Reviews for The Silent Kingdom
jwill21 chapter 145 . 7/13
Silviana better be careful.
ItStartsWithZ chapter 1 . 7/7
great read as always. that was awesome. our heroes are now un the past and i am excited to ses what happens next. thanks for the update!
Guest chapter 145 . 7/7
I am sincerely hoping against hope itself that you will not make Link and Midna out to be enemies.
icicle.c.cold chapter 145 . 7/5
YAY! An update! Happy to see that you still writing this. A few minor typos and grammar errors, but other than that, the perfection I know and love from your writing. Curious as to why Cain is happy that humans are not extinct...perhaps because the world is dying and only they hold the key to restoring it?
lindir's gaze chapter 145 . 7/5
Ooh I like this new lore about the holy waters. Excited to see how that plays out.
The Unplanner chapter 145 . 7/5
Dark seas of political intrigue ahead! How will our modern-day heroes make sure Shalaktor's soul breaks/broke on schedule? I imagine they'll have to play up the villainous aspect of this to make their interference seem like part of the historic event. It would be phenomenally unlikely to avoid making contact with anyone at all during the lengthy period of time they're set to spend in the past...which means their only other option is to create a stable time loop, using the vagueness of Hyrule's record-keeping to their advantage.

Best exchange: "Let me get this straight: you hid a tool we need to fight a a crypt full of dead bodies?"
"It seemed like a good idea at the time." Wizards, amirite?
Anonymous chapter 145 . 7/5
Wha- ... You updated. Well great, now I have to cancel the funeral. And I already bought the coffin and the grave spot. Damn, 12 grand down the drain.

No, jk. Welcome back, man. We missed you. _
Anonymous chapter 144 . 7/3
This was a great chapter. Honestly wasn't expecting this story to ever be updated again, I assumed you quit writing. Can't wait to see how this temporal paradox plays out. Hopefully things return to normal where Midna knows Link again. _

Well, I guess we'll find out some time next year. Maybe 2020 if we're lucky.
Reiz16 chapter 1 . 6/23
I'm glad Midna's okay.
Selera chapter 144 . 6/21
So just started to read your story about a week ago, and omg it is so good. Though a few things caused me to crack up laughing. Lime all the references to bastard and making Ganondorf my nda like schneider. Anyways this has been a wonderful read and I look forward to your next update whenever that might be.
ItStartsWithZ chapter 144 . 6/14
i've always loved this work! the first arc was amazing and i was so giddy when there was a continuation! kudos for this and i hope you are doing well in RL!
SpeedyWaluigi chapter 144 . 6/5
This was my 4th full time reading through the Silent kingdom. I've never reviewed before, but wanted to here to mention how excited I am for the Wrath of Cain! You actually ruined fanfiction for me, because so much of the rest of it is nowhere near your expert quality. Looking forward to where you take the story! Big fan of the Link Kilishandra pairing btw. Not expecting it to last, but I'll take what I can get for now.
pikachucat chapter 144 . 5/28
MDAM-FASEGold chapter 144 . 5/26
One word: Nice
icicle.c.cold chapter 144 . 5/26
YAY! You are writing this story again! I was so afraid you'd given up on it. I really love your writing style and you tell such deep and intricate stories, it hard to find such good stories outside of a library you know, let alone stories about my favorite characters. Glad to see you are back.
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