Reviews for Casting Moonshadows
TrisanaChandler13 chapter 83 . 11h ago
Absolutely wonderful! I like / dislike the confrontation between Angela and Remus cause its so sad, yet it needed to happen. I'd love to read your original work!
gredly forge chapter 83 . 3/1
This is amazing. Normally I don't read wolfstar-centered fanfics bc I ship them but not overly so, if that makes sense, but I saw someone mention this on tumblr (the Lily/Remus gay/werewolf thing) and thought I'd give it a try. I love it. I love how focussed sirius was on remus in first year, how he always watched, though it made me sad that remus was so excluded. I like their relationship and how it recovered from 'the prank' I like how everyone has problems and that they don't always notice each other's bc they are so focused on their own. I love the pranks that you write about. My favorites are Remus's ice rink and the pirate battle. I also like the goblin war history lesson. One thing I'm not a fan of is how sirius treats Peter quite often and I'm glad that he's starting to realize its not appropriate. I'm also glad that they're aware that Peter will probably follow them into the war effort despite his desire to not be in danger and I'm curious to see how that will work out. I love seeing the prewett twins as apparition teachers bc I love marauder interactions with Fabian and Gideon in other fanfics that I've read. Basically this is brilliant and I'm keen to read more when you update :) (please do update)
Guest chapter 83 . 3/1
Hi. I would love to read your original fiction. If you can manage, please drop me an email with the details?

IWLTxo chapter 55 . 3/1
I think this will always be the best chapter of Casting Moonshadows :)
Guest chapter 83 . 2/27
Please update soon!,!
tamsin672 chapter 83 . 2/24
I loved this chapter :) Somehow when I read this before I missed the part about you having written a novel. Please could you point me in the direction of it on Amazon? I absolutely love casting moonshadows and I would love to read more work of yours. I promise that if I write a review I will not mention your awesome fanfiction.
xekryz chapter 83 . 2/22
Best. Fic. Ever.
I'm more than in love with this, I'm sad to admit. I love how you tie in characters and events in all over the place and out of the blue, and how it all fits in so nicely.
It's gotta be said that the only thing I get sad about (apart from all the angst. Oh my god, the angst,) is the update speed (don't get me wrong, I applaud you for writing anything in the first place). I really love your writing, and would like to read your original piece, if that's okay :)
ThatIvisibleGurl chapter 11 . 2/21
Your story is very beautiful
gojyo-lover20 chapter 23 . 2/21
This story is great and I plan to finish it but it puts a damper on things when you think about how their future looks.
kiwikatiekat19 chapter 83 . 2/20
I finished the entire fic in three days - all 83 chapters - and am in awe of how beautifully written it is. Please update as soon as you can, and good luck with your original fiction work!
Atenea217 chapter 83 . 2/19
Hey there! I hope you'll be able to update soon. You have no idea how much I love this story.
And do please let me know the name of your novel, so I can look it up. Congrats on it, by the way!
kukipie11 chapter 83 . 2/17
Hi Moonsign!

Thank you for writing this. This is one of my fave stories of the Remus/Sirius slash. Sorry to be asking this but when will you be updating this story? I can't wait to know what will happen next!
Guest chapter 83 . 2/17
Never used to read slash, but this is good. Update soon?
Kiwi Bird chapter 83 . 2/16
OH MY GOD! I think this is the best piece of fanfic on the Internet, and I need you to PLEASE, PLEASE update soon! For my sanity and well-being? Please?!
DauntlessDuckling chapter 83 . 2/10
Omg, please update xxx
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