Reviews for Casting Moonshadows
Clau Calcetin chapter 57 . 7h
I was reading this again (yes, 'cause I read this fic at least once every month) and I got suddenly moved -on the chapter 56- by James action and leadership after telling Remus what Sirius did. I think you created wonderful, complete and believeble characters. It is so sweet how James, embarased, still kiss Remus forehead and showed him his friendship above all :)
blackkatroadkill chapter 84 . 21h
Love this story so much! Second favorite of all time, first is Marauders of the Mind! Would love to read your original fiction as well?
Princess-Contradiction chapter 84 . 11/25
This is an incredible story-it is so well written and thought out. Thank you for writing it! I can't wait to see what's next!
Roxanne Saint-Agnes chapter 84 . 11/23
Yay you're back! i've missed you *waves like a child - or a lunatic*

Oh, great chapter, btw, pleaaase don't leave us again!
JDTEA chapter 79 . 11/20
That conversation with "moony baboony" and Professor McGonagal has to be to be one of my favorite parts in the story so far. And it's had a lot of great parts lol. You write so well I can picture it in my head. Anyway, love the story. Still catching up!
Moonlightgalleon chapter 84 . 11/17
your story is addicting. i can't wait for you to update it. you are one of the reasons why i'm really grateful for internet. you are a very good author and maybe should think of publishing your own book.
ChristineBH chapter 84 . 11/17
I have finished my second time reading your story and it's still as amazing as the first time.
I think the characters have actually changed thoughout the story, but in a realistic way so I haven't noticed it before several chapters later when I'm reminded of their previous years.
Sometimes when I have read a chapter I actually have to think about how the chapter went from the start to the end, because much have happened (when you think about the fact that it's "just" a chapter) but it was a smooth process so I didn't notice too much.
Some of my unawareness of how the things turned out the way thet did maybe have something to do with me reading it mostly at least 3 times a day; when I wake up (and need something to keep me awake), when I'm in the bus on my way home (and often are mentally tired) and when I go to sleep (and sometimes are tired).
My schedule for reading your work can also tell you how much I like it and look forward to reading more in the furture.
Thanks for the great reading from a Danish fan
- ChristineBH
Eripsime Granger - Serdaigle chapter 84 . 11/15
Hello there ! So, you've never heard of me before and I sincerely apologise for that. I'm a huge fan of your work, but I never stopped to post a review because I didn't know if you still visited your account from times to times. Shame on me...
I discovered Casting Moonshadows last year, thanks to a friend of mine who sent the link to me and said : "Here. Just read it, it'll blow your mind". And it did. Finally a piece of work that takes the time needed to tell us the fascinating, rich story of the Marauders. Finally a piece of work that actually tries to explain what Peter adds to the group rather than justify the "mistake" the others did by befriending him. Finally a piece of work that tells us about Voldemort's rise to power. Finally a piece of work that does not push aside all the essential back-stories of Lily, Snape and James. And the list goes on and on, because your writings are full of the qualities all others lack.
Since I began to read you, I discovered some pretty cool songs (beginning with Moonshadows by Cat Stevens, a favourite of mine). But most of all, you radically changed the way I looked at some characters or facts in JKR's books. The most glorious example is probably James, who appears like such a jerk throughout the original saga. You managed to explain how he's a nice fellow who ends up being a jerk to some people, for various reasons. I was also one of the very few that disliked Sirius in the books (I know, I'm weird). Well, I changed my mind about him too. And concerning Moony... What can I say ? The psychological portrayal you managed to give us is ASTOUNDING. I'm speechless, really.

Sooooo... After this endless introduction, let's talk about this 84th chapter. I love the way you begin to separate Pete from the others ; he is, in a way, slowly replaced by Lily within the Marauders. I noticed that James and Sirius are acting really harshly towards him more and more often : they keep saying that he's witless and stupid, all the time. This behavior will make Peter's treason understandable, I think.
The other interesting fact is their totally opposed points of view about the war. And I genuinely understand and accept Peter's fear : he is, to be true, the most pragmatic and rational of them all. They are young and unexperimented, and their Griffindor courage is a foly. We do know that James and Sirius have always been out of control reguarding danger : they don't see it, and when they do they ignore it and just go for it. Stupid brats. But we know that Remus, though willing to fight, feels afraid, for his friends and for himself. Therefore I hope he will try to make Pete's point of view undestandable for Padfoot and Prongs.
As a conclusion, a lighter statement : seizure of the Marauder's map end of an era ! :')

Keep on the wonderful work, with all my admiration and support !
Hugs and love and moonshadows 3
nessyschu chapter 84 . 11/14
Great chapter! I love this and I'm glad you're still writing it!
Alex chapter 84 . 11/14
Yay, this has been updated! You're such an amazing writer! This fic is giving me too many feelings, but it's ridiculously great. Keep writing, and good luck on getting that original fic published 3
JDTEA chapter 59 . 11/13
Ha! Love the banter with the boys and Lily! She's probably the only girl that could hold her own with them. Maraudercide lol
13ella chapter 22 . 11/13
Hey! I'd so love it if you could add the part where lily gives prof. slughorn (sp?) the fish. She puts a bowl on his desk and the lily petal sinks and turns into a fish he calls Francis.

I just love that bit and would like to see if the marauders had any part or not.
JDTEA chapter 51 . 11/11
Oh Sirius! This is a rough and amazing story to read. It's thought because it's all so real. The abuse. The beginning of alcoholism. And then the story gets beautiful again. And then it takes an ugly turn again. Such a roller coaster. A lot of my family and friends battle the disease of addiction. Between alcohol, gambling and losing an uncle to a heroin overdose last year. I'm barely halfway through and I'm scared to continue lol. I know the canon story doesn't end well for these 4 best friends. I'm scared to read to the end lol
amazon9398 chapter 84 . 11/9
Wow. Just... Wow. I absolutely fell in love with this story and read it all over the course of 3 days. The Marauders (specifically Remus) have always been my favorite group of characters. This fanfiction is everything I could ask for short of an actual series written by J.K herself. You have an awesome talent and I hope all of your publishing ventures work out for you! I'll continue to follow this one faithfully from now on! Until next time, mischief managed!
JDTEA chapter 32 . 11/9
James is noticing Lily now! 4th years gonna be interesting!
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