Reviews for Taking Care of Myself
Chuni Luni chapter 12 . 8/6
whooo boy that guys evil!

Please update when you can!
Guest chapter 5 . 10/18/2014
Hell yeah this is amazing email me at and mention this fanfiction please ok
Guest chapter 4 . 10/17/2014
This story is very crazy but in a good way
NatNicole chapter 12 . 10/17/2014
One of the BEST fics ever. 'Nuff said.
Shamrock1100 chapter 12 . 10/15/2014
This breaks my heart that a story as thrilling as this one has been abandoned.
FallingNarwhals chapter 12 . 8/22/2014
When are you updating? I discovered your story when I was surfing through profiles, and I'm in love with it! I love how you made them live in Oceania, ( which is where I live) and getting Sirisus out of jail, the way you made the deathly hallows book epic, and, last, but not least, THE WAY HARRY KINDA HAS HIS DADDY BACK! Weeeeeee!
Mary chapter 12 . 7/20/2014
So I figure you're never going to update this, but in case you ever look back I just wanted to say I loved reading it. Thank you for writing it, even if it never gets finished.
Severus Draconis Potter chapter 12 . 6/25/2014
Interesting, weird...good.. I like this story but its sadly abandoned..Damn
siriusly-a-fangirl chapter 12 . 4/28/2014
I hope you haven't given up on this story. It's really wonderful and I think it's the best I've read so far. There aren't that much of these kind of stories as far as I can tell so I hope you update soon. I really want to find out what happens next. Good Luck! :)
KoreanMusicFan chapter 12 . 3/23/2014
Its been a while since this story was updated. have you gave up on it?
I love the story and its great that little harry has big harry to protect him.
d1x1lady chapter 12 . 10/2/2013
I LOVE this story! So fantastic.
Runecutter chapter 8 . 9/29/2013
Lying down is what you do yourself. "James lay on the couch" (lying, lie, lay, [have] lain) Laying is what somebody else does with another person or an object. "James laid Harry gently down on the bed" (laying, lay, laid, [have] laid, and yes, the present tense of laying is the same as the past tense for lying) or in this story Mr Granger with his missus...
"Dan Granger was carefully laying his wife down on the parlor sofa as his daughter looked on in concern."
And then there is lying (telling the untruth) which goes lie, lied, [have] lied.

Why the sky is blue... well... almost. "The little bits the sky is made out of" don't turn any color, they play ping pong with blue (wavelengths of) light, while the other light goes much more directly to our eyes, making up the yellow ball of the "sun". as the blue part of the light is thrown hence and forth so often it is scattered out pretty evenly about all around us and so the majority of sky looks blue, until sun rises or sinks, then the way for the rays becomes too long and we start seeing the (smaller) portions of red, orange and violet light that get scattered while blue is "eaten" and vanishes. Voila.. instant colorful sunrise/down. Another beautiful side effect of this scattering is also that we get a lot of light even on the shadowy side of things. If it were not for the atmosphere doing so much ping pong with the sun's rays all rooms inside a house, all things under bridges, behind buildings etc would be pitchblack as during the deepest night, that and reflection from all things on the ground of course. (a similar effect works in rainbows, there also doesn't turn anything in another color, rainbows are waterdrops that work as a prism for sunlight that tries to shine through them, and split up light in different directions depending on the wavelength, because of that we see the light always sorted in the same sequence orderly one above the other. The semicircular form and the "floating in the air" bit of it are caused by the angle the light is deflected, we simply get only hit by a small percentage of the whole sky roughly around the shape of a bow... and the lower end doesn't get enough light to divert in our direction kind of a "Lens flare" around the direct sunlight shining on us (Or a searchlight whose outer ring goes all fruit salad))

I'm not sure how I would TRY to explain a precocious little supergenius like Hermione with five and ten months or whatever she is, this effect, but pieces turning blue is not correct and she'd have to unlearn that idea before learning the right one which i assume is suboptimal ;) Probably would go with the ping pong balls and just explain the blue ones like the game the most and the red and yellow ones do not want to play so much and want to come down to the ground much faster and so the blue ones get all the fun and jump all over the place until we see only blue balls coming from all sides. In the evening the way to our eye gets longer and that's to far for the blue balls they are tired and go to bed now the red and orange ones get to play and we see a nice reddish dusk ;) At the morning it's the same, the blue ones sleep in until the way gets short enough so they can jump from bit to bit again without being tired when they reach us. Sounds good?

Oh come on... there are only airheads and shy little victims? Nope, there is a very large and distinctive margin between those two where the NORMAL kids live and have fun. You can spoil 90% of the little rugrats rotten without them becoming completely arrogant and unbearable.. .raising a Dudley, Draco or Ron is almost a piece of art so much you have to do wrong on the way to those precious "results".

The scenes with the kids were stomachhurtingly sweet and cute, and the destruction of the Horcrux-journal was cool.
Runecutter chapter 7 . 9/28/2013
Muffliato is not a disguising spell that exchanges one discussion with another for covering purposes, but makes everything said impossible to understand by changing it into a buzzing sound. A perfect name would be the "droning spell", but as it is one of the Prince's inventions/discoveries it has no second description, just the incantation.

The eventual burning out of the sun will happen round about in four and a half billion years. Almost fifty times longer than you assumed. ;)

He's giving him a pet? What has happened to Mr Tibbles the corral snake? The one Little Harry always wore as a bracelet? Pretty sure young puffskeins are "food" for a medium sized snake...

Hmmm i loved the moment at the swings, but am not quite so comfortable with James pushing the kids to become friends. If at least he had made clear with Albus that they'd go part time into GP12 or somesuch for explanation of their "London trip"... Well no use crying over spilled milk... now they're friends.
And i think you exaggerated his built... you had him earlier "growing like a weed" and used potions so it's a faster than natural process... I'm almost sure i also read a line that he was almost back at normal in a very early chapter and now she takes him for three? A head and her shoulders? That's what at five? ten inches? twelve? Sounds as if it doesn#t fit with the other chapters...
Runecutter chapter 6 . 9/28/2013
Oh i completely forgot to count Harry's forced participation in the tournament among Albus' shortcomings! But it was one of the greatest, after all it led directly to the rebirth of Voldemort!

a small nag for the "Potter words". You use the description "cushion charm". All Harry Potter specific charms that rely on a verb for clarification of their effect use an infinitive form as qualifier: "cleaning charm", "killing curse", "levitating charm", "tripping jinx". And for once Rowling is very consistent in her writing. ;)
So the charm to soften up the ground in case somebody falls down would be a cushioning charm. When i read "cushion charm" i think about a wand spitting out large cushion to spread all over the floor.
(Chief among the few exceptions i'm able to come up with right now are two of the Unforgivables, "the Cruciatus-curse" aka crucio... but i think that "the torturing-curse" would also be valid and the Imperius-curse with the command imperio for which i've never seen a second description like "the brainwashing curse", Oh, there's also the "Priori Incantatem" but that one's weird as it can be cast or happen accidentally like at the graveyard...)

Also i'm peeved by the "8x8 cell". Looks like something between a battery category, an all wheel drive vehicle and building wood like "two-by-fours" but not very much like a cell of eight by eight foot... Yeah, it's nitpicking, but as i already was being obnoxious ;) Hmmm, will you hurt me when i also mention the "bestest"? It's adorable in a childs speech as it sounds so cute and childlike, but in the part not spoken?

Still, the broombased paintball-marking charm match was one of the best scenes til now, so funny and carefree, just right to fluff up the atmosphere a bit. If James repeats his ban another two or three times i'm sure the Marauders will make a sport out of surpassing Harry in marking the native fauna :D And of course in the color patterns. can you mark something in tartan or polka dots?
The flashback to Ol'Snakeeyes was once again soulwrenching, you just love it to hurt Harry terribly, don't you?
Then Fawkes came and once again i had to laugh so hard... If you can drive the old pyromaniac crazy by confusing him with two Harrys as long as you can :D Glowchicken needs to be put down some notches in any way..

Albus letter... Feh. Still arrogant and all sagely. Should start having a good look in the mirror the old coot.
Huh? it's back to lisping? He was pretty good with the "uncles" over the last two chapters or so... basically all the time since Paddy and Moony have joined them.

As for splitting it up when School starts... Why? Do you want to look at every year in miniscule detail or just post the highlights that changed? Everything below fifty chapters is completely okay to use a single story. Above it depends if something important changes that justifies the split. Don't see that here. It's more "James" mission than Harry's growing up, so as long as James is at the helm...

As for Ron and Hermione... i can understand the urge "James" must feel to see Harry and them connect, but he should just let nature work its way and not force Harry to befriend them just because James was best friends with them. Or even worse... push for Harry to fall in love with Hermione like James did. If it happens, it will happen, if it doens't... isn't it more important to spare Harry the pain from all the negative things than to copy the few joys he had in his last round through this mess? I could see happy!Harry be friends with two dozen nice and friendly people but only good acquaintances with the two Gryffindors, i could also see one or two join him AND making friends with more of the kids. Everything is okay, as long as the writing is good. If James makes good of his "promise" to look that Harry will get to know Hermione sooner than school starts... let it be in a larger group. directly "coupling" them would be very awkward :(
Runecutter chapter 5 . 9/28/2013
The problem with Albus is that he is completely wrong wired... No i don't speak of his preferences for love life, but for his tendency to be lenient to the villains and ruthless to the heroes. He drops or lets fall every one of his "favorite" people.. Hagrid (Askaban in book 2), Sirius (Askaban for 12 years and Grimmauld Place thereafter), Remus (loses the job without Headmaster D doing anything about it)... Harry (lots of bedevilment in the press, the school and ministry. a zillion life threatening moments inside the "safest school/place in Britain", several Dobby incidents despite the "wards", a dementor encounter and i better not start talking of the brilliant idea to send three undertrained kids out to do HIS mission finding the Horcruxes) and so on, a lot of people were hurt on Dumbledore's watch, the basilisk roamed nearly free through the school, several impersonators including Voldemort as "harmless Mr Quirrell" sat close to Albus and so on. Another "friend" is caught in the ministry and goes to Askaban, at least one order member gets killed in her home (Emmeline Vance at the beginning of HBP IIRC) and he's never there. Not even in his three oh so important functions securing at least trials for his minions. But SNAPE he gets out of prison, Draco is kept out of trouble, Malfoy is allowed to bribe himself out of Askaban... Either the guy has been dropped into a cauldron of Malaclaw venom as a small child (MV makes you extremely unlucky, i'm not sure if Americans know Asterix but you may google for Obelix if you don't get the cauldron) or he has the most awful track record for any headmaster, head of parliament and boss of UN general assembly ever... Then look what his order does. Watching a boy being treated like dirt by his relatives and stand in front of a door at the ministry. Up to book 6 they only fight twice and both times the youngsters make them look old, useless and unprepared.

So of course it's natural for Albus to not trust a letter that gives him every bit of truthful information he needs to rest assured his failures are now being corrected. How could anybody succeed where he just sat on his wrinkly backside and failed a billion times in a row? doesn't make him any wiser, more likeable or justified by his brand of insanity.

Lucky for us James knows him and his quirks and as far as we know (or you told us!) has taken his safety measures to ensure Harry won't be taken and returned to Albus' little Hell-hole fun park and adventure.

Ehh Ya'll? Isn't that Y'all? And in between the of/have problem and "Harry and I" where Harry and me is right, there are enough americanisms to freak out three english teachers :P (Just for the record: you say "Kelly kissed me" or "Johnny kicked me". From there follows that you also have to say "Sally shoved Josh and me around" as it's the same relation between subject and object just with one person more added. I is only allowed as the "actor"... "I wrote this" or "I love Susi". If "I" is the recipient it's always the pronoun me "You wrote this to me", "Henry threw a knife at me?") SCNR but you brought the subject of vernacular up in your note. And I hate the "and I" construction with a passion *grumble*
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