Reviews for Angelfeatherwriters response
PIIR-Pierrot chapter 1 . 5/18/2008
Well, I've already read the comments, and Angelfeatherwriter doesn't seem mad at you for posting her poem. (Emphasis on the posting part, not the her part. If that sentence still sounds angry/accusing, just shoot me a PM and I'll clarify.)

I've never been very good at reviewing free form poetry. Without some form of standard or set of rules to measure he poem against, all I can do is revview it based on my personal opinion. And that always seemed like a rather arbitrary way of doing things to me.

Alas, that is just the way of things. This poem was, as other people have said, "good." Coming up with it on the spot makes it that much more impressive. Still, this was a poem meant to empathize, not to inspire of set an example. This poem was meant specifically for you, and as such, isn't going to have the same emotional impact on me nor anyone else. I recognize the powerful rhetoric that she's using, but it is designed for you.

Good job to Angelfeatherwriter (I'll forward her a copy of this review, just so she knows).

~ PIIR-Pierrot
Morbid Guidance chapter 1 . 11/19/2007
Wow, they came up with this on the spot? cool!

I once came up with an 'orochimaru blew up the village' fic on the spot while sending a gaia message to a friend ... yeah they didn't respond for a while -_-;

I'm not doing that again...
AngelDormais chapter 1 . 1/24/2007
...*Chuckles darkly*...I never thought that you'd put this up, Kyubi-kun. I know you appreciated it (perhaps that is an understatement?), but I had no idea that you'd love it enough to construct a fic from it? It makes me so honored that someone like you, whom I consider to be my friend (not to mention that I only have two not-in-real-life friends-being you and AppleCore-chan), kept this so long. I'm going to sound so mushy and blah here, but really, thank you. Thanks for everything. It probably seems to you that I helped you out way more than you helped me, but trust me, you helped me out so much. Yeah, corny, I know :D.
TheEleventhMuse chapter 1 . 1/22/2007
WoW~tht's all i hav to say

it's really cool~

I sometimes write to get rid of horrible emotions

as well...:)

Good job (to you and to angelfeatherwriters)


all of ur stories all seem to concern something about suicide...heehee