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xDivashell24x chapter 15 . 4/17/2013
I absolutely loved this story! There were parts where I was holding my breathe! So much drama! Love it! :-)
Darkflame's Pyre chapter 15 . 3/20/2013

Here I was thinking that I'd gone and read every possible TB fanfiction on this site, but then today I came across this one!

I read it in six hours straight (not counting the five hours I had to go to work for), and let's just say that I'm glad it was complete before I found it!

It was so gripping, suspenseful and heartbreaking, and you had me gripping my seat with white knuckles. I really didn't expect the twists with Luke at all.

I sort of suspected that he couldn't be as bad as he was portrayed as being, despite the fact he did kill a man, as it was the person who killed his brother, I really can see his point of view. I really loved how you emphasised that parallel with how close Scott came to killing Jake when the 'news' about Virgil having died was revealed. Very poingnant and heart-wrenching, and so sad that he died without being able to see his wife and son again. :(

Again, I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed reading this fic. My greatest congratulations, and I shall just end with the assurance that this story will definitely be going on my favourites list on here, and my 'all time favourites' list inside my head.

Brilliant stuff. :D
epalladino chapter 15 . 6/25/2010
Excellent story. Virgil was always one of my favorite characters and I loved now you portrayed him here. Thanks, Beth
tiylaya chapter 15 . 12/12/2008
This was an exciting and thrilling story. I really felt for the helplessness that the boys were experiencing, and it was interesting to see that coming out through different characters - Scott, Virgil and John in particular.

It was certainly a traumatic experience for everyone, and I don't blame Virgil or his family for finding it so hard to deal with. I'm glad that the last scene gave me some home that between them, Scott and Virgil will work it out if given time.

All in all, I enjoyed this story and was impressed with the skill involved in the plotting and writing. Many thanks for posting it.
straywriting chapter 15 . 5/6/2007
This fanfic was definitely worth all the time and effort you put into it. You captured everyones emotion and feelings amazingly and didn't miss a thing. You're a phenomenal writer and this fic is phenomenal as well. I hope you find a chance to make a sequel because I would read it in a heart beat.
Tikatu chapter 15 . 5/5/2007
Kim, this has been a great story all the way through. It's kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation and dread (a kind of delicious, shivery dread) with each and every chapter.

This last one has relieved me, and brought me to tears as I've watched Virgil begin his struggle from the brink. When he started snapping at Scott, my first reaction was, "Does he blame Scott for not rescuing him sooner?" but you put my fears to rest there, especially at the end. Perhaps one day Scott, too, will face his own fear and admit that he was so very close to crossing that line.

An excellent story, Kim, your very best so far. You have come a long way in your writing and your attention to it and love of it shows. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us next.
mcj chapter 15 . 5/5/2007
Kim T

Kudos to you on this latest chapter. It takes a lot of guts to take us on a journey we may not want to embark on... where things in our world don't end up perfect and where a brotherly kindness lends the final word.

I really did love your last scene with Scott and Virgil, Kim. Scott has pulled out all stops to save the life of his little brother and yet somehow you still feel he thinks he somehow should have done more. To embark that sort of feeling into me, the reader, takes skill and careful writing Kim. Well done. I really enjoyed it and all I wanted in that final scene was for Virgil (and Scott)to feel better.

Poor Virgil! Honestly, in your next fic he will have to have an easier life. Maybe next time you could write a fascinating tale of him simply falling in love.

Till then! Write on.

team.aaf chapter 15 . 5/5/2007
Aw dang, it's finished. But what a great way to do so!

Everything has come right - or is very close to doing so. I'm glad to see Alan and Gordon didn't leave Brains and TinTin to take the blame (and wasn't too suprised to see John sorting them out in the absence of Jeff/Scott - someone needed to sort out those two).

Also it's good to hear that Penny has sorted out everything, including Jeff's doubts - sometimes it takes the perspective of someone outside of the events to think clearly.

And as for Scott and Virgil, they were always going to sort things out eventually, but it was relieving to see Virgil deciding to seek out Scott.

Well done on a fantastic story - it's been a complete delight to read the whole way through.
team.aaf chapter 14 . 4/16/2007
Aw poor Luke and Virgil.

Glad to see the boys got out of the control tower in time, I was starting to doubt it, but then you couldn't possibly have put them through that too.

I'm thinking that just maybe things are going to find a fairly happy ending?

It's going to take a long time for them to get over all of this though.

Well done on another great chapter. I don't want this to end...
Ms Hobgoblin chapter 14 . 4/16/2007
Oh God, I think you've let Virgil become to emotionally reliant on his kidnapper, thats not good. And then you killed him, that is really nasty.

Poor Virgil, I think he's been through enough now, poor man!

Excellent chapter, as always.

Looking forward to next one.

Hob x
mcj chapter 11 . 4/16/2007
Kim T

This is a very stressful ending to a very full on chapter and I admire you very much for taking me, the writer, along with you for a very big and very bumpy kind of ride. One can only comprehend how Scott and John must be feeling right now and the final scene illustrates how John is trying his best to cope with it all. Kudos to you Kim for creating exactly the right atmosphere.

"Calling International Rescue"

What a brilliant way to end a chapter of uncertainty and make us wait with bated breath on what is about to happen next.

A wonderful young writer. Well done.

Claudette chapter 14 . 4/15/2007
So, we're getting there. Too bad about Luke - I hope Jeff tries to do something to help/track down Lisa & child. The change in Virgil must certainly be frightening for his brothers to see - very well communicated.

You are, from time to time, using superfluous phrases to explain the reasons people are doing things when the reasons are already clear from what you have already written - eg

"He was about to speak again when the beeping of another system stopped him. He moved quickly to attend to the noise, hoping it was Scott.

“Is that Scott? Patch him through,” it was evident Jeff was thinking along the same lines but John had to disappoint him again."

You have already told us John was hoping the call was Scott. As Jeff said "Is that Scott?" it is obvious Jeff MUST be thinking along the same lines as John so the end of the sentence was not needed.

I guess Virgil will have some adjustments to make after this. Are you planning a sequel?
Claudette chapter 13 . 3/31/2007
So where is Luke? I know, I know, he's gone to save them from the C4 and then to escape - well he'd better have otherwise they're all going to be blown to Kingdom Come.

How do you keep doing this Kimmy? You keep adding in one thing and then another. The level of tension is wonderful. I keep hoping and hoping that this terrible situation will end but at the same time I want it to go on and on because it keeps getting better and better and I am enjoying it so much.

However, with Four dead and Virgil out of it, the boys aren't going to realise their peril. If they go about stabilising Virgil before shifting him then it may be really awful. Hopefully on one of their trips to TB4 to get medical supplies, one of them may run into him and he can tell them about the C4.

This is a wonderful story Kimmy, well done. All the work was well worth it.
Claudette chapter 12 . 3/29/2007
So, not Southern then. And the PM is male not female. I guess Luke must be right. Ah well that's good. I wouldn't really want the corruption to have gone ALL of the way to the top - it's good to know some things remain the same (at least I hope so).

Just good timing for TB2 and Scott to arrive. I guess Luke is going to get his chance to sacrifice himself after all. It would be nice if he got to go back to his family. I still think he could work out well at Lady P's, with his wife being the scullery maid/gardeners's wife.

If Jeff does the 'right thing' he's going to have to do it anonymously or via some reputable source, otherwise IR will DEFINITELY lose its apolitical standing. More than that, the Establishment will start gunning for them.
Claudette chapter 11 . 3/29/2007
Yipee - moving house was worth it to find three chapters waiting to be read when I got back.

"Ma'am"? HQ is "Ma'am"? Well I know who is called Ma'am around the British Establishment but it can't be Her surely? She'll be dead by now anyway. Of course, it could be the wife of the next one? Alternatively maybe the great British Public has forgiven Mrs T by this time and elected another femal PM. I wonder, I wonder. Whoever she is, I hope her operative has more compassion than she does. Maybe 'Four' will turn out top be the guy they rescued in 12 minutes after noon - he'd be more sympathetic to IR surely?

Good on Scott for picking up on Brains' statement. Shame he didn't get to punch Jake really hard - at the end of prev chapter I thought he was going to work him over really well. Ah well, at least Jake might get 'eliminated' by the Establishment.
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