Reviews for With Ease Born of Practice
Lira-chan chapter 1 . 4/18/2004
QUIN-CHAN! *glomps onto*
Yes, I know that as far as "speaking" to you goes, I've only commented on your GJ a few times. I can still act all hyper and fangirly if I -want- to. And I think I'll be calling you Quin-chan from now on. Yis. Yis I will. D Anywho... 'S Lira from GJ and somethingzany and EVERYTHING, and I figger I'll read some of your old ficlets on , and then I'll read that ongoing Kensuke of yours... And then I'll be stalking you PROPERLY! It'll be great!
And now... To introduce you to a PROPER Lira review. Beware: The following may or may not be EXTREMELY fangirlish, and may cause brain damage. [I figger no real fangirling for this little ficlet tidbit, but you have other fics... And I'll prolly fangirl at those. . You've been warned.] Here we go!
"Easy to pretend I don’t love him."
*poout* This is where I am, and... Just... You won't get too much babble for this, for tis a very short fic, but... ;_; Keen... I want to hug him and luff him and let him borrow my Dai-chan, for the Dai in my head can be really clingy and huggy and he'd cheer Ken up. He would! .
"I think I’m a masochist."
Because I think Ken's a masochist too. D Just... He _WOULD_ be, wouldn't he? But only as you describe it- emotionally. I don't think Ken would ever do anything like, say, cut himself. Even right after the whole Kaiser affair. A lot of people write him from that angle, but I disagree. ...That was semi-random. *sweatdrop*
"So it’s easy to smile at Miyako. Make everyone think that it’s her that I love. Easy to give everyone what
they want."
See... THIS bit elicits a weird fangirl growl/smile of mine. Because... I just LOVE it when authors explain away portions of the GOD-AWFUL 50th episode. Like the KenxMiyako thing. Ugh, gros... Erm. *koff* Don't mind me. Just DO NOT like Kenyako . Canon or no. Anywho... Growl/smile because you've EXPLAINED why Ken "loves" Miyako, but it still HAPPENS.
And that's the babble for this. .; Sad, angsty little thing that it was... *hugs* You're a good writer, though, methinks... So twas _good_ *pet pet*
suddenly apples chapter 1 . 12/2/2001
*does chibified-wails (tm)* my darling ken!
random reader chapter 1 . 7/3/2001
That was goood. poor ken, he needs a hug and Daisuke _