyViolet chapter 11 . 6/21/2007
Damn it! Just when I got to the end of the chapter, I hit a dead end!

I do love your work, it's marvellous, from character development to storyline and everything in between.

I do hope your book goes well ] I'm already intrigued and all I know is the genre.
wingsrookie chapter 11 . 6/21/2007
Yeah Hermione! You go girl! Still...I do kinda feel bad for Blaze...he was just about to get what he wanted, and in his 'drunken state' he's probably about to wonder what happened. Then he's probably going to smash ron, seeing as how he promised to be nice to Harry. But that's just a reader's guesses. Can't wait to see what I was wrong or right about!

Huggles! And tanks for updating!
Lian Ryu chapter 11 . 6/21/2007
*falls over laughing* Oh my that was a Very entertaining chapter. I really do wonder what makes guys think we will just stand to the side while they play their little "pissing" games and not want to bash them over the head for it? *grins* can't wait to see the blame game argument from the guys as they stand out on the porch trying to figure out how to get back in...
alveus' blaise chapter 11 . 6/21/2007
i really love ur story and i am very impatient to read more.i'd like to get a rough idea to where ur heading would be cool if blaise and hermione come plz plz plz write more.i am desperately waiting for more romance in ur col story.

PS;that's the first ever blaise/hermione i've u noe what? i love it!
Akira M chapter 11 . 6/20/2007
Drunk Hermone is so lovely!

and one mor thing: You make Blaise and Hermione work together so well...I guess, it is one on teh best B/H ff out there.

YumSmoothie chapter 11 . 6/20/2007
That was really really good. Very funny, and I like the wit you use, I'm asuming you have a dry sense of humour naturally?

Very, very good. And good luck with your book too, publishers can be a bitch. I've heard. But I'd like to read it.

Anyway, update soon please.
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