Reviews for Love In The Dark
Rissa chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
so sad yet so sweet please update asap _
Technotronic chapter 1 . 11/15/2011
hm... my definition of 'soon' usually expires before 3 years... but i'll allert this just in case :) I really do hope you update this soon! (like, actually soon, not like what you posted in '07 :P ) i really like this story line and would love to see some new instalations
SarahEmoNeko chapter 1 . 3/8/2011
so good! please make more
Serena6686 chapter 1 . 3/10/2009
tr1ckydr1v3r chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
nice story. planning on updating soon? i hope you do cause this is a good story.
Kitsune Kit chapter 1 . 6/17/2008
This is so good! I can't wait for more! I'm glad you had Rikku act like that, because someone always does. I notice Sora dosn't have a cane, you know those little sticks that have a switch and can elongate, and have red stripes? Most blind people are legally required to have one so people can tell they're blind. I can't wait to see where this is going! Please update soon!
bullet-to-my-heart-x chapter 1 . 3/11/2008
OMG i love this story it's so good! great job! please update soon! Xd ;D
DayMelh chapter 1 . 1/27/2008
WOW! You are good! Just you wait I have another review coming at you as soon as I'm done reading what you have up!

Sorakun4ever chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
it,can u updated soon please?
kittycat3191 chapter 1 . 10/28/2007
This stroy is very interesting. Please continue! .
the nsomniac artist chapter 1 . 8/21/2007
Very good start
hershey555 chapter 1 . 8/4/2007
Nice and interesting so far, keep up the good work. Will be waiting for the update!
darkangelwings90 chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
oh my god! you have GOT to update this story! i love it! it's awesome *favorites story*
LupinandHarry chapter 1 . 6/19/2007
Aw! Why on earth havent you updated? Huh?

I Love this story so far! You need to update
Rawiyah-Taliesin chapter 1 . 4/28/2007
You did a really good job writing the emotions! Updates are wanted very badly.
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