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SasuNaru's Loyal Fangirl TDDUP chapter 1 . 8/19
Hey Weeaboo Princess, I raised my hand xD
weeaboo princess chapter 4 . 1/21
Who is still reading in 2017 *raises hand*
Guest chapter 25 . 12/7/2016
Damn those darn Uchihas and their boots. But going by the description us readers get, those boots sound sexy. Especially in Naruto's eyes.
Guest chapter 16 . 12/4/2016
finally I have been waiting for this moment for 15 chapters!
The Yaoi Begins chapter 4 . 11/27/2016
But of course it begins behind the scenes. Anyway good reference to the actual anime. What I mean is how naruto's eyes go red when him and sasuke get in a fight. Also when sasuke's thinking that he can't use "it" here. I think I know what the "it" is. Mwahahaha
Guest chapter 28 . 11/16/2016
Are you going to update more soon? You haven't updated in like, 7 years or whatever... :(
yuumabais chapter 28 . 12/6/2011
Annie chapter 28 . 12/4/2011
ZOMG I LOVE IT. i wonder what's gonna happen next xD i hope no one dies ::sad face:: en-ee-waaay, update soon prease? 3
SanctuarySins chapter 28 . 10/23/2011
ahhh omg seriously can't wait for the next chapter the suspense is killing me lol this is by far one of the BEST stories I've read in a long time! _
lolipopcandylala chapter 27 . 6/7/2011
I absoulutely luv ur atory its just so awesome

is the lemons never gonna b written?

Plz continue writting and i look forward to reading the future chapters
wlkwos chapter 28 . 10/26/2010
And another year after my last review, I finally catch up with the story. The drama. The duel. The dance of the sabres. And just so that we don't forget how exciting the chapter is, there is an exclamation mark at the end of the chapter title.

So we start with a court in suspense. A court in such tremendous, ridiculous, over-the-top suspense. After all, it's just a bit of swordplay between two teenage boys. Two highly destructive teenage boys, who only wrecked part of the palace the last time they fought. I do have to ask why the entire court was holding its breath at the funeral of the Emperor. Were they wondering whether he was going to start banging on the lid of his coffin?

We then are treated to a description of Naruto to show how greatly he has improved in holding his rapier, courtesy of Sasuke kindly undertaking the "onerous task of examining Naruto's body in detail". A most onerous task for him, no doubt. And Naruto, it seems, can pose with the best of them. He has a most swish stance, and is now equipped with the latest in cyborg technology, with a rapier that appears to be an extension of his own arm. So, he looks pretty. Can he fight? That is the burning question uppermost in everyone's minds, especially after all those sessions spent watching clouds with Shikamaru and Chouji. And the tension just keeps rising. Who will move first?

And of course, it's Naruto, the number one hyperactive, noisy and surprising ex-pirate. Who now has super speed to match his super swish stance, and has further undergone a shounen upgrade in terms of looks. Might I ask if the Fluff Pirates are, ahem, fangirling a certain blond ninja, with his intense expression and clear blue eyes, and just that one errant strand of hair begging Sasuke to brush it back into place? And the drama continues to rise, for after Naruto's whirlwind strike and Neji's equally rapid parry, they break apart, and start to circle. No good swordfight is complete without the fighters circling each other. An extra ten points for style.

We have yet another indication of how far Naruto has progressed when he and Neji exchange jibes. In the first fight, Naruto was a complete dunderhead as far as etiquette went ("Just fall already!"), whilst Neji was a stickler for the correct protocol. This time, Naruto is careful to use all the correct titles, not to mention good grammar and amazing enunciation, whilst Neji is the one who flouts the rules of polite insulting. A rather ironic inversion, with Neji acting as a foil for Naruto and a yardstick to chart his development.

And there comes the speech on destiny. Nice to see that even in an alternate universe Neji is Neji. So we get yet another contrast between Neji and Naruto, this time the canonical one of ideology. I suppose the speech about nobility and ancestry is the equivalent of Neji's belief that once a drop-out, always a drop-out. It certainly makes Neji come across as unpleasant and conceited, and ripe for a beating at the hands of Naruto. However, instead of flying into a thoughtless fury, Naruto has a few more barbed comments to trade, pointing out that whatever Neji might think about the virtues of royal blood, Gaara still dumped him in favour of the pretty common ex-pirate Uzumaki Naruto. Which turns out to be a bad, bad thing to say, because Neji then bites back with the reminder that Sasuke effectively dumped Naruto too. And this allows Naruto to cite Rule 247 - and to up the tension once more, as the match is now a death match. Oh, the drama! How much more suspense can one fight take?

The magical energy attacks that the duelists start using at this point are suspiciously reminiscent of ninjutsu, right down to the hand seals. Not to mention the very anime technique in which Naruto tosses his rapier aside, he and Neji exchange a flurry of magical attacks, and only after the third one does the sword hit the floor. And in that space of time, Sasuke has been able to look at each of the individual shield holders, be blinded by a technique of Naruto's and recover his sight. Slooooooow moooooootion swoooooooord faaaaaaaallllll indeed.

Glad to see you skip over most of the details of the fight, and settle instead for describing their speed and the feel of the burgeoning magical storm within the barrier. Too much detail just slows the battle down. On the other hand, you pick out the important points of the fight, such as the bolt of magic heading towards Sasuke, which Naruto blocks with his own body. (How much more suspense can a single fight take? A lot.) Ample opportunity for a poignant cliffhanger indeed, but instead the story continues with a change of viewpoint. Instead of Sasuke ogling Naruto, we now bring you Naruto ogling Sasuke!

The intensity of the battle continues to increase, as Neji now starts to perform some strange sort of magic that uses his own blood. It's ominous and scary, and it starts to stir the Kyuubi. There is now an atmosphere of very palpable danger, and the immensity of what Neji is about to do is underscored when we learn that Blood Magic is forbidden in Konoha. So, Blood Magic is bad - expect to see more of it in the future as the intrigues at court deepen. However, with typical Fluff Pirates dexterity, the mood swings from serious drama to humour, when the Grand High Prince realises that he is practically straddling his we-are-just-friends, he-is-totally-not-my-boyfriend, I-did-not-kiss-that-man in front of the whole court. Poor, poor Sasuke. His Uchiha dignity makes him such a delightfully tempting target for situations such as this. But then the tone of the fight immediately reverts to its former seriousness, since Neji just can't get it through his head that Blood Magic is forbidden. Typical Hyuuga.

I will admit that the fact that Neji's Blood Magic is dealt with so swiftly and with such apparent ease on both occasions that he starts to use it does take some of the edge off its potential scariness. Then again, I suppose you could argue that the speed with which Naruto and Sasuke react to it serves to hype its power. Anyway, with Neji being blown backwards out of the shield to land at Gaara's feet, the actual battle seems to come to an end, and Naruto gets to use Talk no Jutsu instead to explain to Gaara that people protect their friends, rather than throwing them out like dirty bathwater just because you think they're weak. At this point, I felt a little sorry for Neji, so publicly humiliated by his very good friend.

I enjoyed the humour injected by Sasuke's thoughts: "Naruto was fighting Neji, and shouldn't be overly concerned about the horizontal or vertical state of someone he'd just challenged to a duel to the death" was a particularly choice one, and the final sentence of the piece had me giggling, with a despairing Grand High Prince signalling mass evacuation of an entire wing of the palace. All so that four teenage boys can face off against each other. It would appear that the damage that these youngsters can wreak increases exponentially with the addition of each one. Considering that Gaara has his sand power, well, perhaps just one wing is not sufficient. Then again, this is a palace that is apparently on the same scale as downtown New York, with its endless red roofs.

I'm glad to see that the intrigue of the previous chapters is not entirely abandoned in this one, despite all the action. Sasuke's gut feeling is pointing him in the right direction, and Hebi's investigation may, with some luck, move the plot on. There are so many tangled threads still to be followed, and so many players in the treacherous and shifting court politics, from the languid regent Orochimaru and his subordinates Kabuto, now trailing Naruto, and Gaara, now crushing on Naruto, to Itachi, seen once in sexy boots and then mysteriously vanished again, his motives as inscrutable as ever. And I suppose it's not without significance that Sasuke is now facing off against Gaara in this battle royale.

So, on with the thumping!
RebellingPansies chapter 28 . 7/21/2010
Amazing! I really do hope that you continue this story. :)
wlkwos chapter 27 . 12/8/2009
After roughly a year's inactivity, I get back to reviewing ... when I really should be thesisizing in the library, but, hey, priorities are fluid things. I also note that the story hasn't exactly been assiduously and enthusiastically updated either, so at least I do not have an entire year's backlog of chapters. Anyway, getting down to business.

There is not much in the way of sword fights and smashy smashy action in this chapter, as the drama is largely at the level of character, with idiotic resolutions and revelations of conspiracy. We open with an introspective Sasuke brooding (gasp! How unusual!) over the fact that he could have thumped Itachi but didn't (foolish little brother, you lack ... initiative), whilst an ever-persistent Naruto drums his heels on the roof above the royal bedchamber. His awareness of Naruto's presence then leads Sasuke to angst still further, and to continue to believe that he knows what is best in their relationship - namely, to pretend it never happened, which is a vain and foolish hope, because even if that blind 90-year-old granny in the frozen wastes of far northern Kuhkuy hasn't worked it out yet, it's only a matter of time. Any relationship with Naruto in it is doomed to be Blatantly Obvious from the start.

Speaking of Naruto, it was when you mentioned that he was an "ex-pirate" that I suddenly began to wonder whether the title of this fic was perhaps not slightly outdated now, since he and Sasuke have been earth-bound landlubbers for quite some time now. Perhaps an irrelevant point, but still. Anyway, there is a humorous touch in the description of Naruto's eating and cooking arrangements, with the pot balanced on a stove balanced on a table balanced on the spine of the roof. This can only be a disaster waiting to happen, though it seems that Naruto has a knack for balancing improbable objects one on top of the other and having nothing go wrong. Lucky boy. Of course, considering that these red-tiled roofs apparently stretch into the "far distance" (how big is this palace, exactly?), their ridges are doubtless substantial in breadth and so the table may be rather more securely placed than "balanced" implies.

Ah, Sasuke's stringent security measures, and the footnote defending Naruto's ingenuity. Square kilometers of reinforced steel, however, would not stand up to an oxy-gas torch, in particular the cutting torch especially designed for cutting steel. Naruto is evidently just not determined and creative enough. Then again, whilst brute force might be a temporary solution, it won't stop the underlying problem, namely Sasuke's refusal to let Naruto be hurt. And thanks to the murders of Sarutobi and an unnamed extra, Naruto has finally come to an independent realisation of this fact, even though various people have been telling him as much for the last few chapters. His solution to this problem is characteristically direct - find out who's responsible for the killings and deal with them, which presumably means beat them up and then use Talk no Jutsu on them. I do have to ask if there was a bad pun on the spikes keeping Naruto out of the bedroom and Sasuke's own "spiky" behaviour.

Another scene change, and with it the revelation of the prime mover behind the conspiracy against Sasuke: our languid regent Orochimaru, who has been long absent from the story. His intentions are made very plain by the fact that he is sitting in the throne, caressing the sidearms with his nails, a very Orochimaru-esque thing to do, and by the opening exchange in his conversation with the mysterious hooded assassin. I'm wondering if the reveal of the assassin's identity so soon was a good move, since with the description of the eye and hair colour you had provided just enough clues to hint at his identity, but could have left the reader hanging a bit longer. I also have to ask why the necessity for a hood, which simply screams "I am up to no good", especially when worn indoors. Unless perhaps Naruto's efforts with the tiles have left the palace roofs leaking. And now Orochimaru is growing suspicious about Naruto, setting Kabuto on his tail. Sasuke's strategy for protecting Naruto isn't going to work after all. Good thing Naruto's decided to deal with the murderer himself.

The scene where Naruto and Sasuke pass each other in the hallway made me laugh, not because there is anything inherently amusing in their emotions and their reactions to each other (well, aside from the image of Naruto chewing Sasuke's shoulder), but because it was such an anime shot. Two characters stride towards each other, their speed ever so slightly slowed, the background fades to white, and then there's the vastly slowed shot of them passing each other, followed by one character stopping and looking round whilst the other continues. So, yes, the meeting in the hallway was a classic anime scene, full of drama and emotion. And then you switch instantly to comedy in the arming scene, with even Jiraiya being at a loss as to how to get all the pieces securely on.

Um. Betrothed and engaged ... are kind of synonymous, without any difference in agency or volition for the parties involved, but I see you observe that this is not the case in Sky Pirates land. I assume the dialectal and cultural differences of Sky Pirates land also account for the fact that Sasuke is standing not on a dais but a Dias, Bartolomeu (c. 1450-1500), rounded Cape of Good Hope, etc, etc. Neji's titles are most amusing. I quite agree with Big Pirate that Wielder of the Secret Fire is truly choice, and think that the boyfriend's role as a desk is consequently deserved. Is that an element of foreshadowing I see, with Sasuke's commentary on Naruto's magic? Hmm. Will we get to see Kyuubi again? All these questions left unresolved in the cliff-hanger ending of the chapter, with the promise of action to come.
Dragonwolf chapter 28 . 11/9/2009
Very much enjoying the story so far and will keep an eye out for any updates. *grin*

Thanks for sharing. ;)
Spiral Loki chapter 24 . 11/8/2009
hmm interesting :D
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