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windsilk chapter 13 . 8/5/2010
come baaaaack.

it's been nearly a year since you last updated this, and it breaks my heart in the best way possible.

I cry, I laugh, I flail, I falter. your story is like a chaotic mix of emotion and life and it breathes and I want to see, to read more.

this is so heartbreakingly sad and italicized-ly painful and filled with life and love, and I am desperate for more.

it's been nearly a year since you last updated this, and I wish with every fiber of my being that you would continue it again.

come baaaack. and update soon?
shadowdagger31 chapter 13 . 8/3/2010
oh my god! cliffie! i read this story again, and i fell in love all over again! update please! thanks for such a wonderful story! XD
Smle4me chapter 13 . 7/31/2010
PLEAASSSEEE update soon !
CynthionaX chapter 13 . 7/30/2010
hi yo!

i absolutly LOVE THIS!

your are a crack genious! and i lov you!

this fic and the uchiha sweetheart almost made me choked on laughter, something i never believed it would happen to me, you read it in FFs but it doesnt really gets till it happens to you!

this is the best crack fic ive ever read even if it have drama and angst it is very funny! and i lov funny cause in this world thats what lacks!

bye take care! i REALLY REALLY hope you continue this!
anundecidedteen chapter 13 . 7/22/2010
I just finished reading this, and I know you haven't updated in a while, but I'm interested to see how it ends and if Sasuke actually leaves if he learns the truth. I haven't read the sequel yet, but I'll do that later.

I was following your story "Shon", and I'm sorry the site deleted it, that is a bummer :( I hope you can just repost it under some other name, or at a different site and let us know, I really want to know how that ends as well: personally I hope that Sakura gains some confidence in the relationship, and it becomes more than just sex and hidden feelings. I enjoy your stories, and I hope that I can read more in the future :)
prospiitian chapter 13 . 7/19/2010
D: You're in a coma again, aren't you? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has reviewed like this, but ANOTHER CHAPTER! *Gets down on knees and clasps hands together in front of her and commences puppy dog eyes* Pwease?
Rimo7 chapter 13 . 7/15/2010
Please please update soon!
taniarulz123 chapter 13 . 7/10/2010
luv it xx plz update soon tc
luny ravings of the mad hatter chapter 13 . 6/22/2010
OMG. PLEASE UPDATE. I decided to not read this until it's finished because of the angst I can just smell a mile away, but I couldn't resist. This is so so so so depressing. I know Sasu-chan suffered in the prequel, but really i want him to suffer and grovel at Sakura's feet. BREAKING HIS PROMISE? THAT IS SO MEAN AND HE MUST KNOW THAT IT WAS SAKURA AND HE JUST HAD TO SAY THAT TO HER FACE! anyway. please update, this suspension is killing me.
Parpallee chapter 13 . 6/22/2010
i love all your stories but i think you're cruel for not updating for so long... i'm literally going crazy here waiting for the next chap. pretty please update soon! .
TulipsInTheSky chapter 13 . 6/21/2010







ME chapter 13 . 6/12/2010
withloveagain chapter 7 . 6/9/2010
when are you going to update?
XOnaruxhinaOX chapter 13 . 6/3/2010
-sighs 5 times and then looks up with pained eyes- i love this story so much... it so sad yet is soooooooo... addictive? but i love it so much . so... please update... please? this story is a "take your heart and wring it out and cry for hours then randomly space out at random times cause your mind wondered to this story and cry without relizing it and then everyone is like are you okay? and your like 'huh what?' and then their like 'dude, your crying' and your like 'oh i am? sorry i was think of this really awesome yet sad heartbreaking story... you should read it!'" that is the type of story this is to me. but then when they read their like "WTF? this lady isn't updating!" and then thay go on a rant in the review about how you need to update. sooooooooo if you updated this then that would solve the update ranting people problems :] anyway i still-a love-a this-a story-a! soooooo pretty please with cherries and choclate and ice-cream and all your favorite toppings on top update ?
Jade lover chapter 13 . 5/28/2010
Please pleeeease update soon! I consider the uchiha sweetheart and mr endlessly my all time favorite stories and I wonder what will happen next!
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