Reviews for Code Xana Episode 22: Dark
Aelita Stones1 chapter 1 . 9/5/2010
Lyokoluva chapter 1 . 2/12/2007
hey there! another interesting one, and a very thought out attack, luring the gang to Lyoko before using the attack on them, but thier were only mentions of Dante in this one, perhaps Xana could use his body to attack, maybe even using Sanne's current condition to attack her psychologically

Ever Faithful

James the Lesser chapter 1 . 2/12/2007
Good job AOTF. If a Lyoko fan doesn't know then we have a problem.

Frozen, no prob, like hearing from the fans.

Zeriam, yes they should. And you said it, her rush, she tries to be like her parents but isn't. She thinks since she read the logs and has the programs already that she should be able to do better then her parents. Also, Xana figured the kids would rush and fall into the DS like they had rushed with Dante and the programs to activate Towers. And with the Hornet I figured why not? Ark would probably notice the Hornet's lasers made light when they fired and grab one. SOrry I didn't let you Beta but I finished it and was going to a friends house and didn't know when I'd be back so I put it up.
Transfigurator chapter 1 . 2/12/2007
Hi. Here I'm with my rev.

Heh. I gues all CL fans should know what Un Monde Sans Danger is.

I feel pity for Sanne cause she lost a friend, but it seems that separation of Dante and Xana isn't impossible. Sanne can succeed it, it's only matter of time. I think that the rush is her greatest mistake. If she slow down a bit and study Jeremie's programs more carefully everything should be fine.

Ok. Now about the attack. Yes, Ark was right that was strange.

It was dangerous, but only in Lyoko and only if someone fall into DS. The attack doesn't seem to affect the Earth or giving Xana more power. It seems to completly harmless and sensless, unless it was somekind of preparation... Like to make harder to stop next attack. Anyway what ever it was, Sanne deactivated the tower and it failed. Or at least it seems like that...

And that was nice trick with that hornet.

Now as always I'll wait for next episode.

See ya.
frozen-tundra88 chapter 1 . 2/11/2007

Before I get to the review, I have something to say about my last one. I realize that the new team would be destroyed if their parents found out about Xana. I was just talking in general plot points. I have my own scenario for if the former lyoko warriors found out and this is hypothetical because nobody else knows about Xana but this is if someone did and he understood the whole situation (What their parents went through when they were fighting Xana,etc.). If they told him that they had to call their parents, I'd imagine his response as "Sheesh, why didn't you just let Xana kill you himself?"

I apologize in advance if I was being off-topic with the above message but time to get on with the review.

All in all, a great chapter. I honestly think that Sanne is being too hard on herself. After all, they're just beginning their fight with Xana and Jeremie wasn't fully prepared at the very beginning. Hopefully, she'll realize that soon.

It's a good thing that Xana's power has been reset. Now there's less of a chance that Xana'll kill anybody. Although I'll be amazed if Xana goes through the whole series without killing anybody.

I'm noticing a similarity in stories between your two series. Odd's broken over the death of S.S. and Sanne's deeply saddened by the loss of Dante. There are major differences in the actual situations but it's relatively the same. However, we don't know if Sanne has any real feelings for Dante despite the hints. We do know that Odd loved S.S.

Again, I apologize if the first paragraph was uncalled for. Tell me whether or not it was. Also tell me if you'd like me to shorten my reviews because I've noticed that my reviews(not just Code Lyoko ones) tend to drag on and give the author too much to respond to at once.

Until next time...
Axel-of-the-Fantasy chapter 1 . 2/11/2007
I feel special, I knew what Unde Mon Sans Danger was. YAY!