Reviews for Learning to Cope
Adrianna Agray chapter 7 . 1/3/2016
That was awesome: ) well written: )
Pothenaforever chapter 7 . 6/18/2013
Someone who loved your story chapter 7 . 3/22/2009
Awesome job! i loved the way how you brought carter and danas relationship 2gether! You have to write more like this! Again Awesome job!
Shaira Grace chapter 7 . 9/26/2008
love it. carter and dana are so perfect for each other. i think you should have to write more about their life together.
Psycho Tangerine chapter 7 . 9/21/2008
This was very well written. I especially liked that the injuries actually took time to heal rather than disappearing in a few hours as in most fanfics. That makes everything seem so much more dangerous.
Gotta Dance 88 chapter 7 . 5/21/2008
I love your story!
Adalanta chapter 7 . 9/10/2007
Wow! What an amazing story! It's so hard to find a PR story that has emotional or physical whumping (I'm a sucker for that, too), and it's even more rare to find one so excellently written. You've gotten the characters down so perfectly that it was like watching a TV episode. I love to read another PR fic if you get around to writing another one.

Keep up the great work! Thanks for brightening my day with your story!
Maggie chapter 7 . 8/1/2007
this is amaziing. honestly.
BoothlovesBones chapter 7 . 2/6/2007
I liked that! It was so cute :D to bad the story has ended! The other rangers must be very dumb not knowing carter and dana are on a date together :p

Hope you write more story's _

ptime chapter 7 . 2/5/2007
I love this story and hope you do sequel
dragoneyes5000 chapter 7 . 2/5/2007
that's how u ended it...
Buffyxenaman chapter 7 . 2/5/2007
This was a good fic. How you write more soon.
Thedummie2 chapter 6 . 2/4/2007
OMG! This is one of the best Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue fics that I have read in a long time! The characterization of Carter and Dana is just perfect, and the fic is so well written. I love this couple, and this just madee my day. Definitely on my list of favs.

Looking forward to more Dana and Carter fics from you in the future,

BoothlovesBones chapter 6 . 2/3/2007
I love it! poor carter! Really cute ending!
Buffyxenaman chapter 6 . 2/2/2007
Great job again.
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