Reviews for Kissed Me Till the Morning Light
Guest chapter 12 . 4/1/2017
Love it! Thank you!
Forever Siriusly Sirius chapter 18 . 6/20/2012
Does the sequel have sirus an ellyn in it?

Cuz theyrr amazing, i love them!

And i loved this sory.

In fact i loe anything written by you hahaj
lilylou101 chapter 1 . 9/18/2010
That was so awesome! Great great great job! I nkow its complete but I really liked it so I'm reviewing:) LOved the end of this chapter! :)
Squid7000 chapter 17 . 3/15/2010

It was absolutelly great. So funny and cute and awesome. I really adored the characterizations; Lily is't like I've ever read her before, which is always refreshing. I adored Sirius and his randomness throughout the whole story, too. And Kady and Ellyn were absolutely FANTABULOUS original characters. Really great.

Speaking of Sirius and Ellyn and Kady . . . I'm not ashamed to say that I kind of wanted Sirius and Kady to get together. Don't get me wrong, Ellyn/Sirius was AH-dorable (and TOTALLY horrible when she said they couldn't be together! What? I don't have a heart of stone!), but Sirius/Kady was just SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO heart-breaking! How she was, like, head over heels for him, but true to her word, did not even get upset when he acted like nothing happened between them. I just wanted him to love her! *sob, sob*

Also, there were some lines in this fic that were totally moving. I'm too lazy to hunt them out, but I remember one about Lily wanting to just take a picture of the moment and remember it forever, but life moved on. Ugh.

And when James tolf Lily that they would make it through together. Sigh.

Well! I adored this! I really did!

Great job!

TheFrizznit chapter 11 . 2/14/2010
right out of the wedding singer. the minute they started talking about kisses i was like "Wedding singer!"
mew-tsubaki chapter 18 . 8/29/2009
Fantastic. Honestly, there really aren't words to describe how great a story this is. It was a nice change to actually read a wedding, especially with nothing left out. I will, of course, march onto the sequel next.

Wonderful job, sol!

mew-tsubaki chapter 12 . 8/29/2009
You're right. I have to review after a scene like that. So... MERLIN! TOOK THOSE TWO LONG ENOUGH! And I liked Remmy just knowing, too. That was a nice touch, same with Lily failing...until right after midnight! LOVE JAMES! WOT!

I can actually finish this story now, so...

mew-tsubaki chapter 9 . 8/27/2009
OMG! she's NICE? SOL! HOW COULD YOU? Haha, just kidding. It makes her stand out from all the Mary-Sues (those despicable bitches, right?)! Awesome as always, but will finish later!

Keep up the fantastic work, sol!

mew-tsubaki chapter 8 . 8/27/2009
QUEN! *cough* Heh. Can you tell I'm a Queen fan? (tho my fav is I'm Going Slightly Mad)... Anyway, awesome chapter and I'm reading more as I type! YAY!

-crazy ole mew-tsubaki :)
mew-tsubaki chapter 6 . 8/27/2009
LOVED this chapter, sol! I'm actually surprised James didn't try anything while he and Lils were decorating, but...CUTE! And not in a vomit-inducing way! *sigh* I do like this story. I think I might even finish it tonight!

Happily reading the hours away,

down the oubliette chapter 2 . 8/22/2009
Ooh, I love this story so far! I read it once ages ago and it was a favorite of mine, but I'm just now coming back to it and it's as lovely as ever (plus, I totally caught the psychology joke this time around. John Watson, little Albert.)
lilmisssmileen chapter 1 . 8/4/2009
Woo! Go Lily and James! Get it on! :P:P
mew-tsubaki chapter 2 . 8/2/2009
Can't finish. Will finish and review soon. Love Lili reaction, sol! Go for it, James!

-mew-tsubaki XD KYA!
EmmieLou555 chapter 3 . 6/9/2009
Okay, so I'm very much enjoying this story so far! I like how you started with Lily and James getting it on and then it being a bit of a fail, sort of like an anti-climax..but in a good way, if that make sense? Anyway, yeah I think this story is very good, and I'll be reading more soon..but not know because it's late and I'm dying. And I'm babbling now. So to end the babbling review...erm, there's no use saying keep up the good work because this story's already finished and I'm pretty sure that you've done a fantastic job as always. I look forward to reading more!
paige chapter 12 . 5/22/2009
Awesome! major fluff but awesome! so cute.
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