Reviews for Casting Moonshadows
grassandsafetypinsandthings chapter 86 . 3h
Woooooow. When you update with a chapter by gods do you deliverer! All of the emotion in that chapter, thank you so much for continuing to write this.
I have loved every moment of this story so deeply and made many of my friends read it too :P
Lord-Levi chapter 86 . 4h
I can not even begin to describe my love for this story. It has everything a good fic or "real" book should have. Adventures, angst, mysteries, friendship and romance. Every chapter in this fic makes me either laugh or cry, or sometimes both at the same time. And for a fanfiction with 86 chapters it is an accomplishment to keep the story thrilling and exciting from beginning to end. (Or not the end but til the most recent update.)

I simply love the way you describe anything from battle scenes to the feelings of love between Remus and Sirius. And the "Second Secret" chapters was so sad and good I just can't. KUDOS to you for still writing after, what, 10 years!? LOVE this story and everything in it. Thank you for nearly 400 000 wonderful and magical words!

PS. I cry when Remus says "Pa'foo". :(
keshaluvsRob chapter 84 . 19h
Amazing chapter... and that'S how they lost the Marauders Map. I liked Dumbledore's explanation about the eyes and magic... magic can't change ones soul.
Hakuna Mafuckit chapter 86 . 23h
I usually read Dramione stories but I wanted to try a new pairing and I kinda stumbled upon your story and binge-read it in a day. Your story made me fall in love with this pairing. It's amazingly well written and one of my absolute favourites now. Thank you so much.
Guest chapter 86 . 9/24
Thank you so much for coming back to this story. It's one of my favorites and this chapter was so good.
Elicitra Potter chapter 86 . 9/24
I tend to avoid reviews because reviewing on my phone is really frustrating. But I wanted to say thank you for continuing this story. I've been reading it for a couple of years now and it is one of my favourites. Also, I was windering if I could get the details of your book? :)
Starrya47 chapter 86 . 9/24
Yeah I'm crying now thank you ;-;

I was not prepared for this chapter, nor was I prepared for her death
AnyankaEllie chapter 86 . 9/24
Thank you for returning ) I loved this chapter, though it was sad, gloomy and hard to read. Thank you. I hope you'll continue your other story about Harry and Marauders too.
Loony-bin Escapee chapter 86 . 9/23
I need to let you know that when I found out you updated, I re-read the entire story from beginning to end. I have only done that with a fanfiction once before. I love this story and I hope you continue to update, sporadically though it may be.
On a relatively unrelated note, I saw in one of your Author's Notes that you have a book available on Amazon. Could you please let me know the name? Thank you so much for the amazing story.
rachybaby chapter 86 . 9/23
Yay, you updated! Wonderful chapter. I was stunned by the Death Eater attack at the end. Poor Rebecca! It was so sweet how Sirius stayed with her as she died, I'm glad they were able to set thing straight between them and talk about what happened between them. I hope it's not another two years before we get another chapter.
luziamarques3 chapter 1 . 9/23
A month without uploading he comes ba-
SGSilverGreet chapter 1 . 9/23
Got really shocked when I notice that the story has been undated.
The good and wild with joy "shock",not the bad "shock".
PLZ forgive my poor English expressing...I'm not a native speakerзIt's just that I'm sooooooooo excited now and kind of...want to show it?
And also thankyou soooooo much for the georgeous story!It's absolutely one of the best SBRL fanfic I've ever readヽ(*з*)ノJuat can't stop reading when I first laid hands on it LOL
SpicyTacos chapter 86 . 9/23

I've been following this story for around seven years now and I'm so proud of how it's developed. Your writing, as always, is absolutely georgeous, where I just never seem to be able to put it down. I adore the way you have written these characters so beautifully with their interactions.

I will say though, I feel deeply sad that you killed Rebecca. Even though she wasn't as prominent and was complained about often, she felt as though she always had a place around Hogwarts. I really love where this story is taking a turn, and hopefully will see another chapter in the future.
Miriam chapter 86 . 9/23
Would you believe if I said my hands trembled for hours because of happiness after I saw the notification?
This story just means so much to me, I don't know what to even say. I read it again and again every few months, cry my eyes out and burst into laughter and admire your imagination all over again. And the update was literally magical. I thought you weren't ever going to publish anything again. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the notification.
I hope you have time and desire to finish it, because believe me, there are tons of people who are in love with your story and want to cry at the end because of how they can't believe it was actually the end and how they don't know what they are going to do now.
We can't provide you opportunity or time to write, that depends on your life. But spirit? That we can do.
That I hope I did.
ShadowAlchemist503 chapter 34 . 9/22
Okay before I race through to get to the new chapter I just wanna say this fic got me veryyyy into listening to Cat Stevens, so thank you :') Time to keep rereading!
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