Reviews for Family Blood
sueturpen chapter 18 . 6/18/2016
Enjoyed the story. Glad Sunny decided to stay. This could certainly be a stepping stone to another story.
Eternal flame chapter 6 . 11/28/2014
Awesome story please write more on this one xo
carolynjames chapter 18 . 8/25/2012
DeVore504 chapter 13 . 8/6/2011
U stupid bi tch not everybody that's black live in the hood not even back than my mother never lived in the hood and not everybody in the hood is jobless u dumb fu ck die
White Lion 18 chapter 1 . 2/17/2009
I love this story
forevermore2110 chapter 13 . 9/24/2007
I love your Outsiders stories! Sorry I haven't reviewed yet. (dodges fruit thrown at myself from angry crowd) "I said I was sorry!) lol, Sorry. Anyway, please write more, as well as for updating A Brother's Nightmare, great story!
supergirl3684 chapter 11 . 7/28/2007
I wanted to say that I love your story! It's nice to see Darry being able to act his age rather then an old man. I do have 1 little favor...I couldn't access chapter there any way you can send it to me...if so either send it via or you can e-mailm at supergirl at yahoo dot com...thanks!
Logan Parker chapter 18 . 7/12/2007
Well, I'm not exactly sure how to do this, because I'm very new to this site. However, after reading all 18 chapters of your story, I had to leave something.

I loved every chapter of this, and I was sad to see it end. I desperatly hope you'll consider writing a new chapter(s) and if you do, please tell me about them. I'd love to read them. Thanks again,

-Logan Parker
BSBnACcHiCk chapter 18 . 7/3/2007
This is great. This is the best story, best plot, and everything I've ever read on the outsiders and I've been reading stories on here for five years. Please continue this plot with another story. I would LOVE it.
dreamer 3097 chapter 18 . 7/3/2007
this is good
acaigirl chapter 18 . 7/3/2007
Hey this can't be it! I love your story. I come back weekly hoping there will be something new. I get really happy when I get the email alert that you added another chapter. Please don't quit!
edwards other bella chapter 18 . 7/3/2007
last chapter? no way! but it was good...i definatly think u soud do another one...please...
theupsidedown227 chapter 18 . 7/3/2007
Awe, but there's more, isn't it? Eep.
thekingofelrey chapter 18 . 7/3/2007
aw that was good! nice way to end it. if you make another sequel i'll read it! good job. [:
xodamhsoirox chapter 18 . 7/3/2007
Aw, that was like the best ending ever. Really nice. I hope you'll do another story, if you don't, I understand but I ca't help saying I wish you do another one because these two stories are two of my favorites on here, refreshing new stuff from the cliche sister stories and ofcs.
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