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melsbells91 chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
AH! I HATE symbolism! I can never get it when we use it in school and even if i think i get it its always wrong! And i can prove it with this; the only thing i came up with was the girl that Itachi has (cant remember her name and way to lazy to go back and find it) is going to kill Oroochimaru. Thats the obsqurities going around in my mind. Its possible, but seems highly unlikely to me. If you can figure out how that would work, more power to you! Anyway, the chapter was great, it stinks waiting for them but, they are always looked forward too! Great job, cant wait for the next chapter!
Velvet Star chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
Hello there! I really liked it! I like all of the chapters but hey. But just to tell you, the text is a link to some coke thing...if you didn't know already.
iMissa chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
Yeah, when you mentioned the weasel biting into the snake, all I could see was this flying Itachi lunging at Orochimaru xD

And, as always, I totally squee-ed at the subtle hand-holding. Plus, the squeezing of the hands on Sasuke's part. Mm, I lurve. Oh, and when you mentioned the sixth sense, I started laughing since all I could see was that kid from the movie saying, "I see dead people". But you explained all of the senses and everything else that came with it very well ]

That WAS a tad harsh of Sasuke, but hey, the name says it all. However, hopefully Ikane WILL learn from what Sasuke said, since we don't need another kid running off to Sound. Haha, Konohamaru really -does- remind me of Naruto.

I think I'll go back and re-read this later, in order to pick up those subtle symbols, but as of right now, finals are coming up and according to my friend Lyncee, the Italian final is a bitch and a half, and we've gotta conjugate the verbs. So, love, I'm off to study, but I LOVED this chapter, as usual, and definately can't wait for the next update!
HoshitheHorse chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
Great chapter. I can't wait to read the next one! That was symbolism with the weasel and the snake; Itachi and Orochimaru, right? Does Itachi know Sasuke's blind? I would imagine Konoha wouldn't want that spread, but thier are spies...And does Orochimaru know Sasuke's still alive?
IrisEclipsed chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
When I got to the part about the small snake and the weasel I had a bad feeling. Was this the symbolism you were hinting at? I hope it doesn't mean that Itachi will rip Sasuke's head off a massacre him . . . That would be bad. Awesome chapter and I liked Sasuke's fights. At first I thought he'd be fighting Naruto or something, but you surprised me. Wonderful writing and please update soon.
Kyuuketsu Tsuki chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
yay! another chapter! great as always :D!
BuBBLe Tea BaBe chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
FLUFF I need SasuSaku fluff and this will be perfect!
desert anbu chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
The small part in the end with the weasel and the snake. Could that in any way symbolize Sasuke (the snake) and Itachi (the weasel)? Itachi means weasel, doesn't it?

Bah, anyway... I love this story. It made my day to get the e-mail notice that you had updated. Keep writing!
fleeting thought chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
Yeah an Update! Good Chapter. The weasel and snake was the sybolism, right? Does that mean Sasuke's going to die? I hope not! Anyways, Update Soon!
Jester08 chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
Awesome chapter, I absolutely loved Naruto in it! He's so funny! (LOL) I can't wait for more, so update soon please! Keep up the amazing work! _
wertyit chapter 7 . 6/7/2007
I can't believe it. UCHIHA Sasuke, resident genius of the genius clan after Itachi, would stumble, trip, fall, put his shirt on the wrong way, and be unable to control his emotions? I mean, sure, everyone has withdrawal symptoms, but he's a ninja who's trained himself to be as perfect as possible, and would be smart enough to know his way around. Then again, making your way around in an unknown place blind is hard, I guess. But still... grr.

But thanks a lot for the first two chapters. They were great. I'll read on now.
Mimi The Witch chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
You updated. Yay! This made me really happy. The chapter was really good, I love your style.

Well, the weasel and snake are defintely symobls. Right? XD I love sybolism. Good job!

Anywayz, keep up the good work and UD soon!
Hammy Uchiha chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
the weasel and the snake!

really great chapter! I can't wait for the next one
Asha3 chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
hahaha... an un-antisocial Sasuke... it'll irked him to no end. I think I'm going to enjoy that part. Please continue.

About this chapter... I know his opponent is a genin.. but damn, he's still cool! Sasuke-kun, KAKOII! (fan girl mode)
grand admiral chelli chapter 18 . 6/7/2007
Great chapter! I've probably said it before, but I really do love the interaction between Sasuke and Sakura. You portray both of them so well, and Sasuke's gradual coming-out-of-his-shell is actually believable (as opposed to some stories I've read - you know what I'm talking about). You HAVE to update! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
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