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The Unplanner chapter 3 . 4/15
Today's weather in Hyrule is rainy with a chance of petrification. All citizens are advised to stay airborne and steer clear of any campy magicians.

The petrification made me hope it was Vaati, but the culprit's fabulous underling's use of "she" pretty much debunks that theory. Onward, then!
The Unplanner chapter 2 . 4/14
I started reading this today on the recommendation of my sister, the talented authoress Aysu. I'm intrigued, to say the least.

Don't worry about anachronisms like forks not being invented yet. After all, the Bombchu Bowling Alley had a jukebox and neon lights, and let's not forget the new revelation of 10,000-year-old Sheikah robots and beam weapon from Breath of the Wild. Modern inventions just sort of show up when it's convenient in Hyrule, and we gamers let them because it would be a pain to make do without them.

This seems to be one of those fics where Link talks. That's fine; apparently he talks often enough in canon, but only offscreen. His personality here fits well. He's dark, edgy, gritty, and a bit rude and cocky, because he really is that skilled.

Midna is also totally in character. There's a reason Agitha referred to her as Miss Kitty in Hyrule Warriors; she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and doesn't care if other people are informed or not. This tended to cause miscommunication problems in HW, so I bet it'll happen here eventually.

I never liked Ilia that much, but she does stand as the most likely candidate if TP Link decided to get hitched.

Vaati? Is that Vaati? Oh goddesses, I hope it's Vaati!
Scitoxiuq chapter 141 . 4/12
So, first off, wow. What an amazing story! I really liked the world and character development. I don't regret a single moment of the many hours spent reading this story.

Lore: The existing Zelda lore and also your own lore was threaded together perfectly!

Characters: The characters were really good! Not only did you create fantastic new characters, but your versions of the existing characters were also pretty good! Individual thoughts on the characters follow.
Link: His reluctant acceptance of the Triforce's power seemed like one of the biggest changes, but other than that it didn't feel like he changed a lot.
Zelda: I liked how she changed into a confident ruler throughout the story.
Ganondorf: Wow. I don't think I'll ever be able to see him in the same light again. Every other Ganondorf in any other game/story will just never be able to compare to this one. This Ganondorf had an interesting backstory and motivations. I actually really liked him in this story.
Midna: While I liked Midna in this story, it didn't seem like she had her own goals.
Alex: It seemed like it should be very easy to relate to him, but somehow that wasn't true for me. I still like the character though.
Arthur: I actually didn't hate him. In the end Eric really showed that Arthur had changed.
Cain: Cain makes the darkness of the fused shadows seem more real, but without The Wrath of Cain his story seems very unfinished.
Darius: I didn't acutally like Darius much, even though he had much influence he on the events leading up to the story. I would've loved to see more of his earlier days and I think then I would have liked him a lot more.
Khall: At the end I actually felt bad for Khall. His methods are of course not very good, but with different circumstances he could've been an ally like Kilishandra.
Kilishandra: One of my favorite original characters. It seems kind of weird to say that about a character that killed so many people.. Her backstory and character development was really amazing.
Minerva: It was a bit sad when she died, but maybe it's better that way for the story since she almost seemed to powerful. I was a bit confused by Ganondorfs reaction to her death though. He apparently considered here as a second daughter, but it didn't really feel like that.
Mur'neth, Vargus, and the ninja: I liked the ninja and even though they are good at what they are doing they didn't seem to be overpowered.
Ralthas: I guess I liked Ralthas as well though his death wasn't very surprising in my opinion.
Roxim: Roxim was an interesting character, which is unusual for dragons.
Shaklator: It was good to have Shaklator as the villain in this story, because it gave Ganondorf the chance to be a much more interesting character. Her descent madness could've been explored more, but I think it was pretty good already.
Sheila: When she became the Sage of Light it was a bit suprising, but I think it fit well anyway. I think she's one of my favorite characters.
Silviana: All the things felt balanced except the reunion with Maylow, but that's not really an issue with here character. If at all it was an issue with Maylow.
Tharkus: Often maniacs don't get a decent backstory or motivations, but Tharkus had motivations that were understandable.
Zero: I'm not sure what to make of him. When he first appeared he seemed rather unimportant, but that didn't turn out to be true. He has become a totally insane monster, but in the end I'm not quite sure what happened to him.

Magic: The magic in this story was really interesting and I like the system.

Mystara: This continent was very interesting, but for me it felt like the kingdom basically each were only one city. Altogether I really liked the continent though and it's somewhat sad that it's all just ruins now.

Sahaugin: What exactly happened to them? I might have missed/forgotten something but it seems like they just suddenly disappeared.
Ghost Pirate: What exactly happened to him? Was he supposed to appear in the sequel?
Blighted People: I might have missed something, but aren't they basically just running around somewhere now? That could still be dangerous in the future.
Ganondorf: So he is basically going to attack Hyrule in the future again? Isn't that going to be a bit weird for everyone..
Midna: It was a 'bit' surprising when she decided to leave. To be honest it just confused me. Enough people have mentioned it already and I don't think I can add much to that.
Link: So everyone got a happy ending, except Link? I think that's wrong..

Altogether I think that this story is going to ruin nearly all other Zelda fanfictions for me, because it was so good, but it is definitely worth it. Probably the best fanfiction I ever read.
Emily Rogers chapter 141 . 3/31
I win! 8 months later, Breath of The Wild is out, along with the Nintendo Switch. (Which, by the way, I was right about everything the switch would be.) And OP still hasn't updated.
Officer Hot-Pants chapter 141 . 3/29
I remember when I first found this story two years ago. Got to around chapter 50 before computer trouble cut me off for a few months. I'm glad I remembered it last week.

You have a rare gift in the fanfiction world. Lots of authors can work with ready-made characters in a ready-made setting to tell a good story within those confines. You, however, have that rare spark that can build new characters & settings and weave them seamlessly into the old. It's not just that they don't clash; it's that I can BELIEVE it. I can believe that Mystara is a legitimate part of the Zelda world. I can believe that monsters like Shaklator lurk in places too dark for even the gods. I can believe that the magic of the Zelda universe operates the way you've imagined. I can believe that rangers like Silviana guard the forest paths. And I can believe the fuller, more human reinterpretations you've given the canon characters. Your Link, your Midna, your Zelda and ESPECIALLY your Gannondorf. More than just believe them, I compare them to canon and find that they're superior. That they've permanently colored my perspective on the canon versions and, indeed, other fan interpretations. In fact my trouble in the future will be appreciating future incarnations without judging them by the standards you've set. And your original characters are just as impeccable. So to sum it up, thank you for a story that consumed my afternoons & evenings for half a month, kept me up far too late and quite likely crippled my future enjoyment of the series.

Shame about the ghost pirate's story going unresolved. I was so sure he was the reason for the failure of a new Sage of Water to appear. That someone in one of his wrecks had been called but died before they could answer, and their spirit's entrapment on the mortal plane was keeping the temple from choosing a new one.
Officer Hot-Pants chapter 112 . 3/27
Wherever there is yet another gods-forsaken dark cave, there will be F***ING ZUBATS! No corner of the Nintendo multiverse is safe, it seems.
Officer Hot-Pants chapter 110 . 3/27
Thirteenth Warrior? I loved that somewhat goofy little movie.
Officer Hot-Pants chapter 103 . 3/15
"There's only so much you can take, so much death you can see before the fight's kicked out of you, and then..."

"And then your princess picks you up and dusts you off," Midna said as he trailed off, putting her hands on his shoulders, "and tells you you're every inch the hero you always were."

Mass Effect reference?
Officer Hot-Pants chapter 93 . 3/12
I thought that runaway reaction might fix her curse given the way it worked. I'm with Ganondorf, though; Imp Midna is True Waifu Midna.
RiderlessWolf chapter 141 . 2/7
You say Wrath of Cain won't be as long as Silent Kingdom... but you also said an early notes that Silent Kingdom probably wouldn't quite make it to 100 chapters, so...

I look forward to it.
Amber Green TPoH chapter 140 . 1/21
WHY? WWHYYYYYYYY? Did Midna leave link I cried myself when I read it, to hell with Midna I would have stayed with Link regardless of my duties, Well at least kilishrandra gets the hero now.
IValkyrie-KnightI chapter 19 . 1/7
That was an awesome fight scene. Very well detailed, as well. Excellent job.
IValkyrie-KnightI chapter 16 . 1/4
I love this story. It is so awesome. The writing is great and the characters are spot on. Well, Link, Zelda, and Midna, anyways. All the OC's are effing cool as hell. Usually, I don't like reading stories with a lot of original characters in them because the writer doesn't always make them seem like their own person with a unique personality. But so far, all the OC's youve introduced actually have depth to them. Like with Hammer! I thought you were going to go the usual route of 'guy doesn't trust protagonist and tries to sabotage his plans'. But you ended up turning it on me and showing that he isn't some cliché. He even played a small, yet vital role in the mission. Almost gave out a spoiler. Had to change it before submitting so that the other readers weren't tipped off about what happens. Anyways, AWESOME STORY! Totally gonna read till the end!
IValkyrie-KnightI chapter 12 . 11/1/2016
Chris: Ooohhh my god. This story is awesome. I'm so glad it has 141 chapters. Because I reeeeaaaally don't want it to end soon. Though I'm still looking forward to the final chapter.

Michael: Agreed. I certainly don't see us growing bored of this story anytime soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/28/2016 of the best fights ever in Zelda and you just made it so much more epic I will enjoy this fanfic I just know it no matter how it ends
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