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DieseMeineSeele chapter 86 . 13h
Wow! This Story is pretty marvelous and satisfying. I love to read about the Marauder time. I love to read about Sirius and Remus as well. And I absolutely love your writing Style. I really enjoy the stories all over the schoolyears. You are pretty creative. And the characters are very well described. The friendship between James, Sirius, Remus and even Peter is so heartwarming. This fanfiction means really, REALLY a lot to me. I am sorry. I am from Germany and that's why I can't find the right words for my excitement. But I hope you continue the fanfiction. I really have to know how it goes on. You are an awesome author. And I hope you have fun while writing.
Kind regards,
Guest chapter 1 . 7/14
Please tell me that the story doesn’t end like this. This has to be he best fan fiction I’ve ever read, I’m bawling into my coffee because of this, it’s just so beautiful.
Guest chapter 86 . 7/14
Wait? That’s the end of the bloody story? This was an amazing story of my god
Cassandra chapter 86 . 7/13
I need you to continue. I literaly need it. This book makes me cry and laugh and keep going. Why Did You stop? Its the most beautifull thing that I've ever read
Phoenix1018 chapter 1 . 7/10
I know that I'm really really late, but I have been reading casting moonshadows for a few months now, and it is WITHOUT A DOUBT my favorite marauders era fan fiction that I have ever read. This fan fiction is absolutely amazing. Their personalities feel so real, and it makes me want casting moonshadowns to be a canon marauders era book. When I first started reading fanfic, I did not like Peter at ALL, but you have me seeing him in a completely different way. I don't know if you're planning on finishing this fan fiction, but it is an absolute MASTERPIECE.
MoonlightBreeze7 chapter 49 . 7/9
This chapter hurt me, so much. But it was a really good one.
Guest chapter 86 . 7/8
Where is the next chapter
MoonlightBreeze7 chapter 41 . 7/8
I know it'll get way worse before it gets better, but either way, I'm glad for this chapter. It certainly seems like we're heading for better days for Padfoot and Moony!
iSiRiUsLyLoVeSiRiUs chapter 86 . 7/7
Hi! I just realized I've been following this and Marauders of the Mind for about 10 years now and haven't left a review in...well...too long. If ever. I'm sorry about that, because your works are definitely something I've reread bunches of times and I never get sick of.
Just wanted to leave a review and let you know you've had someone here for pretty much the entire journey, and still patiently awaiting more. :)
Also, I don't know if you're still giving this out, but I'd love to read your novel if you could PM me the name!
(Wow, I haven't actually logged in to this site in years and forgot what my penname was! haha!)
MoonlightBreeze7 chapter 24 . 7/7
This one was heartbreaking but very important to the overall story. You did a wonderful job of it, it was truly amazing!
MoonlightBreeze7 chapter 21 . 7/7
This was amazing! It was so sweet and adorable and perfectly angsty, just the way I like my fanfiction. I would like to compliment you on your use of jokes and other mood-lightening aspects the Marauders used to convince Remus to come out from under the bed. It really shows the deep bond already felt between the four boys, even before James, Sirius, and Peter become Animagi to help Remus. You obviously not only know the characters very well but are an exceptional writer for your ability to put it all into words to show their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in such a way as you have done here. I loved this chapter especially, but I really love the whole fanfiction. In fact, the only reason I haven't left reviews on other chapters is the fact that I am just now creating my account so as to read and review this more easily, as well as knowing that this site holds pretty great fanfiction anyhow. I'd just like to say again that this is an amazing, well-thought-out fanfiction and you are a wonderful writer! Thank you for blessing us with this creation!


A fan (obviously) of Hufflepuff House (also probably obviously)
Nerdygirl1019 chapter 27 . 7/2
As I’m rereading this I am noticing any little thing that points to their love even before they got together. It’s cute and funny.
Guest chapter 35 . 6/29
Hi really like this
DeadlyHuggles chapter 12 . 6/28
Hello moonsign.
I'm on time but just barely.
It's around 11:40 here.
I'm exhausted but I can't go to bed until I make sure to get in my year of moon reviews.
This is my twelth moon review if you can believe it or not.
It's been almost a year since I found this story.
I hope you know how much you've changed my life for the better.
My life was going really down hill last summer.
I wasn't in a very happy position.
To be honest with you, I wanted to kill myself.
To cope, I spent as much time away from reality as I could.
The internet was my escape and with it I found your story, and from there everything that's made my life worth living. (Well almost everything, I've got my sister, though i sometimes wonder if she's be better without me.)
Thank you so much Moonsign.
You've created something amazing here, never forget that.
Thank you for almost a year of happiness and smiles Moonsign, I'll talk to you next moon.

You have no idea how much I love and hate this chapter.
I love it for James & Sirius's reaction to Moony's breakdown, for the inner Marauder's prank, for the boys' kindness giving Moony presents, for Sirius convincing James to be friends with Remus, and for remus being awesome.

Then I hate it because remus broke down, he didn't have many presents when the others woke except the one from Frank and the torture device from his father, and remus accidentally scared Sirius and James away, and if those stupid slytherins had never attacked remus, or if J S had stepped in to help, they would have been friends for so much longer, and they could have checked up on him in the summer and so many problems through the next year's would never have happened. Then to top it all off summer has officially started with Remus getting burned by his asshole of a father.
dracohermione26 chapter 86 . 6/23
When will the next chapter be out? This is my absolute favorite fan fiction and I can not wait for the next chapter! There will be one right? I have been awake into the early hours of the morning reading this and I just cannot get enough of it. I have already started reading it again! Please reply and let me know because it has been almost a year since this chapter came out and even though I just recently learned about this fan fiction from the Mischief Managers, I adore this more than a lot of actual books that I have read!
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