Reviews for The Tin Soldiers
La Flamingo chapter 1 . 1/12/2008
Beautifully, fantastically done. I never have really been a fan of the war films (or books, since, you know, BHD was originally a book), but you captured the essence of not only war itself but the awkwardness and difficulty of fighting warfare in a modern setting. Everything is complicated now. The rules don't apply like they used to. And you highlight that fantastically in this piece.

Incredible. I'm envious of your ability to put so much depth into this work and wish you the best on whatever your writing endeavors may be.

Thanks for the great story.

thewhitechickoj chapter 1 . 3/11/2007
Wow! That was really good!
MK3A2 chapter 1 . 2/9/2007