Reviews for Talk To Me
GoldenShinyWireOfHope chapter 1 . 5/23/2009
I thought that this was a really good story. I think that your past support of Cloti has led to what is a very intelligent take on the Clerith pairing. I think it's a little unfortunate that the love triangle has become such a source of debate that people are either firmly on one side or the other, to the exclusion of the alternate pairing. I think that as a result some of the good points of both pairings are overlooked. Some Clerith writers underplay the long and deep relationship between Cloud and Tifa. You didn't do that, and I felt that Tifa's plea for Cloud to honour their friendship was incredibly moving.

I think that your characterisation of Tifa was very generous (which is rare for Clerith fics), perhaps a little too generous - I think that she was more self aware in your fic than in AC - but it was lovely to see her self-sacrifical affection for Cloud portrayed in a genuine way in a Clerith fic. She's a great character and I think that you really did her justice here.

Also, I'm just asking because I'm interested. Have you read Case of Tifa? It assuaged the concerns I had over Cloti after AC.
Empty Thought Bubbles chapter 1 . 5/29/2008
this is a really nice portrayal of Tifa's feelings

i also like Tifa but i've always loved cloudxaerith

Tifa's so nice and you did a great job showing how she feels about the death. Cloud was also depressed cause of Zack's death too, cuz they were best friends.

great job in this story! i love anybody who likes tifa but sees that square intended the game to be cloudxaerith :]
Ashley chapter 1 . 6/15/2007
Oh, so emotional.I hated Tifa, but after reading this, I kinda starting to like her.I am strongly a AerithxCloud fan, I love the two so much. Aerith and Cloud made a perfect couple because Aerith completes Cloud.I like Tifa, but not with and Cloud are meant to be friends and that's all, period.
Ruky chapter 1 . 5/8/2007
Yes, it's mee again O.o''

It's lunch-break now and I didn't know what to do with my sparetime until math is beginning XD

I don't know FF but my Wölfchen is telling me about it and her favourit character is cloud so I just had to read this heard touching story ;_; I think I like Aerith O.o'' I don't know why but she seems to be a nice person and... this Tifa person seems also to be a fair person O.o I mean who else would like his/her "enemy in love" like a sister?

Loved the story .

Continue writing I really, really like your stories!
BuBBLe Tea BaBe chapter 1 . 3/8/2007
Im a cloud and aerith fan I liked this
Muffin the Muffin chapter 1 . 1/31/2007
Poor Tifa, Cloud can be an ass. At least he's hot.
Ghostly-Sniper chapter 1 . 1/31/2007
It's very well written... technically, and it's very emotional. But, I think you've missed the point of AC, or listened to the wrong arguments. :) Tifa comes off as weak and needy, which I think is a misconception of her character. And Cloud let go of his guilt for Aeris, and his fear of failing his loved ones - your story denies the resolution of the film. It was actually this fear of loosing people, like he did his town, Aeris, Zack, that made Cloud distance himself and then leave Tifa - something that's confirmed by the creators themselves - and not because he is hung up on Aeris. His guilt is the cause, but not the reason itself. The issues between him and Tifa are only indirectly related to Aeris. It's fine if you think Cloud loves Aeris, but, I just wanted to point out that Cloud's main reasons for closing himself off are actually not related to his love life. Sorry, I mean no offence, but since you said this represents the way you see the story...
lionheartilly chapter 1 . 1/31/2007
This really amazingly written. I really think it sums up everything about what Tifa's feeling and Cloud's feelings as well perfectly. I too am a Tifa fan, but not of the TifaxCloud pairing. I'm the AerithxCloud pairing and reading this actually made me smile because I just know it's something Tifa would say if given the chance. Excellently written! Great job! :D
Joseph Newton chapter 1 . 1/31/2007
I was kinda coincidentally listening to a quite fitting song in the background.. I'll give you the link on animexx, yes.

Well, I'm a cureless cloudxaerith- person, but still love this. It grasps the problem of tifaxcloud quite well, and I guess, after AC Aerith did exactly that, make Cloud get over his grief, set him free. I could cry at the though though. Tifaxcloud has a chance to be, whereas my hearts desire hasn't vv'

(*stares at cloud* Do go die in a corner, you. '' Would make my wish come true XD)

Still, I don't think, TifaxCloud would seriously be an option for Cloud... he certainly does like her, but not like that.. (which now could lead to an exceptionally long discussion, but whatevs )

So. Very well done, it made me sad, even though I do not like the pair. I feel for Tifa, always have... she has it in bad, more bad than Aerith has, what with being dead, but she doesn't have to stay behind, watch her love grieve (well- ok, admittedly, that she has to, but not from a live- view, get my point?Q_Q) all the time..