Reviews for Shadows Within the Light
HellKat chapter 34 . 10/10
I love this chapter! It's my favorite by far! I thought I was losing interest in stories, but you just brought it back I'm so thankful for that! I really did like this chapter and the kiss, it was romantic since the feelings were raw and vulnerable so I liked it! I hope you'll update your other book, Freedom Found in Defiance! I really like that one too!
Alex Aces chapter 15 . 9/28
Just swapped over from AO3. I googled your name to see if your fics came up in conjunction with anything that might be in the same weight-class and genre, and I found your FF account.

Needless to say, I was delighted.

Guest chapter 2 . 8/18
I really like that you kept his hair black and at least one of his eyes green. The green is iconic and it was cool how the colored changed to be even intense. I would have been really sad if you had gotten rid of his green eyes. Now he's even cooler with heterochromatic eyes. I think blue is a fitting color.
Shinlife chapter 19 . 7/30
I personally enjoy A), the psychology moments and C) the interpersonal relationships between the characters {particularly anything relating to Serverus, Draco, Remus, or Shadow} the most in this series. Honestly though, I love reading any part of your story that isn't a fight scene {because fight scenes kind of bore me in general}.
babyvfan chapter 65 . 5/23
Okay, so I am proud to say through a two-night binge and charging myself through the agony and pain that I finished book 2. I could have and possibly should have started with book one but I accepted whatever came about and so forth. I was greatly impressed with it. And I will get to story 3, which I am excited for but I think I'll take a break since Shadow Within seriously took a lot out of me. Nevertheless, once again, BRAVA.
babyvfan chapter 64 . 5/23
*takes out a sigh, which comes out as a slow groan* Remember the agonizing heartbreak my poor poor poor heart went through after one chapter of Freedom Found in Chains? Well, the first part of this teaser definitely did that to my heart, so thank you.

I feel so bad. My ass seriously forgot that Draco was a vampire. I think cause so much action happened, it's hard to keep track but wow. Question, did he have sex with those guys and then feed on them? I thought, alright I get he's hungry, it's what vampires do, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking what about Shadow? Isn't that hurting him?

Also, so I'm clear, three years has passed? Hot damn.
babyvfan chapter 63 . 5/23
*tears pouring from my eyes* so much many death...*takes in a deep breath, letting it out slowly*

Okay...alright...Sensibly *looks up at you and smiles* My thoughts of Shadows Within the Light consist of one word/thought. *smiles broadens to a grin* BRAVA. *claps for you, going slow and then applauding like mad for you* BRAVA BRAVA BRAVA.

My dear girl, you did it again. You knocked another hit clean out of the park. I'm so proud.

Okay, so I have a slight confession. I told you before, over 60 chapters ago, that I am reading and reviewing this for you. When I first started it, it was during the time you were down because we sadly have idiots and those idiots were making you feel bad, so I thought I'm sending you loads and loads and loads of reviews to cheer you up. And then when your birthday came about, I thought this is the perfect motivation to get back to your story since I'm already sending out PMs, planning on doing a story for you, but there's nothing sweeter than sending you loads of reviews. And now that I reached the end, I'm realizing a third reason why I'm reading this. I am missing Freedom Found In Chains so so so so much and need other drarry stories to pass my time until part 2 of Freedom comes around. Which I'm still excited for.

Funny story. One of my favorite shows on TV is Shadowhunters with the Queen Isabelle Lightwood being my favorite character and my precious baby. The winter finale came around March, and I'm excited for the second half of season 2 which is coming back June 5th. But during the resting period I decided to pick up the books and spin-offs (which are overhyped to me, BTW) to feed my Shadowhunter craving. Now I'm going through the same time with you. I'm reading your other drarry stories to fill in that craving, that need for Freedom until part 2 comes.

And I was blown away from the story. Dude, I kid you, I charged through this story, through the angst, through the complications, through the twists and turns, on a two-night binge. I actually full-on binged on this story, hence why most of my reviews are like scattered-brain messes. I needed to know when my babies were getting together. I needed to see how Harry was going to be. And you did not disappoint at all.

I can say nothing else but well-blown. That, and I have a good feeling I'm going to be in a bit of a reading slump. Actually, I know I will. So I'm gonna rest for a tad bit and will get to you later.

babyvfan chapter 62 . 5/23
Holy hell...war is really coming close. I'm hoping Umbridge and her cronies are the first that get eaten
babyvfan chapter 61 . 5/23
I love the fact my dear precious Luna Love put little Miss Pain in the ass Ginny Weasley in her place. I never felt so proud *wipes away a happy tear* I feel McGonagall got the boot. The ministry does realize they're exposing the kids to what's going on
babyvfan chapter 60 . 5/23
I definitely love the conversation and am sooooo glad you did it. The conversation was a long time coming, and Harry's starting to understand why he's so confused. A good step forward
babyvfan chapter 59 . 5/23
Things are definitely moving along. I can feel it. I just hope they can survive it
babyvfan chapter 58 . 5/23
What can I say other than well done? Well well well done
babyvfan chapter 57 . 5/23
The Severus part really really confused me. I won't lie. When he was going back to hating Harry (Potter I should say) and then staying because of Lily. The Lily part surprised me even more since this has to be the first part she was mentioned, especially like that.

My mind is reeling from the Rudolpush thing. I know I spelled his name wrong, but hopefully you know what I mean.

Happy Neville is back with them but I seriously wish his grandmother would GO AWAY
babyvfan chapter 56 . 5/23
Holy fucking wow! That's pretty much all I can say. Holy Fucking wow
babyvfan chapter 55 . 5/23
Another good chapter
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