Reviews for These Sorrowful Remembrances
Red Tale chapter 1 . 1/30/2007

This is an interesting story and shouldn't stand reviewless.

I liked the writing style. I found the story interesting, although I had no idea who Solorflare was. Doing some investigation I learned a little more about her, interesting character, but because the story doesn't specify it's an OC or that you would have to have read these other stories to understand most of what was happening (you could get that he knew someone, apparantly loved her, and that she was killed in the course of the war and her family resented blamed her taking sides with the Autobots, but the whole transformation and is actually alive and some kind of bird really threw me) I think this confused people who aren't already followers and that's why you don't have reviews.

I found the connection of his emotions to hurricanes and the bodies interesting, especially the end where he felt at ease. But I sort of wondered...why did you have him in Florida, which has a low bloated body rate compared to New Orleans, which still gives people across the country nightmares? I suppose it struck me because New Orleans still has that affect on me, although I know people have died in other hurricanes...just not on that scale.