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Janet K. Wallace chapter 1 . 2/2/2023
Hello! I'm not a huge fan of future stories, but this one got in me. Sometimes I read Luneth as Lantern for some reason, go figure it out. I love the dynamics between him (I thought it was her on first read, sorry) and Boss, they are so adorable. Have a nice day! FF9 forever (gotta go sleep).
Zantetsuken Reverse chapter 16 . 3/22/2021
Wow, this was a ride.
Boss reminds me of Cassidy from Preacher. Basically, he's a hedonistic vampire who's hilarious, but then you find out that he's actually a terrible person when you discover what kind of a person he would be in real life, and you just feel betrayed.
I don't quite feel betrayed, since Boss isn't as depraved as Cassidy, but there's similar emotional torque. Boss seems to be living the high life, with freedom, money, and the potential to see the future, but it's empty, and he wants to see his friends again. I like how he acknowledges that he doesn't want to be alone, but he can't muster up the energy to dedicate himself to someone, and lose them all over again. The ending left me sad, but that just shows how much you made me care.
In the meantime, he *is* hilarious. Insulting someone by sleeping with his mother, and revealing that he wasn't lying.
Jota Te chapter 13 . 8/21/2019
I love Boss and Lu's chemistry; their relationship is beautifully written and I couldn't help but smile like an idiot throughout all of their bonding scenes (yeah, even THAT ONE, hahaha! Monkey boi sure has a thing for the Crescent family XD).

Gwahaha, seems like Boss knows a little too much about THAT particular timeline! Sometimes he's as meta as it gets, and I love that about him. I relished his little conversation with Lu about the Mist War era; gotta admire how seamlessly your story goes from dark comedy to heartwarming fluff and back. Actually, this fic seems to run on a particular kind of WAFF: the nostalgicmelancholic one, and I dig that. Boss' love for his late friends is deeply moving and his little speech about Freya broke my heart.

This is how you write a story. Bravo.
Jota Te chapter 12 . 8/21/2019
No matter how many times I read this, I just can't stop laughing at Boss' lines and Luth's reactions. Best black comedy duo ever XD
Guest chapter 18 . 3/8/2019
That was the best ff9 fic I've ever read. I totally cried.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/6/2019
Are there Chrono Trigger references in here? It sure seems like it. And really don't talk casually about anyone like Kuja or Dagger or Vivi to Zidane in this timeline.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/6/2019
So... I thought "Althier" was Zidane? Am I wrong, or is Lu?
Jota Te chapter 7 . 1/9/2019
The Epitaph goes Skkkrrrrrritt! Hahaha, hey, you have no idea how much I'm enjoying this story. Great characters, gorgeous world, nice details everywhere, engaging storytelling style and you certainly have an encyclopedic knowledge of the game's lore. I wonder what would granny Freya think of Luth's "adventures" in the big city (she'd probably die of a heart attack or something). A family member who died because of engaging in weapons dealing? Seems like my theory about Boss' identity was right after all, haha!
tencentbastard chapter 18 . 6/14/2014
That was simply splendid, an amazing story; even though you completed it nearly 7 years ago, I just have to say how enjoyable, and engrossing, I found it. Thank you, it was a pleasure to read.
Overscore chapter 18 . 9/5/2013
I actually cannot praise this story enough. The instant I started reading, I was pulled in. There was never a moment where I tired of your writing, and I ended up finishing this story in one night. To be completely honest with you, I don't think I encountered a single hitch throughout this entire story; it was always chugging along, always coming up with new ways to keep me excited. Everything just flowed beautifully. You know those stories you read, where there's just something that seems a bit off about it? The sentences seem choppy, the dialogue seems unnatural or too commonplace, or it seems obvious that the author is trying too hard to send a message or to sound like they know what they're doing? Yeah, this is actually the very first multi-chaptered 20k word story on that I've read that has none of that. I'm serious. And I've read a whole lot of fanfiction. Everything seems so natural! I already said that I think, but whatever! The places, the characters, the action, the emotions, just everything! And it's not like you spend too many sentences prattling on about the setting with descriptive words for filler; no, you make the place come alive so that the reader can actually see the place instead of read about it. ...Okay, that was cliche, but I mean it! With utmost sincerity!

While I am an extreme Ziddag supporter, I've come to accept the fact that other writers will write that, and you'll write something different. We can't have everyone writing Ziddag XD And throughout the story, while I was just a little bit sad about Zidane's lack of communication with anyone about Dagger, I really, really wanted to get to know more about Meridia.

GAH, I wanted to know more about ALL the characters! They were so well-written! Arpy's probably my personal favorite though haha XD But like, Julia! I wanted to know more about her. Tami too! And I wanted to know more about the Owlsons, and the Gators (Don always struck me as another kind of Baku), and Maroon, and Griffin... Geez, just everyone!

And I dunno about the rest of the people that read this story, but I just couldn't get enough of Boss's personality. Everything just seemed so... him, I guess. I kinda suspected it from the start, though; you fit the personalities together (or, at least how I envision him to be) perfectly. And you dropped all these clever hints that made me feel smart (lol XD) and I couldn't wait to see how the conflicts would end up resolving themselves, and just... Well, fuck! All the feels... Man, all the feels D':

You know, in some ways, I feel like this story (even though it came before) reminds me a little bit of that cop movie "End of Watch". The camaraderie between Boss and Luth (while not for as long) seemed like two really close friends, or, well, maybe cousins, that had been through a lot together. Ehh, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned this since I feel like I'm cheapening the experience of both this story and the movie by comparing them, but meh.

All I was trying to get across with that comparison is that the friendship and trust you have that builds between Luth and Boss is enough to bring me to tears. And you actually keep it up throughout the entire story! You never miss a beat; each interaction feels real! Sometimes, when you're reading a story, you feel like you know the characters better than the author does, and you disagree with the way the author has the characters react to things. Regarding this story, that is not the case.


Okay, I've rambled on long enough.

All I wanna say is that if I could write half as well as you, I'd be really proud of myself. It's been a long time since this story was finished (I think I was still attempting an Excalibur 2 run at the time this story was completed lol) but I can't just ignore reviewing it. Myshu, you've spoiled me. You and a couple of other awesomely awesome FFIX fic writers have just downright spoiled me. Now, maybe I'll try to actually finish reading "Love is Not Enough"; first time reading had me so upset I was freakin' bawling and couldn't finish due to dehydration ;) ... ahahaha XD

Please keep writing. I know that just one review from one random person living somewhere random might not serve as much encouragement... But... Ehh, I try haha. I actually feel kinda selfish for asking you to keep writing since I'm not doing any of the work and I'm just reading the awesome stuff you put up here lol. I just wish I played Star Fox and Chrono Trigger so that I could read your other works too.

Okay, I think I've been trying to end this review for the past three paragraphs or so. I'm serious now! I'm ending this! Just keep it up! Keep everything up! Your work, your head, your spirits, yeah I'm corny lol fuck okay I'm out.
shyboywriter chapter 18 . 3/31/2013
God this was perfect. It was as good as the game its self! God I love this story NO story will ever be able to match this one nor surpass it either keep writing your awesome!
Ultimecia'sCastle chapter 1 . 3/23/2012
Really interested in what happens.
j.c.kai chapter 18 . 3/6/2012
I have just finished reading this story, it is an old story i know. But i can't believe i have not read this earlier. This was a very enjoyable story. It reads comfortably, the characters are awesome and the story is very well put together. One of the best fanfics i have read and i am a little bit sad that it ended. But it was a great trip!

Very nice work!

(p.s I really hope to see more ff9 fanfics ;p )

Friendly greetings!
Midnight the Black Fox chapter 5 . 1/27/2010
LOL i'll never forget this it was priceless lol "Hahaha, look at that one I hit right on the head! It's stuck! It's got like a... bread helmet. Oh shit, the other pigeons are eating its face. This is brutal. Oh wait, it's okay, never mind."
Midnight the Black Fox chapter 4 . 1/27/2010
nice one awsome fight scene
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