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asdfjkl chapter 7 . 9/18/2009
amen to that!
Broken Sexed Up Bloody Kitten chapter 7 . 8/1/2009
Loved! xD You just keep doing more awesome fics about them, don't you? How about a multi-chapter fic that centers around how Sam and Dean deal with Sam's visions? I haven't found a fic like that yet. I just cannot get enough of Protective Dean. xD
bhoney chapter 7 . 12/23/2008
LOVED the references to Sam looking after Dean the time he was sick. Especially this: "Sharply he recalled the weight that had settled on his ten year old shoulders, the terrifying worry that he would fail in his duty to protect Dean, to take care of him as well as Dean had always taken care of him. Remembered waking up in the middle of the night, sprinting from his bedroom, practically running to his brother’s room, needing to hear the still marginally strenuous breathes of his brother, to touch Dean’s forehead to ensure that his fever hadn’t climbed, to reassure himself that Dean hadn’t slipped away from him, hadn’t gone somewhere he couldn’t follow." Aw...

Loved the boys fighting over who would answer the door, LOL.

Loved this: "...just like she taught me to do on the phone.” “Like you taught me to,” Sam correlated, his tone soft, gentle and his eyes drawn to Dean, felt reassured, strengthened as he met Dean’s tender green gaze. “Yeah,” Dean agreed, surprised and touched that Sam remembered that he had taught him that and not their father.

I love references to Dean teaching Sam stuff as they grew up.

This made me giggle: "Dean snapped, 'How about this headline: Wanted Man surrenders to Authorities to escape from his Little Brother’s sucky jokes.'" LOL

LOVED the verse you chose for this story, it fits the boys so well. And the story about Mary and her handkerchief. Very sweet. And I especially loved your author's note at the end. Very, very true.

I'm favoriting this one!
bhoney chapter 6 . 12/23/2008
I LOVE this story-totally love the miracle of the red hat and the music and the telephone pole. Surely even DEAN can't find a way to explain all that away.

And I loved this too: "Yeah, Dean, big tough guy…who always gave me piggy back rides and let me eat while he went hungry. Who always guards me even if it means opening himself up to attack. Who vows to save me but needs our father to tell him to save himself. But yeah, nothing much has changed, he’s still big brother and I’m still in awe of him." So sweet.
bhoney chapter 5 . 12/19/2008
LOVED this: "Clenching his jaw, Sam obstinately vowed to seize any opportunity to get Dean away from the police, to keep Dean one step ahead of a jail sentence, to ensure that his brother never ever faced the death penalty. And if that meant drawing a line in the sand right here and now, amid the sick and dying, he would do it, because he wasn’t willing to put his brother’s fate in the hands of justice, to let anyone take Dean away from him." You do protective Sam very well.

This was just heartbreaking. I've often thought about it myself: "Swallowing hard, Dean wished he was like Sam, that he didn’t remember what John Winchester had been like before he took up the hunter’s life." *sniffle*

I SO want to believe this is true (not 100% sure, but I'm willing to go with it :) ): “You never asked me not to go. That would have stopped me, you know. I would have torn up the scholarship, grabbed the rocksalt and kept watching your back. Just one word from you…and I would have stayed, Dean.” ‘With you, for you.’

And I loved this: "Stay. Stay with me Dean.”

This was eerily prescient of you: “And you think I will appreciate it if you sacrifice your life to protect me? That I won’t feel the same way you feel about Dad doing the same thing for you?” Guess he's going to find out soon enough, not that long before Dean does just that...

Aw, Sammy: “You’re my brother,” and Sam couldn’t help it if he sounded possessive, if his tone of voice mimicked a child who was heartbroken that his older brother chose to spend more time with his friends than with him.

This too: “You won’t let me know you like I want to,” Sam accused, wishing he had Dean’s trust like Dean had his. “No one knows me better than you, Sam!” Aw...

And this broke my heart all over again: "And you know what I keep thinking…he said he was proud of me, that I took care of him, of you, that I had to save you…but he never said he loved me, never told me to save myself, not once. That’s what I wished he had done, had said."

Loved the doctor "instinctively knowing that the younger man was in his line of work, the business of saving lives, one small boy at a time". Great line.

And loved the description of the Impala: "the precious metal member of the Winchester clan". LOL
bhoney chapter 4 . 12/19/2008
Another great part. Loved the humor thrown in throughout: “Tell me when you say something funny. I don’t want to miss my cue to laugh.”

This was a great analogy: "To Sam, reading Dean was like trying to predict where you’d strike oil, a task as hard as it came yet worth everything you risked when you hit the mark." Aw...

Loved this too: "He could wait for Dean, would always wait for Dean."

Loved the banter here: “I don’t need your help to dress myself, Sam! Been doing it before you were born..been dressing you since before you knew what clothing was.. forced you into clothing after you did your standard streak outside in the buff.” “I did not streak outside in the buff!” Sam denied heatedly, the light in his eyes revealing the fractures in his mask of annoyance. “You’re the streaker Dean, then and now!” A smirk tilted Dean’s lips and a sparkle gleamed in his eyes. “Why deprive the world of this beauty!” he gloated, pointing to his chest with both hands. “Dude, even I’m not that heartless.” “Yeah, you’re quite the humanitarian, Dean.” ROTFL So cute! Sounds just like them.

And then back to sweetness: “I can do it,” Dean protested. “Yeah, you could but you don’t have to. I got this Dean,” Sam gently stated but his eyes held a plea. ‘Let me do this for you, Dean.’

And then this banter had me giggling: “There are rules about practicing medicine in hospital bathrooms without a license, Sammy. I’m keeping my options open to sue.” “Yeah, ‘cause I’ve got so many possessions you’d want,” Sam drawled back, putting the last bandage on the cut. Dean lips pursed in thought before a cocky smile lit up his face that, Sam noted with relief, was regaining some color. “I would take your cell phone,” Dean announced, proud of himself. “Certainly not that stupid shirt with the big horse looking dog on it. I mean, please, have some taste, dude! I have a reputation to maintain but with you standing there wearing …well most of your wardrobe, it’s been a trying time for me, Sammy.” *snort* That SO sounds like something Dean would say. LOL You really have the boys' voices down.

Now I'm off to see how Dean gets away from the cops.
bhoney chapter 3 . 12/18/2008
This broke my heart: "A heart that bled in silence when their father’s words struck a seemingly mortal blow, that locked away all the scars that hunting wrought, that remembered all the things Dean would never talk about, like Mom and praying before going to bed. That was irreparably damaged by the betrayal of his innocence, of a belief that the world was fair, that if you were good, good things would happen to you, that if you loved someone, they’d never leave you."

This made me giggle: “Then we better get a move on, son. Older brothers are wily ones, more likely to slip from the doctor’s clutches and be walking home than be beholding to their little brother.”

And this was so true: “Life’s a bleak thing without faith, without hope in good. Me, I like happy endings, like the silver linings, had my fair share of both. Figure the least I can do is say thank you by believing in the big Guy responsible for it all. He don’t ask much really, not compared to all the good He’s laid at my door.” I really liked that guy. You do a great job with your OCs.

Loved little Dean's advice: “We watch each other’s backs, Sammy. Dad protects us and we protect him and we protect each other. That’s more important than anything else during a hunt.”

And I love a determined, protective Sam: "‘Yeah, I got you, big brother,’ the here and now Sam thought determinedly, fully prepared to stand at his brother’s back and defend him to the death."

"Sam always knew where to find his hurts, on his body and in his heart, the trait both a curse and a blessing to Dean." Aw. *sniffle*
bhoney chapter 2 . 12/18/2008
Nice insight here: "He trusted Dean…with everything but his own health."

Loved this: "Because for all the things Sam Winchester endured stoically, Dean’s pain was never one of them."

And I loved this too: "...Sam headed out the door, intent on getting to the hospital anyway he could, to be at Dean’s side, to protect his brother from any more harm, to be the type of brother Dean always was for him." Aw...
bhoney chapter 1 . 12/18/2008
Now that is faith: "Then he choked out, 'Help! Please help me' to God and to whoever God was sending his way." He knew someone would be sent to save him, so he makes sure to call out so they can find him. I really like Kyle.

This made me so sad for Dean: "...Dean allowed, offering the boy a luxury John Winchester had never given him, the acceptance that he was just a boy, that he was in pain, that courage wasn’t just shown by pretending that he was stronger than the pain." And then this was so sweet: "With his voice low with emotion, Dean said gently, 'Not if I yell at the same time as you do, right?'" I love seeing Dean interact with kids.

And this made me smile: "A world that was void of music, unless you were Frosty the Snowman and got off on the howling wind whistling through the frozen trees."

Great idea for a fic. I'm so glad God answered Dean's prayer to get the car going so he could save Kyle.
shadowdreamer Lady Fate chapter 7 . 9/17/2008
wow great story. I love the way that things worked out.
yaoigirl20 chapter 7 . 6/3/2008
OMG that was so beautiful, in every shape and form. I'm not even kidding. I've read a LOT of Supernatural stories and not one touched me as much as this one. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.
staceycj chapter 1 . 4/22/2008
I just finished this today. I wanted to tell you that this story was absolutely beautiful. I didn't want it to end. It just left me in complete and utter awe.
TimesARiver chapter 7 . 4/14/2008
Cool, cool, cool, a thousand times cool! Wow! I haven't read a fanfic like this in... a long time. Wow. Definately going to be favorited. Kudos for keeping Sam and Dean in character without swearing.
Shannz chapter 7 . 7/2/2007
I have fallen in love with your stories. I'm so sorry for not being able to leave a review for each and every one of them (though i've still a few to go).

I found this one particularly poignant however. I love the verse you chose to use. It was absolutely perfect in every way...for this fic and for Dean.

I was wondering if and when I'd stumble across a fic with a more spiritual/religious reference for the boys to confront. Loved your OC in Kyle and his boldness and belief in Dean. Loved Sam in this one too and how he made sure he got to the hospital to be with Dean. Their bantering is so cute and done so well by you. I laughed right along with Sam (out loud no less) at his 'cop hugger' comment. The part when he dragged Dean behind him and held him there when the cops showed was nice. Gotta love a protective Sam :)

Nice job. I'm glad you have so many to choose from. I'm off to pick the next one to enjoy. I only wish my lunch hour was a little longer so that I could read them all in one sitting :)

K Hanna Korossy chapter 7 . 6/29/2007
I probably should have reviewed this as I read, chapter by chapter, to cite all the bits that I really enjoyed along the way, because there were many. But I just wanted to say in total that this is such a sweet and comforting piece. I love Dean's attachment to the boy, Sam's determination to get to Dean and then his protective care, and the lesson Dean learns, one he badly needed. I wish we could see more of this kind of shoring up in canon to balance all the blows they take! Nicely done.
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