Reviews for Fourth Wall, Book 2: The Four Seasons
DinoGuy2000 chapter 65 . 6/10/2014
Oh, I do so enjoy the Calvin and Hobbes references. Along with the rest of the fic. This is very interesting to read. Well, two chapters to go, and then I add this to my alerts. Or I'll do that now. Yeah, I'll do that now. Even if this fic is dead, I'll cling to the hope that this will be finished at some point.
Bolo42 chapter 52 . 2/27/2012
Oh my, Rika/Ruki's awakening must have been quite bloody.
RandomPersonOfDoom chapter 67 . 3/8/2010
Lol..."Bad fics..should be deleted.." I might actually root for Jeri-Reaper next chapter. XD And go Milleniummon! :D
gcleemon chapter 67 . 3/4/2010
wow the d-reaper actually isnt evil and is actually doing good (same can be said for milleniummon) and that line at the end was kinda weird, since i was expecting demon dayz to use the tamers catchfrase "aww nuts" and the bad fics should be deleted line was perfect for the d-reaper and once there done with demon dayz is the d-reaper gonna go berserk on them or go back to post tamers epilouge?
Pyroclastic flow chapter 67 . 3/4/2010
Heh. Milleniummon surpasses the form of a Deus Ex machina :P Hmm...isn't he literal now? if part of him is integrated into the website which would mean lines of code in the server? Heh Heh God from the Machine.

Heh disbelief at Milleniummon? I think that would be common.

lol Madness :)

What would happen is they destroyed the authors possessed shell?

Everybody knows you CANT kill Milleniummon. He just comes back stronger.

-Snort- Jokes like that are ALWAYS at terriermons expense.

Bwahahaha Wow...I never expected to see those two again :P

-Snort- "Bad fics...should be deleted" ...Dramatic huh?
gcleemon chapter 66 . 3/3/2010
cant wait for the next chapter and yes im late (dam desktop hard drive bit the dust) but cant wait to see how ryo got milleniummon on his side (was it like how it happened the first time with monodramon or something else?) and did the lock on ryans digivice go away when he got healed or shall it forever remain there like the pain in the ass it is?
Pyroclastic flow chapter 66 . 3/2/2010
Ah I was 200? lol I sure review alot huh?

Richoemon...I cant remember is hes Ryan or Chris's partner...or what he looks like GAH ITS BEEN TOO LONG! I have to play catch up

...I remember that too...I still think it was the freaking MEAT APPLES that were giving him nightmares

Demon Dayz...Was he DEE DEE? I also remember dichotomy of the heart...

Haha Terriermon! XD Everybody should learn to Momentai eh? :P

cliché as it is I here that all the time. Im always saying something still and my dad reply with that line :)

...OH FUCK! Milleniummon! Now that's something I never expected to see O.O
RandomPersonOfDoom chapter 66 . 2/26/2010
Awesome! Milleniummon appears! D
Dag 417-Pandemonium Theory chapter 66 . 2/26/2010
Milleniummon...was not expecting that.

Another awesome chapter man.
Dag 417-Pandemonium Theory chapter 65 . 1/14/2010
Hey, it Dag 417 here. Sorry I didn't review this story on the last chapter, but I forgot:)

Great chapters and good to see this story back. I did make some alterations to my character for my story, so PM me if you want to update with the changes.

But still, great to this back.
Digital-Dragon-Master chapter 65 . 1/11/2010
I forgot how much I loved your action scenes. Nice way of working Terriermuse back in, and XV-Mon! Really can't wait to get back to John - and for these guys to get some more back-up, unless all the others are with Rapidmon. Cliffhangers ahoy!

Loved the little back and forth from action to meta, too.




gcleemon chapter 65 . 1/11/2010
yay you finnaly updated after what? 2 years? anyway are the modications having any effect on ryan right now or are they delayed effects? oh and great chapter keep them comming and try to update more then every 2 years
Pyroclastic flow chapter 65 . 1/11/2010
"Terriermuse tapped his chin thoughtfully. “Yeah. I don’t see why now." Why now?
Chaos Blademaster chapter 64 . 12/31/2009
This chapter is surprisingly good, for not having written anything on this in...two years you say? It is understandable that it is short. Frankly, I am surprised that I didn't need a refresher on what has happened.

Since you haven't revealed the true cause for Renamon's inability to find Plot Holes, I have assumed that it has something to do with Milleniummon's presence in the story, especially since he is in Tamers hunting Ryo. I don't get why Demon Dayz/Vajramon attacked Renamon, though. Perhaps he just doesn't want her to interfere once Ryan arrives?

On a side note, BlueIke on DeviantArt has (sort of) recently shared info that says a Season 6 of Digimon will soon be released. I think he said it will be called Digimon AROUND.

Thanks for writing,


"Stow it, Peabody. If I have to suffer, you have to suffer too. That's chain of command." -Lt. Eve Dallas ("Vengeance In Death" by J.D. Robb)
Digital-Dragon-Master chapter 64 . 12/30/2009
What a pleasant surprise! I was afraid I'd never see another update, but I should know better. :) You've still got all your writing talents, of course - and I'm pleased to return to the story and experience the same feelings I remember from when I last read it. Of course, I may have to look over it before the next update - to remember some of the finer details, of course - but it's not a chore. Glad to see you back, Crazyeight.

...and to the chapter, you really know how to get the tension thick. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next - for we are definitely fighting the script now.





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