Reviews for Shukaku Love
beanzhead chapter 12 . 5/28
"I have no intentions of abandoning this fic, please do not worry" famous last words LOL

To be fair though I feel like this chapter completes the story well enough that I'm not feeling let down. You do Gaara's intense and blunt encounters really well and I'll miss reading your version of him. Thank you for writing such a good read
beanzhead chapter 2 . 5/28
"his pink haired burden" LOL ouch
yochan123 chapter 12 . 4/21
this fic is so awesome, I'd love to read more :D :D :D
Sora's21 chapter 11 . 12/19/2021
is it just me or chapter 9 and 11 its actually gone
Kiara chapter 12 . 7/31/2021
Me encantó...muero por más
sakurafan700 chapter 9 . 6/14/2021
as long as you keep the story alive, I can wait no matter how long you take to upload next chapter.
GaaSakuForever2 chapter 12 . 11/5/2020
It's one of the best GaaSaku stories I've read, it's totally amazing ... Please update soon
pu49886 chapter 12 . 10/6/2020
When are you gonna update
xxXdaniploXxx chapter 12 . 9/16/2020


Guest chapter 9 . 8/29/2020
I liked this story, but I didn’t love it. One thing I noticed was the infantilization of Sakura with constant regards to her “tantrums” and “shouting”. Obviously, she’s older now and wouldn’t act like her younger Shippiden self. But what irritates me is that the tone of her attitude is written is so that it it invalidates her very valid feelings. Whenever she thinks about leaving her family and friends, or feeling lonely, she immediately dismissed it because she knows it’s her “duty” as Gaara’s mate. Like, it seems as if her very valid concerns and feelings are being ignored by the people around her since they seem to think this is all for a greater good. I wish that you had written Sakura to bring up her feelings more healthily and let her feelings be discussed seriously, and also emphasize the enormous sacrifice she’s making for a mating she did not ask for. I also didn’t like the exaggerated personality divide between Gaara and Sakura. There was passing criticism on Gaara’s character but the vibes this story gave me was he’s condescending. He’s a flat character in this, and there’s barely any conflicts within his character. Even if they both are older, he’s not supposed to be perfect and all knowing in this stage of the relationship. In contrast to the overly emotional Sakura, he’s taken more seriously and I feel uncomfortable with this power imbalance.
Guest chapter 3 . 7/15/2020
He doesn’t have eyebrows!
Rrele chapter 1 . 5/18/2020
Love love love love! Very intense 1st chapter hooked already
JasmineDragon22 chapter 12 . 5/13/2020
I’m pretty sure you don’t write in the Naruto verse anymore but we’ll done. I’m liking this fic even though I’m not a huge Gaara Sakura shipper. I hope you do update sometime though
pollvxx chapter 12 . 5/8/2020
dear authors,

I love it.

Kp chapter 12 . 5/7/2020
Hey girl! Hope you’re doing well it’s all this craziness going on, but we can’t wait to get an update! Until then, we’ll be here for you!
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