Reviews for Black Friday
Red Hardy chapter 1 . 3/29/2009
You know how much I LOVE this story but I thought I'd say so here too since I'm dropping in to make sure it's on my favorties list. This one is my favorite of ALL your TB stories; heck I think it's my facvorite TB story, period! :D
Professor Ali chapter 1 . 11/18/2008
Hi again Boomercat,

This is my favourite of your stories. I love it so much anything I could say will be inadequate and presumptuous but I just couldn’t resist. The premise of the story is utterly wonderful, the detail is so amazing, I see the planes, smell the buns and the coffee.. and the interactions between them all – what can I say that hasn’t been said in other reviews? The question I kept thinking was – how would any of the other boys have reacted to Jeff asking the question that he asked of Gordon in Chapter 5? Gordon just lets it wash over him, totally at ease with his decision, not really uncomfortable about his being out of step with the others. That felt so right. (you guys are going to get so sick of me going on about Gordon !). Thanks for this wonderful story.

tanpopo no hana chapter 7 . 12/15/2007
Ah... *sigh* makes me truly regret that we don't have Thanksgiving over here. Then again, what do vegetarians eat for Thanksgiving? Hum...

Anyways, I just love this fic, beginning to end. I'd love to read any kind of follow up! Gotta check out the rest of your fics...!

Kudos :o)
tanpopo no hana chapter 6 . 12/15/2007
When did John ask her out? Well, good for him :o) Go Johnny!

And poor Al...
tanpopo no hana chapter 5 . 12/15/2007
Lol... yeah, that's Alan for you _

I liked how Scott tried to give the ring to Gordon. His protective side makes me want to give him a big hug...
tanpopo no hana chapter 4 . 12/15/2007
You're really really good at these every-day-kind-of-dialogues and scenes. It's so relaxing to read! Their interactions are so natural...

I'd love to see your take on how Jeff stareted IR!
tanpopo no hana chapter 3 . 12/15/2007
Interesting how you steered the story from light-hearted to serious. I really liked this chapter and the idea of the ring. Even if I think it is sad that every generation had to fight in some kind of war...
tanpopo no hana chapter 2 . 12/15/2007
rofl... oh aren't they all just so adorable *grin*
tanpopo no hana chapter 1 . 12/15/2007
Yay, more family fluff! Come on, bring Scott home, too!
SerenaDeb chapter 6 . 11/9/2007
This is just awesome. You actually made me laugh out loud in a few places. And I love the reference to the nuclear cooker. I'm so glad I found you. I can see I will be busy for a while catching up on all your stories!
Claudette chapter 7 . 6/16/2007
Wonderful. I love the way you've thrown in current technology, souped up a little, to bring the story home to the present connection. Of course there's the taster of the future as well, of how it will be and of how they thought it might have been. Maybe, further down the line, it could be similar. I'd love to see your take on what the Tracy family would look like twenty years in the future - and, of course, how they got there.
Claudette chapter 6 . 6/16/2007
Ha, Go Johnny go. You know, I think they've stuffed so much they'd better watch out or they might have to disappoint Grandma over that meal she's cooking for them. If I remember aright the Thanksgiving meal is used served in the evening but, with this being the day after maybe she'll want to serve it for lunch. She'd be mighty disappointed if no-one was hungry enough to do it justice.

Once again this chapter is full of layer upon layer upon layer of hints and insights into other possibilities. How do you manage this Boomer? Please don't leave, we need all you can produce and more.
Claudette chapter 5 . 6/16/2007
So, was Gordy wearing the ring in the hydrofoil or did Scott still have it? He lived, but at some cost. Interesting. I bet you're not going to tell us are you?

I like the brotherly concern come shining through - though, if deep domes are not in a war zone, are they really so dangerous? do they have a history of failure? Maybe Gordon & TB4 will be needed in future years if so - tricky as his face will be known. guess he'll just have to cope, as in your other story.

I love the multiple threads and possibilities you are raising/covering here. So many possibilities. I do hope you're not seriously thinking of leaving the fandom - that really would be a tragic loss Boomer.
Claudette chapter 4 . 6/16/2007
they did so much shopping that they needed multiple cars! My goodness, I hope that jet can cope, despite it being a ten-seater.

Great that Scott made it home. I loved the way Virgil seemed to know scott was there before he even walked through the door. Maybe Virgil heard the rental car but, I prefer to think not.
Claudette chapter 3 . 6/16/2007
You know, I though Grandpa George's ring was going to turn out to be a match to Grandma Ettie's.

this is shaping up nicely. I wonder what happens to it? Since there's five boys and only one ring, they can't all wear it when they're out on a rescue. Maybe the Field Commander has it and the protection extends to all his men?
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