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Daedric Templar chapter 140 . 8/10
I really is sad for this to be the end...
I really LOVE this story!
Ninjamaster-255 chapter 30 . 8/9
i got a question who is the skeletal figure its been awhile since ive played the games and I never finished twilight princess so can I get a clue please
H'te Rarpee chapter 140 . 8/3
This story used to be my #1 favorite fanfiction of all time, but I can't say that anymore. Maybe it's just because I have a severe distaste for sad or bittersweet endings and that's giving me a bias, but I don't think that's the case.

The reason I think that is because I feel that Midna's departure was very forced. You had this great buildup of her breaking the mirror, especially with the later commentary on how Link's hesitation might have allowed Shakalator through the portal. This, above all of Links' self admitted selfishness, showed how he would have, unintentionally or not, sacrificed the word for Midna. It really helped to accentuate the blow to the characters of having to break the mirror, and the blow of Midna being cut off from her world.

Her temporary transformation back into her true form, losing it and then being transformed for real by the three helped to solidify the idea that she was here to stay.

Then, with no fanfare, no foreshadowing or explanation, she is gifted a way home.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of Deus Ex Machina endings, but I could be alright with that if Midna had refused, and when she asked Link to ask her to stay, I thought he would - after a bit of prodding.

Link refusing to ask her to stay because he respects her, than her reminding him that, this entire time, he keeps saying how selfish he is but he really isn't, even now. Perhaps she would ask him to be selfish, truly selfish, and ask her to stay because he wanted her too.

I know that I can't be upset that the story wasn't written in a certain way, but I still think that Midna's way home came completely out of nowhere. I've also run out of ideas to finish this review with, and I'm not exactly sure why I'm posting it either way. Still, I'm glad I got that out of my system. I look forward to reading your other works!
Singlerose001 chapter 119 . 8/1
im not one to review, not gonna lie, especially when i feel a stories is amazing and soesnt need any push, sort of like patiently waitinf for the next chapter. now i know you just posted this BRILLIANT chapter but i do hope you post another one soon! im completely inlove with this story!
Megatherium chapter 141 . 7/24
I hate you right now. The ending was good, but then you went and sent Midna away. And in this case I see her as basically dead, midna being one of my favorite Legend of Zelda characters. Before I finished this story I thought to myself, I don't really want to finish this, because then I'll be sad that it is over. But now I'm sad about midna. Other then that this is an amazing story. One of the best I've ever read.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/13
WOW! This is a wonderfully written story! I'm late to the party here but I can't wait for the Wrath of Cain to come out so I hope that is out soon!
smashbrawlguy chapter 141 . 7/3
Holy hell, it's finally done. I remember reading this a while back, and being disappointed when I realized I'd have to wait for the ending. That was four or five years ago, but it was definitely worth the wait. I powered through this entire doorstopper over the past few weeks, and this seems like a good place to put down the thoughts that have been rattling around my head in that time.

Concept: TLoZ meets DnD in an epic adventure spanning six kingdoms, two continents, four dimensions, and eight thousand years of history. What's not to love?

Writing: Your skill as a writer markedly improved over the course of the story. It started out a bit rough in the beginning, but I think you hit your stride about the time the party met Roxim, and then it really took off for the last 40 chapters or so.

Lore, History, Backstory: A lot of new information has come out since this was first published (official timelines, creation of the Master Sword, etc.), but the existing Zelda lore was threaded together in a logical chain of events, and seamlessly integrated with original content. The Triforce-nullifying properties of the Master Sword, the Fused Shadows being the corpse of Cain, the history of the Gerudo, it was fascinating to see them all explored and gradually fleshed out. My only real gripe is that the bulk of things seemed to focus on Mystara, and Hyrule was only indirectly involved. That might be the whole point of it though, so I digress.

Story: "Insane god tries to destroy the world" isn't a new trope, but this ultimately struck me as a character-driven story, and it did very well at that.

Characters: The characters were undoubtedly the best part of this adventure. Individual thoughts follow.

Link: It would've been really easy to make him a goody-two-shoes like he's usually portrayed in fan works, but this fearless, selfish, personally-motivated Link who disdains the gods was much more likeable than any Lawful Good paladin. Compared to some of the others, I feel like he didn't grow much as a character, though. His relationship with Midna didn't change significantly over the course of the story, and his reluctant acceptance of the Triforce's power was probably the biggest shift.

Midna: She really stole the show in Twilight princess, so I was somewhat surprised to find that she was actually one of my least-favorite characters here. I feel like she was mostly there to serve as motivation for Link instead of having her own goals. Despite being one of the main characters, she feels more like a plot device or an accessory to Link than an actual character.

Zelda: It was quite rewarding to watch her slow evolution from damsel in distress to confident ruler. The naive princess who left her homeland is practically a different person from the seasoned veteran who returned a year later to lead her country to war, and at the end she had truly become the leader Hyrule needed.

Ganondorf: Holy. Shit. This is an object lesson in character development, and it's no overstatement to say that this story permanently changed how I look at him. Instead of just doing things For the Evulz, he now has proper motivations, a compelling backstory, and the incredibly overwhelming charisma to make it believable. From his orgins as the lone Gerudo male, to his grudge with the Links, to his conquest of the parallel world, to his eventual redemption (damn, that's something I never thought I would say), there's enough material to have his own spinoff.

Alex: The ordinary swordsman among a cast of mages, heroes, elves, and dimension-hoppers, it was very easy to relate to him. Simple, but not necessarily in a bad way, he was the foil to everything insane that was going on around him.

Sheila: Any proper adventuring party needs a healer! If Alex was the ordinary swordsman, then Sheila was the (relatively) ordinary mage. Well, at least until she slept with Ganondorf and then became the Sage of Light. I don't know if you were planning those events all along or not, because they both felt very sudden, and even a bit out of character.

Silviana: Between being a dark elf, former slave, forest ranger, Judge, mother of a king, adventurer, love interest to Alex, and contingency plan, she wore a lot of hats, but they were all balanced very well and I never once thought "okay, she can do a lot of stuff, but this is getting ridiculous". My only gripe is that her reunion with Maylow seemed rushed and tacked-on at the last minute, but I suppose that's not really a characterization issue.

Kilishandra: Officially my favorite original character, ever. I never thought I could say that about someone who slaughtered nearly a million people, but there you go. She's a remarkable character simply by extension of being Ganondorf's daughter, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Her origins, upbringing, role in the Lords of Chaos, heel face turn, redemption, acceptance by the Master Sword, entering Zelda's service, and eventual crush on Link was a LOT of work, but it paid off to create such a well-rounded and genuinely likeable person. I was fairly sure it wouldn't happen, and I generally dislike shipping as a whole, but I was actually rooting for her in her pursuit of Link's affections. Maybe something will come of it if there's a sequel?

Zero: I feel like you wanted to include Dark Link in the story, but didn't quite know what to do with him. He first appears as a shadowy figure who seems to avoid direct confrontation, then starts spoiling for a fight with Link, then becomes a totally insane monster, and ends up turning on Shaklator in the end. I'm not quite sure what to make of him.

Khall: I genuinely felt bad for the guy. Even if his methods are despicable, he's trying to help his people, and I can respect that. If things had happened differently, he would've been a staunch ally like Kilishandra, I think. The fact that he was also Ganondorf's apprentice could have been expanded on though, because pretty much everything else relating to him that was turned out great.

Tharkus: It's hard to provide omnicidal maniacs with a decent backstory or motivation, but I think the journal he left in the final temple did a good job of giving him both, even if it was a bit of a deus ex machina to just have it sitting there for the heroes to find.

Shaklator: We know that she was originally a lot like Link, but her descent into madness and villainy could have been explored some more. As it was, she kind of went from "holding a grudge" to "murder everything" without much in between, and there's lost potential in that gap. Tharkus' fall from grace was at least chronicled in his journal, but Shaklator didn't even have that.

Darius: Like Midna, he felt almost like a plot device instead of a character. Which is rather odd, considering how much influence he had on the events leading up to the story. Maybe that was intentional, though- he's a relic of ages gone by, and his time is past. In either case, I would've loved to have seen more of his earlier days, such as the grudging rival Thalandril or secret love Jazeira.

Roxim: Like Darius, I would've loved to see him explored some more. I mean, he's a goddamn dragon, it doesn't get much cooler than that. He was also apparently pretty young during the ancient war and an ally of Darius, so I'd have liked to see what role he played in those events.

Arthur: I'll be honest, I hated him when he was first introduced. His gradual character growth and maturation felt very natural though, and by the end I was very happy to see him end up where he did.

Mur'neth, Vargus, and the ninja: A very well-done defection to the other side. They stepped into their role as the new Sheikah wonderfully, and were consummate badasses at every available opportunity. Despite being so good at what they do, they never felt overpowered.

Minerva and the parallel world: For something so integral to the story, it was ultimately a sacrificial lamb, and I was kind of disappointed when we actually went there. The visit seemed almost like an afterthought. We don't see any of the empire Ganondorf spent nearly a century building, and very little of his relationship with Minerva, who he apparently considered a second daughter.

Cain: In the base game, the Fused Shadows are said to be these dark, evil objects, but it's never really driven home. Cain changes that. He makes that darkness almost tangible, and cements how the FS are a terrible power that should only be used under the most dire of circumstances. It was also a good idea to leave him as a sequel hook, otherwise he would've distracted from the existing conflict.

The Sequel: I know very well that jobs and Real Life often get in the way of hobbies. I sincerely hope you get a chance to write The Wrath of Cain, and if that day comes, I look forward to the continued adventures of Link, Kili, Alex, and Silviana. There's certainly no lack of ancient evils to fight and mysteries to solve.
Emily Rogers chapter 141 . 6/30
Bets have been raised to a full 5000 rupees that says OP won't be updating until after Breath of The Wild is released.
Megatherium chapter 103 . 6/29
wait who were the four chaos people?
Megatherium chapter 87 . 6/27
Then he took stock of his own predicament. There was no river nearby, and the water pitcher in the room was empty, but there was plenty of snow outside, and that would do the trick just fine.
er what is this? me confused
Megatherium chapter 82 . 6/27
i can’t stop thinking of where the body came from
flowslikepixelz chapter 4 . 6/23
*guest name is username*

How did Zelda manage to survive the Medusa spell? Was it from her piece of the Triforce
sevenseasofrhye chapter 1 . 6/15
I'm on the first chapter an I'm getting chills already. This is great.
The Da Vinci Complex chapter 96 . 6/4
First off, I'm actually more scared of Ganondorf in this fic then I am of him in the games. Second, the most interesting character of the chapter has to be Minerva. And third… Ganondorf actually made me tear up a little. How do you humanize someone who is a monster in every sense of the word? This is awesome. You are awesome. Keep on rocking.
Emily Rogers chapter 141 . 5/29
Now taking bets: Who thinks the new Wii U/NX Zelda game is going to be released before OP updates with another story? :P
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