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Guest chapter 73 . 11/5/2016
Definitely the best fanfic I have ever read.
Daffodil chapter 1 . 10/30/2016
hahaha,,, u're right Dearest Author, MasashiLame (sorry sensei), didn't gave the best shots for this lovely couple, it pave way for the antis to make so much speculations that this relationship isn't working and was even worst..tch.. Me? if I did own Naruto, i'll make sure i'll give the most beautiful well written romance between this two, and i'll make sure it'll be d greatest slap of all time for all the HATERS out there... ok calm down guys and eat cupcake... #Don't spread the hate... I don't like/agree the way Sasuke had left the village, but he always had my sympathy, for a young child to experienced and personally have witnessed such horrible things to those whom he treasured so much, I sure understand where he's coming from... #Thumbs up for this incredible plot...!...
penguinlover536 chapter 72 . 10/29/2016
hi, I know this story is like 6-7 years old, but like i just read it and whenever Sakura and Sasuke would have those "why the hell don't you tell me your problems" moments this song Monsters by Timeflies would just pop into my head. you've probably heard it or someone could've told you about it but holy shit this song describes sasusaku so bad.
Guest chapter 71 . 10/28/2016
Honestly Sakura is disgusting. She's like a weed that only grows when clinging onto something else. Has she no dignity? Oh I'll live, I have you. No. Nada. There's this beautifully sad Itachi's life going on and Sakura's a lovesick fool with no sense of self-respect that just sticks desperately to this one boy who has practically never shown he cares, uncaring of her friends and family who are worried to death and highly disapproving of this filthy relationship where they depend on each other to live. If anyone had such a relationship in real life's, it'd be called unhealthy and beneficial to break it off.

I was perfectly fine with their interaction previously, as it seemed normal. But then she, like an idiot, chased after him as always. Does she not tire from constantly chasing his shadow? Ugh.
Guest chapter 46 . 10/11/2016
What happened to that embossed photograph that Sakura was planning?
Guest chapter 41 . 10/9/2016
Lol Author-sama nice prank!

I do think he'll get his sight back, but maybe a complication - like being colorblind. And maybe they're confused because people don't GO colorblind in Naruto...
Guest chapter 40 . 10/9/2016

Editor-chan I said it was your fault but I'm sure all the readers that love fluffy moments now adore you because Sasuke hugged Sakura and they cried together! Well okay Sasuke didn't cry but he totally did inside.
Guest chapter 38 . 10/8/2016
Lol Editor-chan it's all your fault there's a fluffy SasuSaku moment in this kill yourself for the indecency!

Actually I don't think medical jutsu can cure comas because comas are tricky things to do with the brain and fiddling around with that is very risky... and it could've happened through some attack or like Dei-chan's bomb exploding and rubble hitting his head or something you know?
Guest chapter 37 . 10/8/2016
Haruno Kisho accompanied them...but he didn't come back...
Guest chapter 36 . 10/8/2016
It was supposed to be all grim n stuff after Sasuke exploded at Sakura, but when he shamefully turned his face away I couldn't help but imagine that he turned the wrong way, so when he tried to look away he accidentally ended up looking straight at Sakura, whose heart burst at how sincere he was being - he even turned to 'look' at her! Squeeee!

And I snorted even though he shamefully turned away and couldn't look at her.

So they haven't met Sai either...
Guest chapter 34 . 10/8/2016
So...Raikage-samas NOT A-sama IV?
Guest chapter 33 . 10/8/2016
He doesn't even know how much he adores her
Guest chapter 28 . 10/7/2016
Ironic that their first mission back as a team mirrors their first C-rank mission.
Ijustloveanimex chapter 72 . 10/7/2016
Ijustloveanimex chapter 69 . 10/7/2016
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