Reviews for Bad company
XD chapter 4 . 12/31/2013
Wow these guys
00-night-eyes-00 chapter 4 . 9/23/2013
love it
Guest chapter 4 . 9/21/2013
yes! I searched so long for this and then you told me about it at spnstoryfinder and I didn't even see it until now (over a year later! omg! shame on me!). And I am so glad to be able to read it again! :D
I think this is one of the first fic's I ever read, before I had an account here.

All of your typos are a little annoying though, so is the fact that you write 'thru' instead of 'through'. Also, mistake in your summary: he don't - he doesn't.

But besides all that, I really enjoyed it! Though it should've been a lot longer. You could stretch it way more ;)
apester chapter 4 . 4/12/2012
great story loved it tons cant believe i havent read it before. interesting plot and i thought the characters were developed really well. you cant even tell english isnt your first language there were barely and mistakes.

Great Job

now i head off to read the rest of your stories :)
YaoiGirl1997 chapter 4 . 8/11/2010
Awsome story!
liliaeth chapter 4 . 7/2/2009
Always fun to see the Winchesters be badasses, thanks for a great fic.
Waloy chapter 1 . 10/18/2007
Me like very much! *applauds*
gretchless chapter 4 . 6/14/2007
i really do think trouble follows dean around and i guess it cant help to have farther that has peed so many people off !

this was good, dean was cocky as ever (perfect)

bye for now !
Mee chapter 4 . 5/1/2007
That's really good. I like it.

And even though English isn't your first language, you did pretty well. I noticed a few errors (like in the first chapter, you wrote, "Didn't I learn you anything?" That should be, "Didn't I teach you anything?". Learn is what you find out, teach is what they tell you)... but it's overall really good.
heather03nmg chapter 4 . 5/1/2007
Aw, a happy ending...I loved it!

Hurt Dean rocks, you wrote a great story and I look forward to more! chapter 4 . 5/1/2007
Like the story. Really got me involved in the whole plot. I would have liked to have had a little more physical contact between Dean and Steve, not an actual rape but something to put more fear into Dean, Sam and John.

Look forward to another story.

anybody-out-there chapter 4 . 5/1/2007
Haha, LOL, this was so fun to read. Oh My God, how can anybody attract so much trouble -all in one day. Well guess for our favorite big brother, trouble magnet as he might be, anything's possible. Good story, looking forward to your next SN story.

Best Wishes from a Scandinavian friend:)
D chapter 4 . 5/1/2007
loved it!
AllieMcD chapter 4 . 5/1/2007
i really enjoyed this, poor hurt dean and john's reaction was very good too
Rae666 chapter 4 . 5/1/2007
Hey! Really enjoyed this story. There's just something about a battered and bruised Dean... lol. Hope to start reading your other story soon.
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