Reviews for Resolving a Misunderstanding
Leonhard van Euler chapter 1 . 9/26
Wow. This is an incredible story. When a fic has more than 400k words, I tend to begin to feel impatience around the 250k mark. With this fic, it felt like such a natural end for it to come to almost 900k. I’m in shock and amazement that this went by so quickly. It read this fic in three days (and I’m already a fast reader).

Smiles broke out on my face and once or twice I felt like tearing up. This has to be one of the most emotional fics I’ve read. The characterisation was exquisite. The way we got to know characters over time was flawlessly done. I don’t really have much else to say right now, as I still have to digest the journey ive just been on. Nevertheless, thank you for this piece of work. It has brought me a lot of joy these past few days!
CrazyLovingMMAD Fan chapter 1 . 5/28
Just finished reading this story for probably the 1 billionth time but I wanted to leave another review to say this is still the best story I have ever read. Gertrude is still my girl after all these years lol :)
darkydarkblade chapter 30 . 2/4
Hey there!

Awww, I fear Carson is not going to make it. But that's war, senseless deaths all around...

I have a correction proposal for your german lines.
Did you use "ue" instead of "ü" on purpose? Because "übergeschnappt" would be correct, not that "ue" as "ü" is incorrect, but it's not common to use it (other than in email adresses, because you cannot use "ä,ö,ü" there *facepalm*. Same goes for "verrückt", "Blödsinn", "Hört". The sentence "Es gibt niemand, verstehst du" makes sense but wouldn't be used this way and is grammatically wrong. In a direct translation you would say "Dort ist niemand, verstanden?" and "Was meinst du dabei" would directly translated meanWhat do you mean with that?" Not sure if it's the essence of what you want to express but you could useWas glaubst du eigentlich was du da tust?" or "Was denkst du damit zu erreichen?". Oh and last but not least, "Bisst" is wrong, it's "Bist" with a single "s". der Biss" would translate "the bite"). This review is not meant to criticize you, nor to denounce your use of english- just a little advice on how to use it correctly in this context.
I think it's nice that you used some german lines, though I prefer to read ff in english. English is lovely and before anyone comes yelling at me: Yes I know that my english is not without mistakes either, I merely wanted to helpAs I'd also like to improve my english skills.

darkydarkblade chapter 24 . 2/4
Hello there! That's the longest story I have startet to read so far. Let's see how long I take until I finish it. Sadly there isn't enough "reading time" between university studies-but the damned Corona Virus forbids many activities anyways.

During the first chapters I honestly had problems to follow the time line and I wasn't too sure if I should continue. Well, I gave it a chance and now I am completely engrossed with it. For two hours now I struggle with my inner demons, I know I should do my chemistry studies, but the story is getting better and better. I like their interactions when she was a student, the description of their picnic scenario was brilliant- I definetly could picture it and had to smile a lot. Thanks for that! What has me a little worried is their age difference and Albus intentions towards her, when she'd still been a student. I hope that it was solely academically from his point of view, because he found a kindred spirit in Minerva. I really hope that at least his romantic interest developed later on. Otherwise I'd see him as a kind of old lech and I wouldnt like that.

Happy to read on now, greetings from germany!
Guest chapter 80 . 11/26/2020
I wonder why I only come across this amazing story until now. I have been spending all of my leisure times days and nights to read this story , but then I am still up to half the story only, and I am so sleepy for staying up late at night just to continue with the story haha. Although the part I very long to (which is certainly the part that the two finally come together) still hasn't come up yet, I still find each chapter and moments of the two structured amazingly. gonna further speed up my reading speed!
Guest chapter 160 . 8/15/2020
I’ve re-read RoM countless of times and I always enjoy it tremendously. And although I am glad that Albus and Minerva do find one another eventually, there always is a point in the story where I get so frustrated with Albus, the general “stupidity” of two people who are supposed to be bright but seem to lose their brain power when it comes to love, and who seem determined to stew in self-induced, unnecessary misery and drama, that I seriously start wishing Minerva and Quin would simply be together and let Albus be the barmy old codger he likes to present himself as. And Quin is just soo likeable, kind and utterly good... Gahr!
So, is that something you have ever considered doing - a spin-off with Quin and Min? Obviously, that defeats the purpose of MMAD fics, though... one can wish though, eh?
MsHope chapter 160 . 7/16/2020
Oh gosh, it's been five to six years since I last read this, yet this piece of art still never fails to blow my mind. I can't believe that I have never reviewed this before, and right now I'm at a loss for words, so please forgive me.

ADMM was the first ship I had ever shipped, and reading this for the fourth time has really made me realize why I love Albus and Minerva, both individually and as a couple. Your story makes them come alive, makes them a part of us somehow (I mean, of course we'll get attached to them after 160 chapters, but my words are failing me, so I'll stick with "you connect us to the characters"). This story is—for a lack of a better word—magnificent, and writers could only aspire to write something like this. The way you've written your characters—made them your own, cared for them, connected with them is just... (again, for a lack of a better word,) perfect.

Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us! I can only hope that you'd come back :')
ALWAYSL0VEG00D chapter 1 . 4/7/2019
Oh my god! Everyone... the is the story you wanna read! Highly recommended! I am completely blown away with the depth and loving detail this story is told.
MMADfan, you took those already incredible characters and made them entirely your own. Not only that, but you created your own magical universe with so many amazing original characters (I can not say how much I love Quin (I was almost on his side) - and of course Gertrude). I find that I am not bothered at all with the 'break of canon', more so that your storytelling makes so much sense and connects magical and muggle incidents incredibly well. You even created an explanation for so many minor details I wondered about in forever.
I can't believe how old this story is and that I only just stumbled upon it. It's a gem and I truly wanted to thank you for sharing it - even after all those years. (Yes - always). Cheers, Franzi x
telle17 chapter 160 . 12/27/2018
What an INCREDIBLE work! I started wondering if I would stay interested in a 160-chapter slow-burn, and I read it in 10 days XD
Thank you so much for sharing!
Guest chapter 160 . 9/23/2018
I read this originally as you were writing it and I’m pretty sure I reviewed at the time to say how wonderful it was and that it was getting me through some tough times back then. I’m not sure what made me look it up again a couple of weeks ago as it has been a long time since I read any fanfiction, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it once again, all 160 chapters! Thank you for giving us this xxx
Hpmcgonagallheart001 chapter 2 . 5/6/2018
Min is jealous and they have something going on
Hpmcgonagallheart001 chapter 1 . 5/6/2018
Minnies so jealous
Melody chapter 160 . 4/2/2018
I love Gertrude! I think I lover her more then I do Minerva. Thank you so much for this wonderful story and bringing to life the character of Gertrude Gamp. I know its been awhile but I would love to see more Gertie Stories! :)
zzinvolterra chapter 160 . 7/31/2017
This is the longest fanfic I've ever read, but so good! I love hopeless love and you captured Minerva and Albus perfectly. This is the kind of writing I try to emulate :)
Guest chapter 11 . 8/9/2016
Hamilton parody! Here comes the general! Rise upHere comes the general! Rise upHere comes the general! The pride of gryffindor; Albus Dumbldore
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