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Princess.B.Saber31 chapter 16 . 7/30
I wax angry FOR Sakura because Naruto and Sasuke thought to handle everything about her love life themselves. They subtlety thought her as weak for who she can and can not date or go out with. I'm so mad at those two boys right now I'm thinking of any and every way possible that I think Sakura would do in the future to hurt them physically.
darkangel.yooga1 chapter 33 . 7/28
Omg this is sooo good. Hope to read the next chapter soon
The Ram Princess chapter 4 . 7/24
I hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 33 . 7/19
...well fuck.

Excuse my French.
Guest chapter 26 . 7/19 the true meaning of slow burn. Nothing has ever been as agonising. I've been impatient with slow burn fics that go faster than this.

But it's sooooo worth it. It's's indescribable. I just really want to yell at them "HE/SHE LIKES YOU GODDAMNIT KISS ALREADY" but at the same time I love these 'innocent' interactions. Ugh.

I think my favourite thing is that the summary doesn't come with a 'slow burn' tag so it's unexpected. And brilliant. I sometimes skip slow burn fics, especially those that are incomplete. I'm so glad I didn't miss this.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/18
Can't they just... *grabs their heads and smushes them together* already?!
AJlovesKakashi chapter 33 . 6/19
I know it's been seven years, but this story is awesome. The way a lot of the chapters are structured helps to develop their relationship fairly fluidly, which fosters an incredible amount of investment. You managed to convince me as the reader that they really are, first and foremost, friends and that their move toward a deeper relationship is mostly organic (with some amount of influence on the part of the Hokage and a certain pair of busy-bodies).

In addition, your style of writing (at least as it regards this particular story which was last updated seven years ago) is mostly coherent with a structured voice and a healthy balance of character perspectives. Though some parts, especially in the last five chapters could be better organized for coherence such that some of the scene shifts aren't too jarring, the story is written very well overall.

I wish you luck in your endeavors and hope, if you're ever feeling a bit nostalgic, someday this story will be finished.
Chileangirl chapter 33 . 5/29
I cant believe you didnt update the last chapter! Seriously, its killing me. I didnt even got to see a kiss. Theres only one more chapter left, at least you should finish what probably was a loooong and dificult work.
Please update soon!
By the way, love the dynamic between the two, and i absolutly love kakashi, him being hot, sweet, dangerous, secretive, evreything. Really loved it!
The Ram Princess chapter 3 . 5/8
I desperately wish that this story was finished or at least updated!
jackita chapter 33 . 4/26
No puede ser..!
Donde esta el final..?
Es una historia realmente hermosa, un muy buen trabajo.
Es una verdadera pena que no este terminado.
Pero de todas formas disfrute mucho leyendo.
Panda Blitz chapter 33 . 4/3
Nooooooooooooo that is an awful place to leave it. Please update for all that is holy.
Ketsweird chapter 33 . 3/30
soooooo one more? *wink*
The Ram Princess chapter 2 . 3/21
Please finish this! This is one of the epic ones!
rikki shiratori chapter 1 . 2/10
i've just read this last month and i keep going over it again. aaaah i need closure! i really hope you get back to finishing this :(
lulu42 chapter 33 . 1/15
HI Caitiy!
So, long time, yeah? I cleaned out my email and you were in my contacts so I sort of sent a random one that you may never look at because it is an old address. Leaving a review because you might see this way down the line. I hope you are doing well.

It makes me laugh, because you and I were both one chapter away from finishing our stories and then... Yeah. Six years later and nothing. And we were both the people that had the T rated stories! LOL I wonder how many people we made mad?
I remember being so, so, excited when you were updating your story when you weren't even in the US. Aren't you also good at baking? The urge for a slice of cake just came upon me.

I had a dream last month that I went to work and you were a new employee there. We worked in cubicles that looked like racing arcade games. You looked like your avatar and then I looked at your name tag, and I was like, "OMG! I know you! You wrote Simple Things." Then I introduced myself, gave you a hug, and the guilt of not finishing AMI woke me up. _
I'm hoping to fix that soon. I'm actually into Kakasaku again. Life is strange. I think I'll end this odd ball review. Cheers Caitiy
P. S. I wish you well too, random people who saw this.
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