Reviews for The Unexpected Rookie
Zea T chapter 7 . 1/27/2011
A very entertaining story. I like the way you managed to keep the feel of both universes consistent, and I like the idea of the transformers using holograms to conceal their differences from the occupants of this Earth. It was a good fun story throughout, with the twin dramas of who would win and what the Decepticons were up to on top of the entertaining fluff and fun of the two populations bonding and getting to understand one another's foibles. I wasn't quite sure how Dinobots would come about in the context of a Cars-verse Earth, but their presence was nonetheless entertaining for that. And the finale was edge-of-the-seat exciting, leaving the reader much like the characters: not knowing who to cheer for and willing them both on.

Thanks for sharing a well written and entertaining piece of work.
XspriteyX chapter 7 . 4/22/2010
Lol that story was great and funny to read! Tractor tippin, and i just cracked up at the thought of the autobots with cartoon eyes and faces haha! Aw poor fillmore (respect the classics man) his house became a bomb site lol! Where'd the heck did jazz get a bot sized sombrero? Mater is just awesome once again i commend u on a great story!
Artemis1000 chapter 7 . 11/9/2009
It's been such a fun read! I definitely say thanks to your brother for inspiring you to continue the story after the original three chapters. The part in Radiator Springs was my favourite section of the story, with the twins and Mater's antics, Ironhide getting re-painted and Ironhide's bumper stickers *snickers*
trickster2232 chapter 1 . 5/8/2009
Vince DeLorean.

Back To The Future.

I'm good.

Nice stiry by the way, love it.
dancinglemur chapter 7 . 3/11/2009
That was fantastic! A great read and a job wonderfully well done!
JetMcQueen chapter 1 . 1/24/2009
Very confusing but entertaining _
AlxkendBlader chapter 2 . 12/21/2008
HotRodimus chapter 7 . 11/9/2008
Nice, I had never heard of a cars TF crossover, I hope you do more of those.
fricketyfrack123 chapter 1 . 3/17/2008
I read this in one sitting the other day and favourited it, but gosh darn it all, I forgot to review! Stupid me! And you did so well too. Not an unexpected crossover, but not one I expected to be any good either, let alone this wonderful! (Plus the almost complete lack of grammar/spelling errors is a BIG PLUS - too many authors on this site seem to forget that most typing programs have spellcheck...) TC and Warp fighting over binoculars was priceless, the subtle jab at the movie designs were clever, the perfect characterisation of Hot Rod (and all the others) floored me, and the proposal in the end was seriously too cute.

Well, I'd say more, but this is getting awfully long, isn't it? Great job!
crystalshifter chapter 7 . 3/7/2008
that...was utterly brilliant
SylverMage chapter 7 . 2/24/2008
Transformers/Cars crossover FOR THE WIN. Seriously, the concept was enough for me to give it a look. But your delightfully in-character writing, lack of spelling errors, and overall wonderful weaving of words (woo, alliteration!) made this story a joy to read. I absolutely loved it, and give my thanks to your brother for suggesting you continue past the initial three chapters!

I have an extra fondness for Hot Rod, so I really enjoyed seeing him in this story, and performing well. His relationship with McQueen was fun to read. And the twins were hilarious. I can only imagine what they'd be like pumped full of high grade...

Great story I hope to find more of your expeditions into the Transformers universe!

(...and the flame paint job on Prime isn't *that* bad ;) The idea of Bumblebee with flames somehow scares me more.)
Younger Than the Soul chapter 6 . 2/23/2008
Is this a shortened version of the on DA or what?
ArmoredSoul chapter 7 . 2/6/2008
I love this fic...


ArmoredSoul chapter 6 . 2/6/2008



*insert happy dance here*
ArmoredSoul chapter 5 . 2/6/2008

Something funny enough it actually got Prowl laughing!


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