Reviews for The Lie I've Lived
hawkswench chapter 24 . 8/25
Excellent story
Talonwalker chapter 24 . 8/6
Great story!
MrMojang chapter 1 . 8/4
The Hats song about Malfoy was perfect!
Darknessdawns chapter 24 . 7/30
This was quite the interesting piece. The storyline was definitely unique as was the level of trash talking. At first I wasn't sure what to think. I generally don't like first person piece, however the story was well written and I was curious to see where it went. I was very glad that we somewhat had an answer to the Harry/James question at the end. One thing I quickly grew to enjoy was this very original version of the Sorting Hat. With his very amoral view and utterly shitty language, he took the plot in interesting directions. I also really liked how mature HJ was after he assimilated the memories and how he became a blend of Harry and James. HJ really was the perfect moniker for him. The only thing I didn't like about this piece is how it technically remains unfinished. This was a great first book, establishing who HJ is, what he's capable of, and how he's going to fight this war. However we will never truly know how it ends. Perhaps you will eventually decided to complete this or someone else will. Either way I would have enjoyed seeing where it went. At any rate, thank you for taking the time to write and share this. It was an interesting and unique journey.
Cool Guest chapter 24 . 7/17
This was a nice read all the way through.

The ending was a bit of a low blow, with the author deciding to surprise us, having the final confrontation before the end of the tournament and sucker punch us with some grievable deaths.

I feel the ending would have been stronger if the author had played to its greatest straights. A humorous and witty finale with a good amount of cheer after the action. But admittedly that would be just my opinion and preference.

That sums it up. The story went serious at the very end when the overall tone of the story has been mostly light hearted. There was tension a plenty, but it's a real shocker that a story that appeared to be a fun power fantasy version of TGoF would conclude with an ending even more grim than the original.

Still, I will remember this as one of my favorites HP fanfictions.

Thank you for writing!
Cool Guest chapter 21 . 7/16
I don't mind seeing the Hogwarts staff and Dumbledore finally turning on Snape, but the way it happened wasn't too credible.

I feel like offering some constructive crypticism here, Snape's actions were neither much different nor much worse than things he is done previously, so it appears this just happened to be the drop that spilled the glass. The thing is that doesn't change Dumbledore's reasons for keeping Snape around and would have expected both of them to continue bargaining in this circumstances even with the entire rest of the staff in opposition, Dumbledore might still find a way to placate them, and keep his plan to have Snape hired only for the NEWT prep potion classes and step down as head of house.

Dumbledore already had to authorize him to continue teaching as a Durmstrang visitor, so he did placate the staff to an extent, and also likely rendered this episode mutt by doing so. It's implied the resolution for Snape in the story is still yet to come, and if it ends with him been condemned as I believe it will, Snape whole involvement in this episode will be inconsequential.

Plus, Snape choice to work for Durmstrang or McGonagall choice to take another job opportunity should not be determined by this event.

For this to work I would have either made Snape's involvement more clearly damning or have both Snape and Dumbledore put a bit more opposition before accepting this result.

Also I might as well mention that Athena was part of the wager at the Dragon challenge and finished second but no mention of her getting Krum lunch or Harry and Fleur getting her Lunch has been mentioned at all, but that's a bit more minor.

Scores so far:
Harry 38
Krum 33
Fleur 37
Aimee 11
Athena 26
Cedric 23
Total 168 points

From 6 events 138 at 23 points awarded each and 30 points from two rounds of dueling offering 15 points in each.
Cool Guest chapter 15 . 7/15
The total scores at the end of this chapter have successfully corrected the missing point for Fleur in the past one.

And I retract my mistaken comment about the error about the unaccounted duel between Athena and Krum. She got 3 point because she lost to Harry and then Cedric. That's where those points went.

Inside the chapter however there was an error at the start of the room challenge saying Miss Beaucourt has six points.

Aimee Beaucourt won three staff duels not two beating Fleur, Harry, and Athena. So she had 7 points not six before the puzzle room. Oddly her total score after is marked correctly at 11 points.

With the understanding that the staff duel victory points were as follows:
Cedric 5
Victor 4
Aimee 3
Athena 2
Fleur 1
Harry 0

I'm pleased, there are no longer any errors in the point totals at the end of this chapter.
Cool Guest chapter 14 . 7/14
I'm afraid the points don't add up:

Assuming the points awarded for the challenges other than the duels are consistent they are as follows:
*Forth place been the only one not explicitly stated at this point, but it has to be either 2 or 3 points and 2 follows the score totals at the end of this chapter.

Fleur was said to be 9 points ahead of Potter before the last task, and with him having 5 points then that means that Fleur won her duel with Krum. Gaining 4 out of five points from the first round of duels just like Harry. So Fleur would need to have 20 points now to be consistent.

Then Athena was heavily implied to be a better duelist than Krum, but if she only got 3 points from duels that means she lost her duel with him. But following his total Krum only got 2 points that round, from his duels with Cedric and Aimee so he didn't get credit for that either. So what happened?, was their duel declared invalid for some reason behind the scenes so that's why neither got a point from it?

Aimee only has 4 points from the broom race. While Harry's and Cedric's points are correct as I follow.

To summarize, Fleur is one point short and there is another point missing from the totals that normally would have gone to either Krum or Athena as a result of their unaccounted duel.
Cool Guest chapter 9 . 7/13
This paragraph doesn't make sense:

"Fine, here's something no one would have told me about, Sarah Underhill. You found James in the Prefects bathroom, because Lupin could never keep that password secret from the two of you. You were pissed after about a half bottle of Firewhiskey and bragged how you sent that idiot fucker Snape to the Shrieking Shack. Do you remember what James said to you that night before he ran off to save Lupin from killing Snape? Have you ever told a soul what he said?"

Just try to picture the sequence of events

What would Sirius finding James in the perfects bathroom have to do with Sarah Underhill? In isolation that implies they were been "intimate" but chapter 8 story was completely different. That chapter said that James found out about Sirius sending Snape off which is only slightly off from Sirius confessing in anger over Firewhiskey. But everything written in that paragraph before the words "You were pissed" contradicts chapter 8 and I think should just be removed. There what provoked the murder attempt was when Sarah had come to Sirius already pregnant by a polyjuiced Snape pretending to be Sirius.

Alternatively the author could also just change were it says "about, Sarah Underhill" to "about the night you sent Snape to the Shrieking Shack" and then in just flows that Sirius bust drunk into the prefects bathroom to find James by himself and then ranted/bragged about sending Snape to their werewolf friend.

Because that memory Harry described might have been provoked by Sarah Underhill but didn't mention her at any point so the audience has to look back to figure out how she was connected.
Cool Guest chapter 7 . 7/13
It's a testament to how bad the taste of the Skele-Gro potion is if the mere taste of it is actually a bigger discouragement than braking your bones beyond repair or getting a concussion.

The only thing I can imagine having a taste that I might repulse enough to prefer the pain of braking my bones if given the choice is if the Skele-Gro taste as bad or worse than living maggots in their filth.

The smell alone could make me puke from a good distance.
Cool Guest chapter 4 . 7/12
Not sure how Harry learned about Miss Figgs been a squib and Dumbledore's "spy" in the books he doesn't find out until summer before 5th year.

James memories excuse the prophecy, but not that.

I have read Fanfictions where she used to attend meeting for the Order and James could have meet her that way, but that's not canon or mentioned in this story.

So it's just a plot hole.
Cosray8d chapter 14 . 6/29
The fic is really well written but the inconsistencies with Canon really struck some nerves with me.
Plus HJ constantly being treated unfairly and him barely getting justice.
I would advice you to rewrite the fic and make HJ act more logical and correct the plot in context with canon because it could be a real masterpiece if you do so.
However the chances are relatively small so I'll just thank you for the entertainment.
SiriuslyEvilWizardComingThru chapter 24 . 6/29
The story was published in Feb. 2007. "Yes, I am planning a sequel, but not until the end of the year or the beginning of next year." The time has come. Please make it happen.
Hoosthat chapter 15 . 6/15
Why would you tell dumbledore of all people that you have James’s memories? Wtf lmao this fic gets stale every chapter
Guest chapter 1 . 5/24
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