Reviews for The Silent Kingdom
Guest chapter 4 . 12/11
Omg, did you make a The Thief reference? You are official my new favorite author
Anonymous chapter 143 . 12/1
So far I like where this is going. But how far can Link go fighting Cain without the Triforce? And if they have to save Shaklator, does that mean she'll become an ally? Doubt it, but then again, I'm not the one writing this masterpiece, so I don't know. But more importantly, how and why is Midna still in Hyrule!? _

I need to know! Cliff-hangers aren't cool, man. D:

Update! I need an update as soon as you're able to. *sigh* It's times like this when I wish freedan could make a flesh golem of himself and let that guy do all the writing.
Emma chapter 142 . 11/27
Wait. What? Queen Midna? Husband? Far to the north of Ordon!? I am so confused yet intrigued at the same time. So does this mean there's gonna be an extremely awkward encounter with Link and Midna in the future? :P
Emma chapter 140 . 11/27
Wow! What an adventure! Definitely one of the best fics I've come across. Great job! Please link (heh heh, get it? Okay i'll stop.) to the amazon page we can get your future books from when you become a published author. _

The only thing I ended up not liking at the end was Midna's departure, only because it seemed so forced. Like it was there just for the sake of being there. Maybe it's just me, though.

Can't wait for future updates of Wrath of Cain.
Aysu chapter 143 . 11/26
So there I am, clicking in my favorites to find a story to reread, and I see The Silent Kingdom is at the top. I had no idea this was being continued (or, rather, getting a sequel part, I guess), and I am SO excited! :D

I hope it has just as much philosophical, unrepentant-asshole Ganondorf as last time. It seems to be off to a good start in that regard. XD

Emma chapter 136 . 11/23
Sounds like shit's about to get real! Gotta grab some popcorn for this. :3
Anonymous chapter 135 . 11/22
"Though depending on how you feel about Midna and me, you might want to replace the bed when we're done"

Oh, so Midna's a squirter, I see. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
Emma chapter 126 . 11/17
Looks like Link finally got to prove that point. ;)
Emma chapter 121 . 11/15
I really liked this chapter. The battle between Gandric and Ganon was epic! Your ability to vividly portray fight scenes is impressive to say the least, and for each fight scene I read, each one is better than the last. Can't wait to see how the final battle with Shaklator plays out!

And, side note: from the looks of it, it would seem Link needs to give Midna a good dicking just to prove a point. ;)
Emma chapter 119 . 11/14
Kilishandra and Midna duking it out for one guy. There's something I wouldn't mind seeing. lol

And I liked the song Kilishandra sang. Reminded me that Midna wanted Link to sing for her. _
Guest chapter 143 . 11/14
I am so glad I started reading this. I literally woke myseld up every morning by reading this.

Thank you for the fantastic adventure!
Emma chapter 98 . 11/1
I half expected Link to knock out the guy that tried to dance with Midna. Can't lie, though, I'm disappointed that didn't happen. lol.
TimeTravelingHipster chapter 143 . 10/28
Is this the longest running fanfic?
icicle.c.cold chapter 140 . 10/24
Loved it! So good! Kept everyone in character, and successfully introduced new characters and lands without breaking it at all! So good! Keep writing, because stories this good are hard to find! Thank you! Favorited and Following you now, and I can tell you, only one other Author holds that honor on this site, and she isn't as diligent in spell checking and grammar checking. I honestly wish I could get this story in hardback. 3
Emma chapter 65 . 10/17
The 'word of hope' got me emotional. Damn you freedan! Great chapter tho.
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