Reviews for The Silent Kingdom
Zeldafan72 chapter 1 . 5h
This is a great story. If it was possible to have the whole thing available as a downloadable pdf or ebook, that would be awesome. Then I could read it anywhere offline.
Darkstar248 chapter 154 . 9/25
Took me a week to read all this, but it was worth it. This fic was amazing. The mix of seriousness and humor was perfect and the action was great. There were some spelling and grammar hiccups here and there, but overall this is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. I feel like this could be a printed book.
Ann chapter 13 . 8/15
Time for the part where we need to gather things scattered in dungeons. yay! (sarcasm but also genuine)
I think Link should really ask who the red-armored goddess is. But he likely wont. Maybe Midna would?
Ann chapter 7 . 8/15
Nice timeline! I liked how you spread the timeline out so far, putting hundreds of years between heroes and accounting for the great flood. Child-in-a-man's-body Hero of Time, child Hero of Wind, and plucky-adventurer Hero of Hyrule definitely were the type to hunt down a foe and make sure they were dead or finish them off after defeating them instead of leaving them to the authorities (Princess Zelda, the King, or the Sages), if they even knew about how Ganon wished himself immortal like the Hero of Twilight does. Twilight's ready to stab a bitch and make sure that stab sticks - no banishing to alternate dimensions for him (though the sages did try to execute him, I'll give them that)
"He really needs a hobby" Ganon does have a hobby! Take over Hyrule! But seriously, what does he do while he's pottering about for centuries building up his power?

They're in the desert! And it appears unaffected... for now. Was Zelda's areal spell smaller because she doesn't have the power of the one who made the Spell of Silence? Or is the desert just far enough away to have been sparred from both spells? I guess I'll find out soon! And it looks like Zero plans on doing something while they're trekking through the desert. What is his mistress after? The Triforce? Obviously Zero grabbed that sword - which I'm starting to think is necessary for getting the killing machine those wizards created tens of thousands of years ago before banishing it between dimensions. (Was that abonimation Demise? That'd be an interesting tie-in). I'm excited to find out!
Ann chapter 6 . 8/15
So, Ganondorf is contained. ... For now. Even banishing him to another realm couldn't keep him out of Hyrule and away from the other two triforce pieces. Magical wards though, that's interesting. It might slow him down a bit; shame he's got the triforce of power. At least he's (probably) not the one behind all this.
Hyrule is now utterly silent. Once Link, Midna, and Zelda leave nothing will be moving in the land, not even the wind. I can see how this would turn into a legend. Maybe neighboring lands (not separated by sea) have already noticed that all living matter in their neighbor is stone. Hey, is the desert stone too? All the bokoblins, bulblins, and sand worms? I bet the Great Fairy was Not Happy before she to was turned to stone (if she couldn't hold it off and out of her cave).
Anonymous chapter 154 . 8/10
The fact this story ends on an uneven wordcount when it was so close to being a nice, even 1.1 million words will forver bother me.
Ynot364 chapter 154 . 8/4
Thank you for this conclusion to this epic story! I'm curious if that hooded figure was perhaps Ganondorf somehow? I can't wait for the new story! See you then!
Ynot364 chapter 153 . 8/4
This was a perfect ending to this story and I loved every moment of it! You're incredibly talented in telling a story naturally and creating in-depth characters and Ganondorf was probably one of my favorites. I do wish that he at least got to know he had a son too but his redemption arc and a literal middle finger during his death was spot on for your characterization! Gosh I'd say more profound commentary but it's all eluding me as this story really sinks in!
Wonderful conclusion well done sir! A cookie and gold star for you! Bravo!
I can't wait to read the sequel and the epilogue!
Until we meet again in another story!
CountOrlok777 chapter 18 . 8/2
yay! its a haunted house!
CountOrlok777 chapter 16 . 8/2
... so ganon has an adopted kid. and it at least looks like he cares for her and vice versa. interesting...
CountOrlok777 chapter 14 . 8/2
amphitre... isn't she the wife of Poseidon?
Ryan chapter 154 . 7/29
A solitary figure in a dark cloak? I assume that's either Cain or Zero.

In any case, nice to see this finally wrapping up. Cheers!
jwill21 chapter 154 . 7/26
It always brings me joy to read your writing.
icicle.c.cold chapter 153 . 7/26
I seriously want to hug you right now.
You are such a good author, and now you are writing another story!
Thank you for sharing your stories with us.
I hope you never lose sight of your Muse.
GodonXir chapter 153 . 7/24
So much to process.
Sad that Link didn't end up with Midna, although that's personal preference, and your OCs are awesome.
Overjoyed that you'll keep telling stories. This whole 1-2 is one of my favorite fanfics.

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