Reviews for Gaia's Prayer
CherryBlossem1233 chapter 5 . 6/22/2012
I do love this story. The story line its self is just great. I do hope you plan to continue this story. Please continue this story soon and don't be so down. Cheer up a bit :)
bloodied soul chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
i'm sorry, but this is total bullshit.

another oc story, huh?

i thought that this was going to be anko/gaara.

at least state in the summary that it's gonna be a shitty oc story.
XxGaarasGirlXx chapter 5 . 9/15/2008
wow...I mean...WOW! your writing so good, no it's amazing! I love how your writing this story, I can hardly think of words to put. Please please update soon! I love this! and I'm so curious as to what is coming in the future!
aki.ari chapter 5 . 3/6/2007
Nice story so far. Katsumi is a really interesting character and they way Gaara and the others act is quite amusing, or maybe i'm just twisted. Anyway, keep up the awesome work and update soon please.
Sei Ai chapter 5 . 2/12/2007
Update soon
Tsuki Kagami chapter 5 . 2/12/2007
AW! That was so sweet. I really hope for Gaara's sake that Katsumi likes him.
Invader Q chapter 4 . 2/4/2007
. this story's great! and u actually UPDATE! yay, it seems like no one updates their stories since school started up included -_-'
Tsuki Kagami chapter 4 . 2/2/2007
Don't worry, someone besides me will review soon.
Tsuki Kagami chapter 3 . 2/1/2007
It is amazing that Katsumi can take Anko's strength, I mean, Anko seems like she could throw someone. LOL It would be cool if she did that in like one of her classes.
Tsuki Kagami chapter 2 . 1/28/2007
I feel so special. LOL
Tsuki Kagami chapter 1 . 1/28/2007
It was a pretty good start. Was the red head Gaara?