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nipuLsemloH1412 chapter 32 . 4/26
Please, please, pleeeeeaase update soon, this is amazing and I know it's been years, but maybe you could try passing the story on to someone else if you're never going to finish this? Unless you died or something... In which case you have my condolences.
Ja ne,
ginakitkat chapter 32 . 4/25
I know it's been like, three years, but this is the best Kid/Kudo fanfic I've ever found, and I really want it to be completed! I hope this story is still being worked on, and if it is, I wish you the best of luck!
purecarnation chapter 32 . 4/19
Oh, wow. I don't know why, but I really love reading this. And Kaito and Shinichi should just figure out their feelings already! Can't wait for ur next update!
Kensy Echo chapter 32 . 3/28
First of all, thank you very much for writing this story Akoya-san. I really enjoy reading it that I abandon the text book I should read for my exam. I'll go back to study after this :)

Okay, if I read this since the first time you publish it and read the new chapter everytime you update, I'll say that this story's pace is a bit slow. However, since I read it when it has reached 32 chapters, for me the pace is perfect. It isn't too slow or too fast. Well, it is a bit slow but in a good way, because especially I can see the progress and development of the characters and their feeling. You really took patience in writing this. I think it's hard to create a perfect pace like this, so I think you are a really great author :) I really enjoy watching the development. About the medical knowledge, well, I don't see any strange connection of one cause to an illness. I mean I can see that it's possible for Shinichi to develop that kind of failure in his body (no, you make me wonder why in the real anime, his body hasn't collapse like this because of that, or it has?). Actually you amaze me of your knowledge of the illness and health. You make me think that it's really happen, wow, 'you must have done many research for this', that's what I thought. Not only that, the France language, the OC's name ... all of that is really match the story. The idea of this story is really awesome, too, even though I think that the one that make this story so awesome is your writing style. Finally, I really love this story!

Like other reader, of course I hope for more chapters. Especially it has reached the climax of the story? However, it's still your decision to continue this story :) Ah, I've read your profile and I wish you luck and happy in your real life. Well, my friend said that everyone always escape from life. Writing is one of my way to do so, too, even though I don't really produce a story unlike you. It's okay to do so sometimes if it makes you feel better. But, of course other time, when you're ready you need to take a courage and face it. Well, I know I'm in no place to say something like this. Just, who I am? I'm just a common reader who love your story so much. So, I'm so sorry if I offended you. I really don't mean that. I want to support you like other readers :)

Once again, thank you very much for writing this story! I will put this on my followed story anyway :) Keep writing if you like it and if it makes you happy! XD
Guest chapter 30 . 3/23
You know, I wouldn't be surprised if that was actually why Kid asked Conan something like that. He might think more about it after, but idly wondering how obviously embarrassing bath-time as a kid could be? *cackles* Plus, once Kid thought of it, he'd /have/ to ask if he could. Just to see Tantei-kun's reaction. XD
C.S.Y. Shadows chapter 32 . 3/19
Ah! I've been looking for this story for ages!
I'm very sorry to see that this most likely will not be updated. But, well, I can't begrudge you this, because dealing with depression /fucking sucks/ pardon the language. I do hope you have continued your progress in overcoming this obstacle!
If you don't continue this story, might you be persuaded to add a short synopsis of the rest? Only if you feel up to it, of course.
Best of luck!
Shana-Fujioka chapter 32 . 2/25
This story is just amazing! :D
I was searching for Kid and Shinichi storys for some time now but without love, because it just seemed wrong to me. I usually stopped reading the story, as soon as the relationship developed into more than friendship. But this one... I read it in one go!
It's so interesting, funny and tragic. Though I do hope, that Conan will end up being Shinichi in the end. Kaito with Conan just seems wrong... even if he isn't, Conan still looks like a child, that's why I prefer him to be Shinichi, when he ends up dating Kaito.
And I also don't like tragedies... for example here, when Kaito and Shinichi have to keep up with Conan's little body forever. :/
Jennosaur chapter 32 . 2/1
AHHISBSHIBCB I shouldn't have started this :'( It's sooo good, but it hasn't been updated in a year :'(
Phantom Heart chapter 32 . 1/26
Hello there. I haven't had a account in years, thus the unusual way of contacting you. I'm so happy that you've made so many improvements to your health. If you need to leave this all in the dust, please do. You are worth so much more than a story, no matter how amazing they are. I just hope you are doing great and will continue to prosper.
Phantom Heart
Renkin-chan chapter 32 . 1/13
I like! A lot! D
cookies5529 chapter 25 . 1/1
What the-? You can't just leave it there! Cruel! What happened? Does Kaito sacrifice himself for Kudo? Do the others find them in time?! _
BlueSharpie1989 chapter 32 . 10/20/2014
Please write more.
EclipseKuran chapter 32 . 10/18/2014
This is so such a great fanfic. Though I noticed it hasn't been updated in the last 2 years. Are you alright?
Guest chapter 32 . 8/25/2014
Such a shame you just gave up on this.
abblesindatardis chapter 32 . 6/29/2014
Gahhh. This is really good. PLEASE update soon! I don't know if I can wait!
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