Reviews for Ancient Ways, Ancient Evils 2: Rise of Twelve
Sonicon50 chapter 45 . 12/4/2012
Good, but where's the rest?
RealDove-Staar chapter 1 . 8/5/2012
Dove: Shut up already you are giving me a head ache... Great job on first chappy
Hehe... Sorry *runs away*
Awesome Man 7777777 chapter 45 . 2/11/2011
THE CLIFFHANGER LEVEL IS OVER 9000! Why must you end it now, just when we're actually getting somewhere with the plot! Besides, I see NO SIGN OF SORA OR ANY KEYBLADE-WIELDING HEDGEHOGS! DIDN'T YOU PROMISE THAT IN THE FIRST AWAE! Or were you LYING (dramatic music plays)! I kinda saw the whole "Nazo-kills-Ravana-after-betrayal" thing though. Nice touch by blowing up Nazo's castle and introducing this... Phazus psychopath. WHO IS HE!
Cristal the Cat chapter 6 . 1/30/2011
This is just a comment...WAIT...SHADOW & SONIC R DEAD?
shadowfan999 chapter 45 . 6/12/2009
that was one of the best stories i have ever read please continue writing and keep up the good work with the chapters.
Wired Altair chapter 45 . 6/3/2009
I really wish you would continue ths story, or at least let someone else continue you it for you. This seems even better than the first AWAE and its remix.
WALDAKIR chapter 45 . 12/26/2008
UDMonk chapter 45 . 8/29/2008
Hey! It's been a while since I've read this. Update! Please! But I can wait... It'll be up sometime anyway. Great story! Captivating plot, In-depth charachter development, It's Awesome! Keep it up!

Signed, Force Hog.
Celestial-moon-fire chapter 1 . 7/7/2008
Oh noes! Shadow and Sonic died? Sniffle... I will miss them greatly...
Legacy of time chapter 12 . 6/19/2008
How do you do it? I wish I could write like that! Your an awesome writer! I like Ancient Ways Ancient Evils 1 also!
Ludwikia chapter 45 . 6/16/2008
I've read both this one and the origional. Incredibal work. I'm looking foward to the end of AWAE2. As is, the only bad thing I can say about it is that I have to keep re-reading parts of it to keep it straight in my mind. But don't change your style at all. It makes it interesting and enjoyable.

Thanks for the great writing.

Arcantos the Storyteller chapter 45 . 5/30/2008
well things are certainly intreasting.
StarLightSeraph chapter 45 . 5/25/2008
This was certainly a very ineteresting chapter. That green hedgehog for one and nazo's new transformation for two things i really wanna find out.

keep on writen!
Memphiston chapter 45 . 5/25/2008
I paticularly like this chapter out of all of them...nice work Janus. Hope the Original Fantasy goes well too.
Candlelight Fantasia chapter 44 . 4/8/2008
Great Work!

Keep it up!
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