Reviews for The Silent Kingdom
FrimmerStarstone chapter 119 . 8/30
I was wondering why aren't you including the Dekew Scrubs?
Aurawarrior13 chapter 22 . 8/19
This is brilliantly done as the plot is a complete web with delicate strands woven through! So far...I can't believe it's only the 22nd chapter. I will DEFINITELY be reviewing very so often in this story unless I am too tired to care. I once plowed through 100 chapters of 500,000 words in a day once I lost track of time. This is one of few LoZ stories I bother to stick with. I like the personalities and such and it's all making sense! Write On!
pikachucat chapter 139 . 8/12
Pvt. Noah chapter 1 . 8/11
I believe I am going to enjoy this fanfiction :)
major-fangirl-in-here17 chapter 139 . 8/7
ohhhhh i have been waiting for this. but daaaayum, it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME
jwill21 chapter 139 . 8/7
Whaaaat is this it? I'm really gonna miss this story. I've been following it since 2007! Great story. Truly enjoyed it.
Pixelsaber chapter 139 . 8/6
What a fight! I didn't think it would be Zelda landing the finishing blow, nor did I think they would give up their piece of the Triforce. Completely unexpected!

I have to say, this chapter wasn't as well paced out as the previous one, but the action is still great and pacing may vary from person to person anyway...

And the hopeful moment when the hyrulean reinforcement arrive, noting like that to lift army morale. Nice how most sages got to put towards the war effort.

I accidentally clicked on your profile just now... A story on fiction press? I finally found some use for my account on there. I'll certainly check it out!

Excellent work! I can't wait for the epilogue!
Have a nice day!
Duncan0Idaho chapter 26 . 8/6
I have a question, where are Links tools? The key of a chapter or two ago could've been easily obtained with the clawshot, the giant could've been hit with the ball and chain.

I am also somewhat wondering where are the hidden skills the Hero of Time passed down to Link? A few of those would've been handy against alex, such as the shield bash followed by the helm splitter and back slash, or even the motral draw.

Just wondering.

The story in so far is very interesting, but why I have the faint impression to ahve heard somewhere before the name of mystara?
Guest chapter 139 . 8/6
I found this by sheer accident sometime last year while I was Googling Twilight Princess pictures for drawing references. Somehow, I ended up back in the web browser instead of images, and I saw The Silent Kingdom as a related search at the bottom of the screen. I clicked on it out of curiosity and I am so very glad I did. I don't often read fanfiction, but this is one of the best I've seen. Literally the only criticism I have is the grammatical errors that made reading a bit confusing in places. But I was willing to overlook that because of how much I was enjoying the story. I love the new characters, as well as the country and culture surrounding them. That world you created could stand on its own, an impressive feat. I also love the personalities you gave to the existing characters. Too often in fanfiction the characters don't hold true to their original personalities, but here you kept true and expanded on them. Excellent work, excellent story, excellent characters. And a fantastic conclusion to the battle. I kept panicking thinking my favorite people were going die. Though, I suppose I shouldn't relax until after the epilogue. I look forward to seeing this all come together.
Shaveza chapter 139 . 8/2
This chapter was worth every second of the wait! I adore Ganondorf's rather sarcastic nonchalance...and resigned accepting nonchalance at the end. What a doozy for Sheila's first job as the Sage of Light. I think everyone's a little giddy and high from victory and the adrenaline rush. I hope Vargus will be alright, that Arin cut through the limb in time - poor Arin though. I wonder what happened to Zero.

Only one more chapter! I can't believe it almost. Ah, well. Once it is over, I will have a most lovely work of fiction to return to at some later date to reread at some point in the future. And it will keep me occupied for sooome time.
graveMonera chapter 139 . 8/2
This chapter was absolutely phenomenal! I definitely didn't guess how the battle would end. I'm glad to see Hyrule survive to fight another day, but I will be sad to see this story end, the characters have started to feel like old friends. Thank you for working on this story for so long and finishing it, it is easily one of my favourite stories of all time.
Captiosus chapter 139 . 8/2
I say let Ganondorf live, but bind him to service of Hyrule. It'd be a much more troll worthy end for him.

Also, I didn't know Hyrule knew of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Awesome chapter, and I eagerly await the end of it.
Rigstig chapter 139 . 8/2
You always did have a habit of putting a twist in these things. This is beyond a satisfying ending, great work!
MassCraziness chapter 139 . 8/2
I have been waiting a long while for this, and I look forward to the epilogue (which I hope takes less than 8 months to complete).

This was one of the best stories I've read, ever. It was absolutely magnificent. I kind of don't want to see it go.
ThomiG chapter 139 . 8/2
What a perfect ending! Glad you finished this story like this. Awesome!
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