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kaihil lover chapter 16 . 7/26/2014
Wow. It's been two years since this fic got finished. Man, time passes fast.

So I was rereading this, and I found it fit to re-review as well, just to show my appreciation of this. I love this fic, the plot, the characterization, the pacing, the beginning, the end, the dialogues, scenes, everything. :3 it is one of my most favorite fics in the beyblade fandom and I love it to bits. And it's probably as close to canon as it can get.

I still await the sequel. Though I'm in no hurry to see Kai and Hilary get together. They're eventually gonna, that's okay with me. Stories usually go downhill once characters get together. Anything that comes after happily ever after, it is not good. Ever. So yeah. Anywhoo. Which is why I wasn't initially upset with the dangling end. It left some mystery, and in turn the magic.

I do wish for there to be a sequel. And I've been pining for one for a very long while. Though it scares me if it will be able to live up to this fic or not. And I don't want this fic to be ruined for me. But still, I do wish for one

Back to the fic. It is amazing. I love the subtle KaiHil scenes. The happy end. Everything. The whole thing is just brilliant.

This was kaihil lover, signing out and re-reviewing because she was nostalgic.
Winry Najar chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
i really love your story! great job! XD
mahwish1 chapter 16 . 8/20/2012
Gret story! I really enjoyed reading this. :) Hope you make more like these..
Anime Onnanoko chapter 16 . 8/12/2012
This is a really great story!
I love how you showed the relationship between Hilary and Kai, and Kai and other characters.
The ending was a really sweet.
Good job! _
09sasha chapter 16 . 7/15/2012
Ok im response to ur note at the bottom about we decide if they start dating then let me tell u they DO. end of descussion. i dont care if its pigheaded i refuse to believe or read otherwise. and if u decide to make a sequel and hilary gets with tyson and not kai i might actually have to hunt u down and kill u but not before i force u to change the pairing to kai and hilary. i cant stand that pairing. yuck! otherwise i loved the chapter and its not a bad ending though still no kiss (big pout) Hilary could have kissed Kai on the cheek at the very lest. oh well i will be content with what u wrote as u are correct in Kai's character and there friendship in this is pretty awesom.
x-Hallelujah-x chapter 16 . 7/4/2012
You kept the characters very real, loved the story because of that. Wish it hadn't finished here I still want to know what happens to them next!
Guest chapter 16 . 7/1/2012
awesome fic:)u writing a sequel too..?
SchoolBoredom chapter 16 . 6/30/2012
that was a good stoy
Guest chapter 16 . 6/29/2012
*sigh* Well, they minus-ed the few thousand "!"s exclamation marks and the "Ahhh" with the few thousand "h"s, but other, probably mistaking my enthusiasm for spam, but other than that my whole review got across- finally!

Thank you once again for finishing this, for the shout out. Hope you start the sequel and Those Who Dream to Hope Soon.

KaiHil Lover
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
Again. They cut down my review. *growls* Luckily, this time I had it copied. *breathes in relief* I did not wanna retype this a third time; my excitement has even died out a little in the past 4 hours I've been typing.

PPS: I just read the AN in the start! Which I had prior skipped in excitement of reading the chapter. So, I was write, it was a flash back. XDDD You have a sequel planned! *squeals*! *CHOKES* *dies* *WAKES UP* *SPUTTERS* *STARES* *dances* *boogies* dances like a 70's disco dancer* *gets weird look from dad passing by room* *nervous laugh* YES! yES! Ahhhh! Here I was upset about this fic ending after so long leaving this hallow feeling in my chest, hinting for an epilogue and now I read that you have an epic-ly long sequel planned! Hallelujah! Maybe Murphy's law is wrong. lol AHHHH! Whenever you decided to put it up, be it soon, in years after you're done with TWDTH, well, that is when you start updating that, and then finish it. *grins* You can bet your ass you'll have one reviewer, even if she's very active or not, lol *sheepish grin* ready to review, heck I'll even force a few people to review. ] Hmm, no matter how late you start on the epic-ly long xPPP sequel, you can bet I'll be waiting for it, even if, by that time the Beyblade fandom is completely dead. And, oh yes, that must definitely have some romance! *grins* . And insight of what happened with kai and his dad; and how the team reacted to Hils bringing Kai back. *winks* Ahhh! I'm so happy. Ahhh!1 DArk clouds do have silver linings! Aahhhhh! *squeals* School ended two months ago, but this week I realized college ain't all that bad... this fic ended a few hours ago, and now I know that there'll be, one day, whenever that day comes, and I hope my review inspires it to come soon, that there'll be a sequel. Yup. I count this one as a happy ending. I guess everyone looks for a happy ending, hope Kai and Hilary get one. . *grins* P Be sure to update TWDTH and than put up the sequel, I'll be one of those people who'll be dreaming and hoping. xPPPP Like I said, awesome job, thanks a lot. Good luck. x)
*scrolls ups* *whistles* Quite the long review. Adieu. But then again, just until next time, next fic, next KaiHil. :)
KaiHil Lover
Guest chapter 16 . 6/29/2012
Ahem. They cut down my review. -_- Hmph. I had to retype the entire following part. -_-

Happy Ending; so they lived happily ever after with the occasional or more so frequent, ass-hole-ness from Kai. Ahhh! I feel so sad, and melancholic... the end of a book series or the end of a long fic, it feels as a part of your self died/ ended with the fic, it's hard to imagine not waiting for this fic to be updated. The anticipation of an update, the excitement at one; bugging friends and telling them the story word to word forcing certain friends to read print outs. Heck I carried print outs of the first 6 chapters in my school file all through 9th grade. *sweat drops* Feeling bad at it ending would be an understatement, it feels like quite a few things are ending, slipping away from my fingers, and though the end of each era brings happiness and shows something being accomplished, be it 10 years of high school or 5 years of this fic. It can't stop me from feeling a pang in my heart. This fic has been a part of my life for far too long and now that it's over, can't help the hollow feeling. *sigh*

I don't know how to convey my praise or my love for this fic. words certainly don't suffice, nor give justice to my feelings of the amazing-ness of this fic. Characterization was amazing, the pace, the scenes, the battles, the plot! It was all amazing and had me hooked from the start. I know demanding an epilogue is being rude and abusing privileges, but seriously, I'd love to see a final chapter about what happened between Sasumu and Kai... how the team reacted when Kai and Hilary got back. What happened to their relation ship. *hint hint* *innocent smile* Well, I guess this is it, the final end of this legendary fic. I love this fic, but that goes without saying, like I said words certainly don't do justice to each and every aspect and scene. Very amazing. Awed, really. I guess this is it, * melancholic smile* Here's to hope you put up a sequel, a very good luck to the futures of all those related to this fic, a wish for KaiHil-ness to continue in the future of Kai and Hilary; a wish for KaiHil to continue till we're all grey haired and limping and still reading Beyblade. Thank you for the shout out, I'm glad I was able to be of help, sorry for the often lazy-ass-ness. This is it, again- the end of this era of life; a step into a new future. lol I'm getting all nostalgic. Thank you once again for writing/ continuing/ finishing this fic. and for considering my efforts of appreciation. For the first time, no request of "Update Soon" *sigh* Adieu.

PS: Hope you update Those Who Dream to Hope soon. xDDD

PPS: I just read the AN in the start! Which I had prior skipped in excitement of reading the chapter. So, I was write, it was a flash back. XDDD You have a sequel planned! *squeals*!
kaihil lover chapter 16 . 6/29/2012
Hmmm. This fic is more than 5 years old. I've been following it for nearly 4 years. First multi chaptered fic that I read on fan fiction, but I'm sure I've mentioned that many times before. It feels like an end of an era, I kind of feel sad, like a huge chapter of my life is coming to an end. This story was published when I must have been in Elementary school; I read it when I was in middle school, and now that I finished reading this fic. I realize that I'm done with my first week in college with high school having ended 2 months ago. I feel bad, waiting for this fic to be updated was a part of life, celebrating and bugging my friends with each detail was another part, forcing them to read it was another great part, which like high school, two months ago, just ended. I have this terrible melancholic feeling in my heart, a weird pang, like not wanting this fic to end... It's been a part of my life for quite too long. I'm definitely gonna miss this. *sigh* Sorry for the rant, but these were things which had to be said, as the first multi chaptered fic I read, and one of my faves and on the list of 5-fics-that-I-have -to-get-updated, this fic meant/ means a lot to me.

Onto the serious review: *deep breath*

Hmm. The start rather confused me, I guess it was a flashback or something. Whatever the case, it was very sweet, Hils's apprehensiveness and self doubt was well portrayed and her desire for acceptance and fear of acceptance was very spot on. It made me wanna give her a huggle and hit the guys on the head with a crowbar. -_-

["Does Kai just hate me or something?"] Awww, Hiromi, Kai doesn't hate you! No!

It was sweet how the guys tried to talk her out of the blasphemous belief of Kai hating he! Of course he was the first to accept her in the team!

It was so sweet how Kai relied on her opinion, and trusted her opinion, that was very nice.

["That's how you know."] *grins widely* Yup. That's how you know, Hils! xPPP

Ah! Back to the action of the battle field! Hayyya! *kicks random pillow* P

Hmm. Susumu was right to stop interference. I'd have liked to see some sort of an ending for him and Kai; a sort of reconciliation, I know asking for an epilogue is kind of being too forward, but still I will, I kind of end to show what happened to the rocky relation between father and son, how the team took to Kai coming back home, Hilary and Kai coming back together. *smirks* Just hinting, I'd love to see an epilogue to see the loose ends get tied. Think about it, no pressure though, it's your story, you shouldn't force yourself to continue when the plot has been wrapped up in your mind, but still, an epilogue would be more than peachy. _

It's good to be back to the Beyblade fandom; lack of activity, much more so than usual in the past few month, rendered me to seek salvation in the Naruto fandom (SasuSaku)! I know, outrageous, in my opinion, even traitorous on my part *hangs head in shame*; not my fault - it's not my fault the fandom is dyeing, how many. *sigh* Haven't read a KaiHil, much less some other Beyblade fic since nearly a month; reading this fic definitely ignited a spark and reminded my why I love this fandom and this pairing; *sigh* If only there was a way to kick some life back in to the fandom... not much one can do, but review. *sigh*

[ His eyes narrowed, attempting to resist the urge to yell at Susumu for trusting Kai not to fall under Black Dranzer's control again.] Said it before, say it again, will say it till the ends of time, I hate Hiro Granger and I seriously wanna kick him where it'd hurt. Hmph.

And, for the moment, I wanna kick Kai too, he acted as if he didn't care she got hurt, she launched herself in the line of fire to protect him, and he acted like a jerk. Like a horrible bastard!1 Like Kai! Ugh. at times calling him/ anyone, "Kai" is the worst insult possible; I love him, but still he is an ass! Hmph.

Huh, so he does care; glad to see he recovered a bit of the sense he had left and told Li Mei to get Hils to a safe spot. )

["A weakling like you should never have been able to overcome the dark power on your own."] Why that xdjshshsudhskuk!1 _ Calling Kai weak! Who does he think he is? That bastard! That fucking bastard! *growls* Kai'll show him!

["You're right." At Ren's confusion, Kai continued. "However, you put one of my friends in danger. I can't forgive that."] Yup. The spirit of friendship and the spirit of Beyblading, it's strong enough to overcome any evil. Too bad the actual spirit of friendship and love is pretty much dead. Ren messed with his friend *cough* girl friend *cough* he's gonna feel his wrath. *grins*

[Ren smiled nastily at him. "Who, your little fangirl?"] *blinks* fan girl? Fan Girl? *balls hands into fists* Fan! Girl? FAN FUCKING GIRL! *GROWLS* Let me at 'em, let me at 'em! No jury in the world would convict me! How dare he call Hilary a mere fan girl, she wasn't even a fan of the sport; she was so much more than a fan girl or a cheerleaders. That was low, that was lower than anything he could have said; that bastard! And Kai! Ugh. Don't get me started on him - not saying a word to defend Hilary. Ass!

Yes! Ren lost, Ren lost, Ren lost, Ren lost. ] I am so happy! *hugs imaginary Kai plushie*

["I almost turned on my friends for power, so you'd be surprised," Kai replied with a straight face as he held out his hand.] *chuckles lightheartedly* Have to say I was surprised a bit, and as much as I wish I didn't I did, and always had, have doubts on Kai, not in his abilities, but in his abilities to choose the right path. But I guess he did the right thing. Good for him.

On with the celebration. xDDDD *dances*

[ He crouched down on the opposite side of Hilary to Hiro and slowly pulled her towards him, being careful to make sure her head was resting on his shoulder.] Awww. *smiles* Even after years of reading KaiHils and fluff in general, sweet moments like, i can't help, but awww and squeal at moments like this. ] Aww, Hiro even seemed nice when he told her where to go. I mean Kai could have been an ass and left, there were plenty of people who'd have taken care of her, but he wanted to be there for her. Awww. *satisfied smile*

Aww, he stayed there waiting for her to wake up!

[The next thing Hilary knew, she was being awkwardly crushed against Kai's chest. Due to her surprise, Hilary's arms had been trapped between their chests with her legs splayed out behind her. Part of her expected Kai to realise what he was doing and push her away, but when she attempted to reposition herself, he merely squeezed harder.

The dawning realisation that Kai had been seriously worried for her made Hilary relax a little, allowing her head to rest between his shoulder and his neck. With the little free movement she had been given, Hilary attempted to hug Kai back, only getting as far as his sides.

Slowly, Kai's grip on her loosened and Hilary readjusted herself so that she was kneeling in front of him. She gave him a brilliant smile, which he returned with a weary one of his own.

"You look like death," she commented with concern.

"You don't look much better," he retorted tonelessly.] Do I even need to mention how much I loved this whole scene! Ahhh! Kai hugged her! Ahhh! *dies* *Wakes up from the dead* Ahhh! *squeals* it was so cute and adorable and kawaiii and every synonym of the said words! Ahhh1! Their care and concern and not-wanting-to-let-go-ness was so adorable. _

[Hilary had her arm around Kai's.] Awww. Sweet. :)

[Ren froze when he met Hilary's eyes, tensing up in such a way that made Hilary want to tighten her grip on Kai for reassurance. Slowly he walked towards the two and Kai pulled his arm away from Hilary. She silently cursed him for abandoning her even if he was only standing a step away.] Ugh. So Kai-ish, abandoning her for the sake of his I-care-about-nothing cover; the ass! *swears*

[Ren's face broke into a smile. "I'm so glad you're okay, Hilary.] *narrows eyes* He's asking for redemtion...? Errr. Call me mean and grudging, but after insulting her, trying to kill her and her friends, asking about her health ain't gonna make things all better! The bastard!1

Aww, silent conversations. Aww. Has anyone noticed I've been aww-ing quite a bit in this review. But awww, this chapter is so awww-worthy! It's so, aww! _

Haha, so they're heading back, Hils is excited to see her friends and family and Kai is too. xDDD Even for the battle with Tyson, they might not be together-together, but their mutual understanding is much stronger than ever, and heck, who'll find it hard to believe if the got together in a few months. *shouts of agreement* I certainly won't. xDD Aww, he agreed - in his own Kai-ish way - to train her. xPPP See, if that ain't true love and friendship, I don't know, what is! xDDD

Whenever I imagined them going back, I always imagined Kai to be all sad and depressed and staying back and Hilary finally realizing Kai ain't gonna change his mind, and leaving without him; Kai wanting to go, but as usual, being the coward he is, not willing, deeming himself not worthy... and then when Hil's is gone; he realizes that damn, how big of a mistake he made and then catches the plain right on time and meets her somewhere along the flight. lol And they reunite and return to Japan. xDDD Quite a similar ending I had in mind, minus the part in my mind about Kai not agreeing to return, and deciding finally, to return when he saw Hiromi walk away! But that was rather corny and not necessary and these were just figments that my mind came up with at late hours of the night when I couldn't sleep. lol Awesome last scene though, them going back happily to Japan. xPPP _

[Yes, it was good to be going home.] Yes, it certainly was. :) *sighs*

Well, this is it. The end.

Happy Ending; so they lived happily ever after with the occasional or more so fr
hitomi65 chapter 16 . 6/29/2012
thank you
kaihil lover chapter 15 . 6/29/2012
Guess who got off her lazy ass! Me! xDDD

Ugh! Ren is such a pain in the rear; his cockiness annoys me more than Kai's and since Kai's cockiness just makes my skin crawl in anger, that's saying a lot! Hmph.

["Let go of me. We have to help Kai!" She shouted out in desperation, glancing wildly from one person to the next in hope that someone would agree with her.] Awww! Poor Hilary! *whimpers* Helpless to well, err, help. Your battle scenes are always so engaging! I always have to force my way through battle scenes, but honestly, your battle scenes actually are so awesome, I want to read them.

[ "I can't just stand around and watch him get hurt again,"] Aww, *hugs Hilary-chan* Kai'll be okay, Hils, I'm sure, I have faith, and the fact that I've read the last chapter. lol

Of course he's incredible! xD He's Kai! *dances*

Oh no! Kai! Ren that xxfxsfsfysfsgftsgh! x *points pitchfork at Ren* *growls*

Oh, no, that grin can't be good! Hold on Hils, it's gonna be, a bumpy ride! Eeep. On to the next chapter. Again. xD

This was an awesome chapter, by the way, when it was published in April i had exams and didn't read it, when I did towards the end of the month I was too lazy to review, I reviewed the chapter before this, having not read/ reviewed it either due to exams! *sigh* Oh well, now I did it. :PPPP This was an amazingly written chapter, the battle, the emotions, everything was spot on and awesome! I would say I love this fic, but I'm guessing you already know that. xP Awesome job, really, really love this fic. Duh! 3
kaihil lover chapter 14 . 5/24/2012
Ahhhhhh! This was so awesome! I read this in April, but I didn't get time to review for which I apologize.

The Mystel and Mariah scene was nice. Oh God, I am actually beginning to like MystelXMariah. *bangs head on wall*

Aww, she grabbed his hand. lol KaiHil for the win! Woho!

Ozuma needs to lighten up. - We all know can do it, why is he pissing him off. Besides whether he can do it or not, Ozuma knows that Kai has an ego the size of a baby elephant, instead of wasting time to convince him, he should do something productive.

At least Kai realizes that he didn't have control over Black Dranzer. *dances*

Awww, Kai, why doesn't he realize that Hilary is his friend, she won't give up and stop believing in him!

["I'm always serious."] Ah! I could practically see the smirk! *grins* I bet Hilary had to suppress a smirk of her own.

I wonder what Sasumu and Meng discovered.

Yup, trained in Russia, Meng, Hil's right, Kai could take it. lol

Yeh, another person speculating that Kai and Hils are dating. Hurrah. *dances*

Awww, Hilary, Kai likes you, he's your friend, no dept in friendship. Though protecting and caring for her or not, he is a jerk, Li Mei is right about that. Aww, Hils is still hurt about his ass hole-ish attitude with her back when he had Black Dranzer, awww, Kai, that ass, he better apologize.

Yup, he sure is lucky. He just needs to realize it.

Oooh, I wonder who the woman and the man are.

What does Sasumu and Meng's discovery have to do with stopping Ren?/?

Oh, so the woman is the first partner of Dranzer, awesome! Of course, you're worthy Kai, damn it, it's about time he realized it!

Sooooo, the bladebreakers will have to make an entrance now that the lady has said that Kai can't stop Ren alone. Awww, damn. I thought it was just gonna be Kai and Hils. :(

Hmmm, what sort of defensive I wonder. Was she being jealous defensive or stop thinking I'm his girl friend defensive.

Ooh, a lot of wisdom, Li Mei, though I'm not sure what will happen due to it.

Oooh, so Bruce and his wife knew Sasumu, that's a shocker. I wonder how they knew each other. Ugh, Hiro is such a know it all. -

Oh God! Ren's back!

Oh great, sour puss is gonna join the battle. Fabulous, and he just got Dranzer back! He's gonna lose it again. What am I saying! No! He's gonna kick Ren's over confident ass! xD

Kai's gonna win! Wohoo! I am sure he will! *dances*

Well, onto the next chapter. Sorry for the majorly late review on this one. I loved this chappy though, it was long, action-y, mysterious and sweet!
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