Reviews for Blood of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire
RedWallFlower chapter 2 . 1/31/2007
Great story, it's really interesting!
Keryl Raist chapter 2 . 1/31/2007
Not too bad of a start, some of the grammar needs help, and the describing the four main characters when we meet them will read better than all in a bunch in the first chapter.

The biggest problem is you've got four Mary Sues and very few fan fic readers are interested in them. Most people want to see their favorite characters go off and play in new directions, possibly interact with new people, or like your Blaise piece, see the story from a different point of view. In this case you're telling the story of four new people who just happen to be at Hogwarts. That's fine for some fannons, Mercedes Lackey's worlds lend themselves well to it, but the Potterverse is so wrapped up in the Trio and their quest that it doesn't lend itself well to the addition of new characters.

Lackey has a series of stories that are retellings of old Fairy Tales that are based on elemental magic, there's even a school for "talented" students. Your girls may do very well there if you'd be of a mind to move them.