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Lunaris-wind chapter 39 . 4/5
The end seemed to happen in a mad rush, especially the parts with Hermione. The training segments were a little dry as well. It was a fun read however, so thanks for writing it.
soarath chapter 39 . 3/20
okay im going to be honest here when this fic started i assumed it was going to be a bella harry fic only and it was awesome dont get me wrong but shit man 5 women is nuts you know how much stamina you would need? fuck man they would ride you dry everything fighting wize seemed simple and easygoing i enjoyed the read overall and it was pretty decent awesome work
Farahon chapter 39 . 3/18
Oo my god I loved your story! Finished the whole of it in less than 4hours! I still got goose bumps from it! Thank you for writing it xD
Guest chapter 9 . 1/26
Harry FUCKING forgiving? Well Shit!

How...what he said in chapter 9 pissed me off, if i could copy and paste his line about bitter outlook blah blah... I would but seriously this is light harry bot dark you fucknig liars
Guest chapter 5 . 1/26
This is so boring I SKIPPED, the only reason I'm reading is because of Good 'ld Bella
Guest chapter 4 . 1/26
Eh I though this was Dark Harry...yet its so pathetically light that i'm puking!
HoosierCullen chapter 39 . 1/15
This fic was awesome and it ended just as awesome. I have on my own profile something of yours that I found when reading one of your fics on Ficwad and still think it is the best to describe what a Harmony shipper believes in and you gave me Harmony in this fic and I thank you for that. Having Harry seduced by Bellatrix, fall in love will Belle, and then find and fall in love with Marie in Auror training was great. I am thrilled this took on a life of its own and think it progressed very well. The fact you kept Ron from Hermione to a point is awesome and made it just that much better in my opinion. Neville being in a three way marriage and The Weasley Twins with four wives that they share is a bit much but with the feel of the story I guess fits. I am not a Tonks/Remus fan so that made me a bit depressed and I would have liked to see Narcissa join her sister to give Harry's family a nice round magical number of 7. But then again it is your story I am just the thrilled passenger along for the ride. And let me just say it was an awesome ride. I will and have read your writing and shall be reading more. Thank you.
Luke Dragneel chapter 36 . 1/4
I could see Hermione being a Crafter too. I am curious as to if what I am seeing from the three other females are going to bare any fruit or if their will be more broken hearts. I would love to see Ginny's reaction to the news, Hermione I could see either asking to join or having a hard time coming to grips with this new revelation of the Magical World. I could actually see Gabby asking if she could join in too. I am curious which will hit Hermione the hardest: That her best friend is married to multiple women or that one of them if the former Bellatrix Black/LaStrange? Ginny and Molly I know will go ballistic, Molly over that "Dark scarlet woman" bewitching her 'son' and Ginny over the fact that not only had one witch beat her, but three. Either way it's gonna end nasty, with Ron insulting Belle(is it pronounced Bella, or Bell-Ee or just Bell?) about her just using him and being a slimy Slytherin or something equally insultingly pretentious.
talie.coyne chapter 4 . 1/2
Harry its from the surrey so the south east, think her majesty crossed with cockney. technically he would pronounce it sir as in si-re yes sir
RykOakwine chapter 39 . 12/27/2013
A delightful story, one I will gladly add to my favorites list. Completely superior to the canon story finale in every way, but that is damning with faint praise.

If I have a complaint it would be that Harry turned a little too much and a lot too quickly into magical Lazarus Long, but what can ya do, it would be silly to try to draw out a narrative for decades to give him time to become as seasoned, steady, mature, and "together" as the author wanted him to be.

The disadvantage of writing a story about a schoolboy I suppose. Even if you take 6th year Harry we're still dealing with a 16 year old and an extremely mature 16 year old is still just an extremely mature 16 year old. He's NOT anywhere like a somewhat mature 40 year old or a very mature 30 year old.

And a extremely mature 16 year old doesn't act like our Mister Potter in this story. But, hey, at least he is a decent, tolerable, fellow, unlike the canon Harry at the same age.

And, well, 20 years ago I found Jubal Harshaw's lifestyle amazing and intriguing. Same for Terrus Tertius era Lazarus Long, both of who this story's Potter clan family draw many similarities. But after 20 years of experience with actual marriage I find such depictions more irritatingly naive or fantastical than amazing and intruiging. ;)

That said, I'd like to thank the author for at least making slight reference to one of my big pet peeves with fanfic polyamory scenarios: it's ALWAYS the guy who gets the "harem", surrounded by females who are more open, accepting, and self - confident than 99.99999999% of females ever born.

At least in this story polyamory became legally accepted, it wasn't just for our super special wish fulfillment avatar, Harry. And, most importantly for the relief of my pet peeve, at least ONE match with multiple husbands for one wife.

True, it's the semi-joke Crabbe and Goyle who are in such an arrangement, but at least it's someone! In a polyamorous society there's no way you end up with polygamy only. Polyandry would be AT LEAST as common, arguably MORE common (with obvious exception for primitive societies where women have no rights, but that's a specific scenario not represented in the Potter books no matter how backwards wizarding Britain seems to us), yet of the 19 million (approximate) words of fanfiction I've read on this site this is the first story to even brush near the arrangement of polyandry. So THANK YOU for that.
Hells book 666 chapter 39 . 12/23/2013
This was rilly good I rilly injoy your work
Anon chapter 39 . 10/10/2013
Great story! You write very well.
Noble Korhedron chapter 39 . 10/7/2013
Thanks, but I wish you'd posted the promised sequel to 'Bella Rising'. Figure you won't now, though... #sad
Guest chapter 39 . 8/29/2013
Good story and like you said the story runs away with it's self just think harry potter started as J.K. Rolling think off a boy that did not know what he was and it turned in to a seven book mega saga that took a barely surviving writer and turned her in to one of the richest people on the planet and made one if the world best know series of film that will be love till there are lost in time and the meaning in the stories remembered even longer.
SirDom chapter 39 . 8/21/2013
I did enjoy this story but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the end, particularly when you added Hermione, Ginny and Gabby. Ginny and Gabby because they were literally added on as an afterthought but particularly Hermione - you even listed all these reasons why Hermione was a pain in the arse and yet you still add her!? Why?

I read this story because of the Harry/Bella pairing and because it was recommended to me and it was worth it but if you advertise a story as Harry/Bella, leave it as Harry/Bella. I think your story could have worked just as well had you only had that pairing. :D
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