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rozzy07 chapter 2 . 1/29/2007
Well I just fell on my arse laughing at realising how dumb I can be at times.. Somehow I had totally circumvented chapter one, jumped into chapter 2 and reviewed it as chapter 1. Screwed or what! So girl, as for your opening chapter all I can say is that as usual you left yourself open for high praise. The beautiful relationship between Charlie & Dean has been made just a little bit clearer to me now, me thinks. Too beautiful to be true and my heart stutters for them. Dean's desires for his own ambitions had always been downplayed. College was a pipedream in his world of Hunting and his father's obsession. College and the normalcy that went with it was just a lovely afterthought to snuggle into, just like he snuggles into the loving arms of Charlotte in this reality.

How is that you can write so lucidly, with such complexity and still weave a truly magical story together? Envy sits hard on my tongue, but sometimes as when I get captured by your words, the emotions that feedback to me, thats how I feel, because it would be hardpressed to get anywhere near to the depth of feeling you can express in one throw away sentence that it would take me in an entire chapter. As always you leave me in awe. Roz.
rozzy07 chapter 1 . 1/29/2007
Well girl you should be proud of yourself here. This AU Dean and his life as a College boy is just so wonderfully with a complete family, going to college, having that wonderful ubergeekgirl Charlie in his life, having the best sex ever with no demon chewing on his ass to screw things up (so far) just made me smile in hope for them all. As for his wonderfully dogged, beautifully earnest younger brother Sam you have woven him into this universe with such compassion and need that I think I love you even more! Great delicious read, that leaves me giddy with joy cos I can see that I have another 2 chapters to hopalong to R & R! Roz
Fireman Phil chapter 3 . 1/29/2007
Although I suspected the dream was too good to be true, I had no idea it would end like this. You had completely pulled me in with the whole normal life scenario. Of course, I helped a lot by wishing the dream were true. You just filled in the necessary details and you did it so well.

How you go about pulling the rug out from under me was very well executed. Your plotting skills really shine. Well done. Very well done.

This dream - this view of Dean, his family, and Charlotte - may never exist anywhere but this story, but I'm very glad you gave them all this moment in the sun. Thank you.
Fireman Phil chapter 2 . 1/29/2007
...and the dream continues.

You provide us with a terriffic taste of what a normal family life for Dean might have been. He and Sam even have loving, understanding parents - certainly an understanding mother.

The relationship between Charlotte and Dean continues to grow in a normal way. They even have squabbles and then make up. Normal, normal, normal.

Your OC, Alma, is a nice addition to Charlotte's family history. The summer in Georgia is a wonderful collection of experiences. This dream is too, good to be true.
Angela62 chapter 3 . 1/28/2007
Wow. This blew me away. I love Dean's whole character in this story, how he's different in a world without demons but is still definately Dean Winchester. I loved the sex scenes, which were incredibly hot and perfect for the pair, and I loved Dean's emotions shining through.

Overall, an amazing story that can definately be read as a stand alone from Strange Angels, so I'm glad you posted it. Hope to read more from the series soon!
Fireman Phil chapter 1 . 1/28/2007 already know I think this is fantastic. Here's why.

The opening scene in the hospital is a horrible sight. It grabs your attention. Yet, it is soon forgotten as we are introduced to a different Dean than we have ever seen before. Well, different and the same - all at the same time. He still has all of his self-assured personal wit and charm, but he's in a totally unexpected situation. This is very interesting.

For those who have been reading *Strange Angels,* Charlotte is a familiar character, and she is also in a new environment. We get to meet her for the first time (again) and just like Dean get to discover what a *real girl* can be like. And yes, she has some history. Doesn't everybody?

You do a great job moving the story ahead swiftly and the intimate scenes are handled with good taste. We get to experience a bit of the fear each feels in that intial sexual encounter. (Okay, maybe we're just remembering our ouwn experiences. GRIN)

With the rapid progression of the story, we soon find Charlotte meeting John AND Mary Winchester, along with younger son Sam, at their home in Lawrence, KS. We see a happily married couple and a normal, loving family. Wow! Is this ever a great dream!
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