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sell chapter 33 . 7/13
Large and disturbing, for a while she was writing, but when Lily was very moved by the suffering of Bobby. You portrayed very well the pain and sorrow of a rape victim, but not a usual victim, but a police officer; a man. The psyche of a male victim is different from that of a female. For man is stigmatizing. The thought of Bobby to find "less of a man 'unfortunately is real for a male victim as the company charges more man power to defend .And Bobby, despite being smart and savvy, it is still human! Is it so difficult to understand that he was the victim of a horrible crime, held in front of several people, including his closest friends? Bobby's reaction is perfectly understandable and is correct that for weeks he did not look at the face of anyone, least of Eames! I do not know what I would do in her place when having to choose between your son or your partner. The most logical decision is to protect the innocent, but even here, I think she has no right to dispose of the life of his partner so at most it could only play with YOUR life! And I'm sorry, as much like Alex, Bobby at the time should worry about his own ordeal and pain and no one should require understanding of it, at least not this time. I appreciate your writing because Bobby's reaction go perfectly with a rape victim: fear, depression, crying spells, aggression, so do not understand some comments that suggest that Bobby should say, being stronger or understand that Eames I had reason to lure him into the trap. In fact, Alex and Deakens should be in counseling because they were witnesses to a horrible crime, it was gratifying to know that in the end, the sadistic bastard got what he deserved. I am here to ask you Bammi, which retype CI.O show ended and we need great writers like you. I know you went through very sad situations, but ask you not to forget to come back to us, okay? Congratulations, you are strong.
sell chapter 33 . 10/8/2011
Please, translate my review in portuguese.

Grande e perturbadora , faz um tempo que ela foi escrita,mas quando a lí fiquei muito comovida com o sofrimento de Bobby. Você retratou muito bem a dor e a tristeza de uma vítima de estupro, mas não uma vítima usual, mas um policial; um homem. A psique de uma vítima masculina é diferente da de uma feminina. Para o homem é estigmatizante. O pensamento de Bobby de se achar 'menos homem' infelizmente é real para uma vítima masculina já que a sociedade cobra mais do homem poder se defender .E Bobby, a despeito de ser inteligente e esclarecido, ainda é humano! Será que é tão difícil entender que ele foi vítima de um crime horrível, realizado na frente de várias pessoas, incluindo seus amigos mais íntimos? A reação de Bobby é perfeitamente compreensível e está correto que por semanas ele não quisesse olhar pra cara de ninguém, muito menos de Eames!Eu não sei o que faria no lugar dela ao ter que escolher entre seu filho ou seu parceiro. A decisão mais lógica é proteger os inocentes,mas mesmo aqui, penso que ela não tem o direito de se dispor da vida de seu parceiro assim, no máximo ela só poderia jogar com SUA própria vida! E sinto muito, tanto quanto gosto de alex, Bobby no momento deve se preocupar com sua própria provação e dor e ninguém deveria exigir compreensão dele, pelo menos não neste momento. Aprecio muito sua escrita porque a reação de Bobby condiz perfeitamente com uma vítima de estupro: medo, depressão, crises de choro, agressividade, por isso não entendo alguns comentários que dão a entender que Bobby deveria, digamos, ser mais forte ou entender que Eames tinha razões para atraí-lo para a armadilha. Aliás, Alex e Deakens deveriam estar em aconselhamento por que eles foram testemunhas de um crime horrí ,foi gratificante saber que no fim , o desgraçado sádico teve o que para pedir a você Bammi, que volte a escrever CI.O show terminou e precisamos de escritores incríveis como você. Sei que passou por situações muito tristes, mas peço que não esqueça de voltar pra nós, ok? Felicidades, você é forte.
Marie King chapter 33 . 6/22/2011
WHOA! What a lovely emotionally, descriptive story! You encapsulated Goren's pain, and recovery brilliantly!

You wrote Emames & Goren's relationship right on the mark!

This story turly felt like a long forgotten script for a missing Law&Order: Criminal Intent episode!

Well done indeed! A fantastic story that I think deserves a sequel, don't you think so?
LILKENNY chapter 33 . 11/21/2009
I know it's been a while since you wrote that story but since this was quite the rollercoaster and I enjoyed it very much it's only fair to write a review, too!

Very dark and very intense story, especially the first chapters, when McFadden went after Bobby.

I'm usualy not much into rape-fics because most writers don't deal with the fallout. But you did and that's what makes the story so good. He didn't just bounce back from it but instead he had to fight his way back and most of all Alex had to win his trust back too. There're probably still some issues left he hasn't dealt with yet but the story never gave the impression that he's really totally over it - just that he's learning to live with it.

That's what I like most about the story, it stays true to itself and doesn't fall back to clichées. So - although I normally love to see some in CI-stories - it's good that there wasn't more Eames/Goren romance in it, because it would betray the story.

Overall very balanced story and I'm glad that McFadden got what he deserved in the end. Thanks a lot for another wonderful - although very dark - story.
N811 chapter 33 . 1/17/2009
Your story is great, it's just totally great. I enjoyed reading it and although it was really sad and horrible sometimes to read I really love your story. And bobby's shot was the best of all, this bastard should be dead but I like your end too.
N811 chapter 22 . 1/17/2009
Your story is so great. But so terrible sad. I cried the last chapter and I'm sure I'm not going to stop any time soon. It' so horrible to read what happened with bobby. How could anyone be so cruel? I really hope that he's going to be tatally okay...
RoadrunnerGER chapter 33 . 7/13/2008
YAY! You made it!

The final chapter of a long story always is a special challenge and knowing how you struggled with it first it's even more stunning to see the result.

It's great to see Bobby and Alex back together as partners. Bobby's hidden invitation "Surprise us." displays their refound intimacy.

The way McFadden sneaks up to them in the garage is creepy as is his plan to go on a field trip. Poor Bobby, being cuffed and at the mercy of his torturer.

Alex arrived just in time and reacted very well, saving both Lewis and Bobby's lives. And then Bobby shot the SOB! YAY!

You found just the right mixture of support by the other cops and Bobby defending himself. It must be a big satisfaction for him that he took McFadden down with that shot... no matter if it was blind or aimed. :D

Nice conclusion. They do have a great partnership and it's great to see them back on the job together.

I love how you finished it. We don't have to know for sure if the shot had been skill or blind luck. The smile tells it all... :D

Thank you so much for writing. Ready for the next one!
Just Ducky 722 chapter 33 . 7/10/2008
I'm so glad that you finally finished the story! I've really enjoyed reading it-you're quite a talented writer.
rindy713 chapter 33 . 7/9/2008
nice shot! i'm very glad for bobby and alex that it ended so well. this has been quite a story. i'm not happy about the damage done to bobby, but i think he'll be ok now.
Trumpet Lover chapter 33 . 7/9/2008
Ah-ha! That was awesome! I absolutely loved Bobby's revenge. Perfect way to end the story! :D
The Mominator chapter 33 . 7/7/2008
that they couldn’t save his…um, balls. Freaking hysterical. Oh man I must have a warped sense of humor anyway. Awesome ending to a great story. Ready for the next one.
deliriousdancer chapter 33 . 7/5/2008
YAY! What a great ending. I started getting worried when Alex and Bobby were having such a good time at dinner. These two hardly ever have a good time where something doesn't go wrong. Thank you for allowing Lewis to have a role in the last chapter. I love that guy. I am surprised Wilson is the only one who wet his pants. If some guy was holding on to me like Wilson was Lewis, and Alex shot him right between the eyes, well I would need a laundry room immediately. Lewis apparently is a tough bird. Alex did a great job of not letting them see her when she got there. She could have ended up another victim and a tool to use to get Bobby to cooperate. Just the idea makes my heart break. Alright Bobby! Loved the shot! Killing McFadden would have been too much of an easy way out for him. Sending him to Attica, sans balls, will give him time to study torture from a new perspective. A fitting end to the monster who so hurt my Bobby. Great story from beginning to end.
TriStateCopFan chapter 33 . 7/5/2008
Bravo! What a fitting ending for the scumbag McFadden! ...he could do with a lot less testosterone and will have a GREAT time in Attica a "girl" LOL ...for what he did to Bobby he deserves every torturous moment of that living hell! Glad that Alex showed up in time and (IMHO) was a good writing choice that although she interrupted the abduction, it was Bobby who got off the shot and got his vengence. Love those little smiles of his and happy to see him enjoy some peace of mind and be able to gloat over his victory. Great job!
blucougar57 chapter 33 . 7/4/2008
Absolutely fantastic. I wondered just briefly whether Alex was going to get there in time, even though you did say this was the last chapter... I know how the muse can be!

It was so good, that even though Bobby was afraid, he was still able to tackle McFadden and fight him. Even with his hands cuffed! That was awesome.

But the last bit? Where he shot him? You're a genius, you know that? That was so much better than killing him. I still have a huge grin on my face after reading that!

And such a nice touch, that Bobby never gave up whether it was deliberate or pure fluke.

This has been a brilliant story, and it's been great to follow it from start to finish. You did really well, and I'll be looking forward to your next big project! Well done, excellent work.
blucougar57 chapter 32 . 7/4/2008
This was a brilliant chapter - I love the way you've made Skoda such a vital part of Goren's recovery, and also that it isn't just a case of "Okay, you're all done, you can got back to work now". Even though Skoda knew Goren was ready, he was still pushing the boundaries, and getting Goren to face the most painful issues. Yes, Eames' betrayal would still be lurking in his mind, and unless it was confronted fully, chances are it would pop up further down the track and damage their relationship.

Ominous, that McFadden has become so utterly obsessed with Goren. How long before he just snaps altogether? If his buddies have any brains, they'll hightail it out of there, and leave McFadden to continue digging his own grave. Because seriously, does he really think that Goren would let him get the drop on him again?

Nice final scene there between Goren and Eames, having dinner together and toasting their renewed partnership. I think it's going to prove all the more important when McFadden goes after Goren again... and we all know he will.

Great chapter, you handle the build-up so beautifully. I can feel the tension creeping up steadily, ready for the final show-down. But who is going to come out on top? I just hope Goren isn't too seriously hurt.

Off now, to read the last chapter!
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