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Guest chapter 73 . 7/27
Love it! This should be what actually happens! Damn
Guest chapter 73 . 7/24
Ya so i read this a few years back and i spent the last like week dedicating my life to rereading this again. And now that ive read it again im not really sure what to do with my life HAHAHA its so good!
Skippylove chapter 72 . 7/12
Dear ObsidianSickle,

I understand Blind was finished years ago, and I know you might not even see this, but I felt it absolutely necessary to give a review. I know you said before that you don't quite want positive reviews that don't give anything to the story, but I'm not sure I could live with myself if I didn't.

First things first, I have to bluntly say I fricken loved this story. I infact loved it so much that despite it being 1000 pages long (btw this is the longest piece of literature I have ever read) I finished the whole thing in a few weeks.

I read the frist like three chapters before seeing how many more chapters there was, but I enjoyed it that much already that I thought I was ready for such book long commitment. I don't think I was prepared for the emotional roller coaster you brought us readers on though XD. I read this so much I'm not sure what I would have been doing with my free time if it weren't for this Fanfic.

Thank you so much for finishing Blind, I understand how hard it must have been since it was so long and you sound like you had a lot of stuff school and such happening. It's just hard sometimes to find long well written Fanfics finished, and I think by far yours is the longest and best written I have read and mostly will continue to be as I read others. Finishing something this long shows your commitment and I think that's really inspiring.

I have to admit I cried quite a few times while reading this, but I also laughed and smiled too. You presented emotions and thougths quite well and I could easily jump into the characters. I liked your perspective and ideas of how the characters thought
and make decisions.

I'm not a big shipper of anything, never have been, but your story got me to jump on the SasuSaku train. I know it's canon now, but I thought this process of their relationship you created was really sweet and beautiful and I found myself giggling at
certain parts because they were so darn cute.

Okay, sorry this was a long review and I have to stop myself from totally fangirling over how good Blind was. So, breakdown: I loved it, it was really well written and I think you're an amazing writer. I plan on reading the sequel and any other
stories of yours that appeal to me because this one was so darn good. I love your writing so much and I hope you continue writing! not jsut only Fanfic either but I believe you would be an amazing book writer as well!

-Your fangirl reader, Skippylove
raven chapter 11 . 6/30
Lol awesome chapter! Loved it...also thanks for adding Anko.
raven chapter 1 . 6/29
Totally awesome! Love it keep writin (y)
YouSureBoutThat chapter 66 . 6/20
HI I LOVE THIS STORY! And I know you've already finished it but I can't help but notice a few mistakes in your writing. Such as in the chapter Sasuke thinks: "instead, kiss her lips instead" when it would have been better for you to leave out one of the insteads. There are other problems similar to this throughout your fanfic, and I would advise reading through it to find and fix them. I really love this fanfic (it's one of my favs) and I hope o haven't been rude in this review. Thanks!
Sapphire S. Bluchiha chapter 16 . 6/13
Nice story but there are some errors in it.
The six tailed beast is actually a slug, it's jinchuriki being Utakata from the hidden mist village.
And second, Itachi is actually one of the kindest characters in the series and is a pacifist despite what he was forced to do.
I feel he is out of character in that respect but if that is just to make him hated by the readers then that's kinda character bashing.
Overall though, the story concept is pretty cool.
I'm sorry about the constructive criticism though.
RisuBento chapter 73 . 6/11
The BEST GODDAMNED STORY IVE EVER READ ON HERE. This is my first Sasusaku story. And you made me believe it all! I never liked Sasuke until now. I love it. I can keep reading this story over and over and never get tired of it. Thank you.
Satan chapter 26 . 6/10
Guest chapter 25 . 6/10
I REALLY DONT LIKE HOW SAKURA IS SO ATTACHED TO SASUKE , I want Sakura to care about him , but this is stupid , sakura's confessing and shit and he doesn't rrly care , he should get rrly jealous , I assume you're building up tension for the story because SASUKE hasn't made a move yet but I don't think we can take it
Guest chapter 22 . 6/10
I think Sakura should move out , after what sasuke did to her she should leave him for once , and he can have a taste of his own medicine
Guest chapter 3 . 6/8
I'd like to send u a thank u card cuz this fanfiction kept me entertained for the longest time and I want to show my appreciation
Guest chapter 2 . 6/8
Guest chapter 1 . 6/3
Whoaah! Did I just read this master piece here in fanfiction? Yeah.. I cant find the right adjectives to say . Im too daze to do anything now .. The plot was ... see? I told u i couldn find the ryt adjectives.
Rola G chapter 1 . 5/30
This is my favorite story out of all the fan fiction I have ever read. And I read a lot!
You write like a professional, and I hope you get a published book written by you, this is great writing.
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