Reviews for Let Go
ritachi chapter 1 . 2/4/2007
Well, I wouldn't agree with you about Lunamaria being incredibly annoying at times. I'd like to think of it as more as cheerful, assertive, and optimistic. But I do agree with you that Luna is holding in a lot of pain to help others feel better. However, I think you did make her a bit too annoying in this chapter, but that's merely my opinion on her, so if it conflicts, it's most likely my fault.

Anyway, I found this story quite intriguing. I would like to see how you would spin this web because, at the moment, I don't quite see much of the plot except Shinn maybe breaking up with Lunamaria. That's it for my insight. So I hope you add more to this complex storyline. I saw that Shinn's attitude was quite appropriate at places, but at others, I found it odd... Usually, I don't think Shinn would apologize that quickly. I try to picture everything I read in FF as the anime, but this I found a bit hard to picture. But I did enjoy it, so don't get me wrong.

This story has caught my eye and is definitely something to see until the end. So don't give up and keep writing. I'll try to give you positive feedback along the way, so work hard, 'kay?

I want to see how much you try to flesh out the personalities of Shinn and Lunamaria. -
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