Reviews for Only Draco's Mudblood
Guest chapter 26 . 10/7
Okay idk if you even read these anymore but I just feel like this is so uncharacteristic for both Hermione and Draco because there's no development of their story together at ALL. There's also a lot of grammatical mistakes/spelling errors that you may want to go back and revise. The plot in general is good but I just think you could have written it a lot better no offense.
green with envy chapter 30 . 9/21
I wish your Draco existed in real life, would kill to be in hermione's place right now
Shreyagranger chapter 18 . 8/22
hannah.webb chapter 38 . 7/29
switch just to before closed in the last sentence: chapter 38
whackedout101 chapter 10 . 6/30
Not sure I love the fact that you 'glorify' the way that Draco uses the term 'mudblood'. I don't know, that's just me, at least. It's a demeaning term and the way you write it makes it seem like it's a good thing that Draco calls her a mudblood. I mean, I don't totally hate it, but if you talk about it in terms of
modern day demeaning words like fag or the 'n' word then it becomes a different story. Just something to thing about . . .
whackedout101 chapter 1 . 6/30
It's been a long time since I've posted on FanFiction myself, but I always come back for Dramione stories these days, rather than I what I started out with, which was mostly Disney stuff. . .

Anyway, enough of my banter.

I'm sure you don't read any of your reviews these days (as most writers start out well and then they kind of disappear of Fanfiction, which I get), but I thought I'd leave one, just in case you still get emails (like I do).

Your preview had me interested in the story to begin with and I'm excited to read it now, as I've finished the 1st chapter. I always love seeing more accurate versions of Draco and Hermione's personalities. . . as well as Harry's and Ron's. I think it's always important to at least put that into a story, especially if the story is set in Hogwarts and in that general era.

Anyway, I am confused though . . . how old are they in this year? 3rd years? 4th years? 5th years? Hahaha. I'm not really sure. Hopefully, I'll find out later on, but that would be something I'd add in the 1st chapter (but I do realize it's impossible to edit stuff on Fanfiction sometimes).

Anyway, if I feel like reviewing more later on, I will as I read, but I certainly will review again once I'm finished with the story.

As a writer, I noticed some capitalization errors and for me, I always want people to tell me, but you might be different. Regardless, I'm enjoying the fact that 99% of your first chapter is well-written! (:
Guest chapter 40 . 6/4
What is the name of sequel ?
marthapreston4 chapter 37 . 3/21
dun dun dun
marthapreston4 chapter 7 . 3/21
This story proves that hogwarts has the worse teachers if they leave it to the students to protect themselves
marthapreston4 chapter 5 . 3/21
It wierd to see draco protecting someone but its like with siblings I can pick on my brother/sister but that doesnt mean I will let someone else do it
Random chapter 1 . 2/6
So chapter 1, couldn't you have just said Paris? Why Paris, France? I think people know where Paris is located...
kaiser falcon chapter 27 . 1/12
there are normally 3 chasers on each team
Fractal-Velocity chapter 4 . 1/2
"Princess you're in Slytherin now. Your business is my business."
Just WOAH...
#Badassmothereffer this is the best line everrr i love it i love you i love this fic and I'm only on like chapter 4 :3
Siiigh i want me some Draco
Dark-Supernatural-Angel chapter 40 . 11/28/2014
I wasn't expecting the previous chapter to be the last for this story.

Nicely done.
Dark-Supernatural-Angel chapter 12 . 11/27/2014
Oh wow for the turnaround in Dramione!
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