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Guest chapter 15 . 5/4
I'm kind of glad I waited until now to read this. It was good, but I don't think I would have hung in for 3 yrs.
marthapreston4 chapter 2 . 8/22/2016
why is she mad at luke chris broke her daughter hurt over and over
LorelaiLovesLuke chapter 15 . 4/17/2016
Wonderful story
Bob chapter 9 . 10/4/2011
you were the one person in my life that I knew would be there. I knew you'd be there for me." WHAT ON EARTH are you talking about? Is this an opposite to the truth fanfic?
Copop chapter 15 . 2/28/2010
Loved it.

And I am actually very glad I didn't start reading before it was finished, with the apparent breaks(according to your ANs) you had in there, I probably would have lost interest ;)

Oh, and you probably should consider putting angst as a category, because the first 13 chapters it really is. So the readers know what to expect, you know?
Jeremy Shane chapter 14 . 2/27/2010
good story
Jeremy Shane chapter 15 . 2/27/2010
good chapter & more please
EnchantedxRomance chapter 15 . 2/27/2010
Awe, this story was so cute. Do you think you could write more Luke/Lorelai stories? You really are an amazing writer! :)
ThatxGirlxThere chapter 13 . 8/2/2009
This story is really good! Im glad that you finally updated too even though I read the whole story just now.

Anyway, I loved the whole storyline. It made me want to keep on reading and have the story never end. Thatd be really nice but unfortunately impossible. Im also happy about how you got them back together. Having Babette see them surprised me but yet it wasnt surprising at all. Sorry if that didnt make sense.

Well, once again great job with the story. I cant wait for more so please update soon. :)
MoonlightGardenias chapter 13 . 8/2/2009
I've missed this fic. Glad to see you updated. Leave it tp Taylor to start meddling the second he gets news. Anyway, I'm happy to see you've updated. Hope to read more soon!
Jeremy Shane chapter 13 . 8/2/2009
good chapter & more please
javajunkie86 chapter 13 . 8/1/2009
Loved this story and I am thrilled that you found inspiration again to start writting. There is so much to say about this chapter. Its great to see Lorelai happy and smileing again. I am sure everyone can stop worry about her, because she is back with the love of her life again. I love the fact that she had to see Luke again so early in the mourning. Of course the townies will discovered that Luke and Lorelai reunited. Luke and Lorelai are the couple that everyone cheers for. Typical and Babbette rushing to see the lovebirds. I thought it was funny how Babbette nearly pushed a man out of the way to get into the diner. Typical of Taylor trying to cause noise after hearing the news of Luke and Lorelai. He needs to get a life for everyone's sake. I love the way Lorelai handle him and prevented another town meeting full of charts.

Favorite lines/moments

"I just want you to finally have it."

"It?" Lorelai questioned.

"Yeah, 'it'," Rory repeated. "The man of your dreams, love of your life, someone to annoy incessantly when I'm hundreds of miles away one day."

Lorelai's stomach clenched at the thought but she pushed it aside. "The whole package," Lorelai said with a wistful smile.

"Yeah, the whole package. I'm happy for you, Mom, really!"

Loved this

"Alright, fine. But I need Taylor on my side right now, Luke. I have a number of issues at the Dragonfly at the moment. Unfortunately, I have to get them approved by that man. Antagonizing him right now makes my job that much harder. Just remember, your happiness is once again directly linked to mine, my friend."

Luke shook his head with a small smile. "Wouldn't have it any other way."

So accurate!


But I'm A Gilmore 8X8 chapter 12 . 2/20/2008
I just found this story and read the whole thing. I love it so much! I know you said it was ending soon and it isn't like this is a really big cliffhanger at this point, but I would really like to see a few more chapters. Anyway, REALLY nice job! It was fabulously written and I have found hardly and typos or grammar errors, which is fabulous because even if I love a storyline is amazing, it has to have good grammar for me to read it. So, good job. I love how you go deep into the thoughts of the characters. It is really interesting because in the show, you don't get to know anything until it actually happens or is said, but I like knowing what characters are thinking- one of the benefits of reading as opposed to watching TV. I love your story and am looking forward to more! And I really like the way you played the divorce out with Christopher. It was really in character. I know that's from a few chapters ago, but instead of reviewing all the old chapters, I just waited 'till this chapter. Love it :) Keep it up, and update soon!:) I'm looking forward to more!
Like2CUHappy chapter 12 . 2/18/2008
i loved it. this was the best chapter yet. update asap!
micyaya chapter 12 . 2/18/2008
WOW that is some great writing! I just read all 12 chapters of that emotional roller coaster! Looking forward to more!
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