Reviews for Restoring the Balance
Rat chapter 9 . 1/24/2008
thanks for the read, i enjoyed it a lot
Rat chapter 1 . 1/24/2008
Wow, I am so glad I foud this! Awesome writing, your characterization is right on. This is exactly the kind of story I love the most.
harleyjames chapter 1 . 12/30/2007
I just started this story and LOVE IT. I'm still making my way through the first chapter, but I am adding it to my favorites and will definitely be back to read the rest. Happy New Year!
CalCurve chapter 9 . 8/17/2007
I've read your entire story over the course of three days... pretty impressive, considering the length of this!

It's amazingly well written- the way you describe their relationship is worthy of a published book. Besides, I love that kind of writing, dealing with friendships and silent gestures to explain things.

Of course, the whole Kane and vampire scenario wasn't the important part of the story, but it was still original, wasn't a glaring 'I just put this plot here to give it action' sort of thing. And it's left room for a sequel.

So I shall add this to my fave's and say thanks for giving me a story worth reading.


PS- I thought the puppy was just an adorable little subplot, by the way. :)
xsilicax chapter 9 . 5/18/2007
This was a lovely fic.

I felt all the ups and downs and determination and failure, and never once did any of it seem out of place. I could even empathise with the puppy!

This was emotionally charged, your characters were true, and your sub-plot worked well. Will definitely be looking for more of your work.

Gripped from start to the wonderful finish,

elemental-sparky chapter 1 . 4/14/2007
fantastically long first chapter, i like. I'm also liking that Sam's got to save Dean in this fic, even though we are still getting a good dose of the sammy angst. And awesomeness, 8 chapters to go :D well done so far
Kaewi chapter 9 . 4/2/2007
After getting through the colossal first chapter, I totally fell in love with this story. I'm so glad you decided to get into fanfic, because you have a beautiful talent and it comes across in your writing just how good at storytelling you are.

The ending was breathtaking; a perfect moment that resolved all the emotional buildup in the story. I wish I had more to say to tell you just how much I love this fic, but I hope this small review says enough. Hell, I even fell in love with the DOG.

I can't wait for a sequel!
Silwyna chapter 9 . 3/15/2007
This was a wonderful last chapter. My heart broke for Sam after the hospital visit when it seemed he was drowning in his depression. And for Dean, because he could clearly see it and just didn't know what to do about it. I loved the last part. The two of them sitting in front of the TV was just lovely. And finally they both realized their huge problem of misunderstanding. Oh, and again ... I loved the puppy :)

Please hurry with the sequel, I can't wait to find out how the story continues. The puppy will still be in it, right? ;)

Thank you for a wonderful story. I enjoyed every second of reading it :)
Silwyna chapter 8 . 3/15/2007
What a wonderful chapter. I LOVED it! I was smiling the whole time reading it. I loved all the parts about the puppy (of course), about the not longer damaged Impala, about Dean hovering over his brother, their obvious unwillingness to end the road trip withouth openly admitting it, Bobby ... it was all just perfect :) Thank you :)
geminigrl11 chapter 9 . 3/15/2007
Just a beautiful tale, throughout. Wrenching and heartfelt and delving so deep into their emotions. You've taken us on quite a ride, and it was a joy, all the way. I truly can't wait for the sequel and the action yet to ensue . . . Kane's been laying low, which probably doesn't bode well for Sam.

I love the catharsis for both brothers, destroying the cloth. Everything's not fully resolved between them, but it's so much better. And am so grateful that Dean was able to get enough perspective to see Sam's words and actions for what they really were: expressions of care and worry and a desire for Dean to be safe and happy. That's all either of them want for the other, and now that they can breathe again, they can start to see clear of their own fears. (Again, I say that knowing there is still lots more angst to come . . . :))

Fantastic first fic! Can't wait for the next!
Nimrodel Lorellin chapter 9 . 3/15/2007
I loved it ! I loved it! It is perfect!

Dean and Sammy are perfect!

You are one of my very favorite authors.
darwin12 chapter 9 . 3/15/2007
I have really enjoyed this story and am sorry to see it finish. There has to be a sequel please, what about Kane, where do the boys go from here? Are you open to a bribe?
carocali chapter 9 . 3/14/2007
You most certainly cannot end it there, this was too beautiful a piece to leave. I need to know what happens with these poor, broken boys! And what about Kane? Will he continue to hunt for Sam? I must know.

This chapter was so incredibly introspective and intelligent. The way you author Dean is just fabulous. We've always known that what he wants, NEEDS, most in this world is his family, but you've added such a delicate sweetness and warmth to it; it makes me want to cry. I think you've nailed him on the head.

And I love the couch-side confessional with Sam, where he admits he wanted to do what he thought Dean would want. To try and be 'unselfish' (as he is SO WRONGLY accused of being) and give back to his brother after all he's given to him. He knows that the bedside vigil aged Dean, and all he wants is to make sure that he's alright. Not causing him even more pain. Wonderful moments!

"He was reminded of a toddler sat on the floor in front of him hiding behind a duplo wall they had just built, and Dean had always hated it. Always had to fight the insane urge to knock that wall down and sweep Sam onto his lap so there was nothing obstructing his view. But even as a baby Sam had liked to hide, and Dean tried grimly to hold on to the knowledge that he liked being found even better."

Just had to take a moment to point this out. What a stunning analogy of their differences; and interesting at that. I really loved the 'being found' explanation.

You must continue! I decree it! There is too much left unspoken and unresolved to simply end it here. I'll be waiting for my alert in the next several days... giving you ample time to come up with another brilliant chapter.

Congrats on a great story! I'm so glad I dove into your HUGE first chapter! SOO worth it!


friendly chapter 9 . 3/14/2007
that rocked great job.. can't wait for the sequel...
ohcEEcho chapter 9 . 3/14/2007
*dances dance of joy* Woot! Adored the ending; lovely chapter, very quiet, but quite powerfully written. Please write a sequel! I detested the idea of writing fanfiction at first, too, and look what happened to me. *sigh*
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