Reviews for Fire Dragon
Blizzard H chapter 69 . 8/24
OMG when I read that Draco was dead I was all like NNNNOOOOOOOO! EVIL AUTHOR! HOW COULD YOU? YOU MONSTOR? But now I forgive ya! * smiles*
Guest chapter 69 . 8/23
So Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco are dead? Did Hermione imagine Luna, Ginny and Neville? Was she somehow living life but not, because she could not understand Death? Could Luna see Hermione, even in Death...? I cried.
Guest chapter 68 . 8/23
Going back a while, when Lavender Brown writes that Ron loved Quidditch, in The Revolution, this is positively crazy. When at Hogwarts, Ron breaks down because he sees Lavender, dead. Also, why should Draco and Harry die too? Why not Neville, or Luna? I love Draco, and he's an Ignius. WHY?
Guest chapter 67 . 8/23
Was the hand destroyed without a Basilisk fang? Just a spell? Hope it doesn't come back to haunt them again!
Guest chapter 64 . 8/23
When it said 'the first to fall', I thought, let that be Ron! And it was! I'm glad it wasn't anyone else. Also, only the House-elves masters can set them free. Like Harry gave Lucius the diary in his second year, who gave it to Dobby, who opened it finding Harry's sock. It didn't matter that it wasn't his master's clothes, but his master effectively gave him the diary with the sock in. This is going back a long way but it's Dolores Umbridge, not Delores.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/21
Hey, have you switched the events of the fourth book? Nott, Crabbe and Goyle, instead of Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle? Interesting. And Blaise being a girl...
Guest chapter 8 . 8/21
I hope you're not saying Blaise is a girl in this chapter, because he's not. And in an earlier chapter, Draco nodded when Hermione asked if he'd been to France, but here, he shakes his head. Was he lying before? Or was that a mistake?
Guest chapter 69 . 8/14
Wow! This was wonderful. Thanknyou for writing.
AdrenalineAddict chapter 69 . 6/22
Rus. I've never cried so hard about words before. Ever. I am all out balling. My OTP just died. And yesterday I was was all over them. Thank you. You might not be one fan anymore but thank you for writing this. It was amazing and I couldn't get enough of it. So thank you. For everything. And for not entirely killing me in the end. That was a semi-nice gensture. Now all I need is someone I can cry about this with, cause I'm definitely not going to run to anyone in my house currently ;

Thank you.
Rus chapter 68 . 6/22
You meanie. They became one of my favorite OTPs because of you. ;;
Falcon277 chapter 69 . 6/19
great beginning and middle. however the end arc is a muddled mess unfortunately which is a shame considering the very high quality of everything before it.
HClovesPhelps chapter 69 . 6/13
Good Lord. I want you to know I only cried... a lot. This was a beautiful story. I loved your writing and I was enthralled with every chapter. I know you wrote and published this many years ago, but I hope you're still writing, because you are a brilliant author.
bluetigresss chapter 15 . 6/8
I just looked to see how long this story was. When I saw that there were over sixty chapters, I smiled and favourited this story.
Kelsey441 chapter 69 . 6/5
Also confused on the importance of the elder wand or why Draco was an ignius if he didn't really use it in any special way to help them win. The beginning of this story was so well done, but I felt like everything from the bonding on was rushed. Lots of great ideas, though, and certainly more of an achievement than I've ever done. I always feel guilty critiquing since I'm not capable of writing it myself.
Kelsey441 chapter 69 . 6/4
I loved this story as a whole. Not fond of the ending. Confused about the point of the resurrection stone.
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