Reviews for The Silent Kingdom
jwill21 chapter 147 . 9/21
Oh no Cain? But which one?
Ryan chapter 147 . 9/21
Well, shit. Let's hope that this alternate Cain is less homicidal than the other one.
lindir's gaze chapter 147 . 9/20
Wait is Cain Midna’s husband? I’m shoooook. I’m also wondering if we’ll get to see Patrick and Shaklator’s relationship develop.
17 chapter 147 . 9/20
What a nice surprise to come home from work to. My nigga freedan with an update!
The One Immortal chapter 71 . 9/12
Ok, I’m on chapter 70 and I have seen at least one typo in every single chapter. This shouldn’t be happening this late into the story.
GeeWhizHowSwell chapter 140 . 8/27
Alright, its great, as I read through all one million words of it and enjoyed it all, but it is most certainly not without its flaws.
- Midna is useless, and doesn't really do much throughout the story. I like her as a character just fine, but with all of her cool abilities, you could have used her a lot more.
- Link is perfect, excessively so. He's the best at dungeon crawling, sword-fighting, and literally everything else. And no, "only super super selfless when it comes to loved ones" is not a character flaw.

There are other things, but these are my two biggest grievances off the top of my head. Otherwise, its a fun, captivating read.
Ryan chapter 146 . 8/17
This is rapidly getting very interesting. I can already guess some elements of the future plot, though I'm willing to bet that the plan as stated won't work.

Always fun to see Ganondorf's more human moments. Poor Link though, he's going to have the scariest in-law ever.

Time loops ahoy! Keep 'em coming!
aFan chapter 136 . 8/8
Very much enjoyed the story so far, looking forward to the conclusion.

Just wondering if you noticed, Zelda's inspirational speech starts off with "I see in your eyes the very fear that would take the heart of me." Great line but...
That is pretty much an exact copy of Aragorn's speech before the black gate, just change very to same and it is an exact copy.
pol chapter 1 . 8/7
Sooo... how's that game you're involved with coming along? :3
dangledhill chapter 146 . 7/24
Lovin' it!
Anonymous chapter 144 . 7/22
So, was this chapter internationally named the same as chap. 89 (90) of TSK? Probably not, but I noticed that. :3
pikachucat chapter 146 . 7/20
lindir's gaze chapter 146 . 7/18
So Ganondorf thinks he’s going to die using the Senen Serat? That would be an interesting end to his character arc, and fitting too, I think.
Guest chapter 146 . 7/17
I love ganondorf as a character and I can't believe that I've been reading this for so long! I'm betting that Darius is going to find them and Cain is going to interfere later to make things worse. I can't wait for the next chapter, until then!
Kyu-Momo chapter 146 . 7/16
I really am hoping this doesn't turn into drama with Link being an idiot and trying to get back together with this not!his-Midna, because I'm really liking Kili and Link being together now after everything they've been through.

Also that last line from Ganondorf made me chuckle. D'awwww! :3
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