Reviews for A Lovestory
gabelou1991 chapter 6 . 5/4/2015
Gargoyal chapter 6 . 12/6/2009
This has been a great story so far. I would love to see you pick this up again sometime soon.
Lupingirl101 chapter 6 . 12/6/2008
o wow I love this story! Please update soon I want to see these consequences and what Gohan has gotten himself into here!
Dr. Trunks Briefs chapter 6 . 6/23/2008




Update soon ;D
Lychee Green Tea chapter 6 . 6/9/2008
Wow; this is getting really interesting. I'm really curious to see what comes next. What a cliffhanger! It really wasn't that big, but it was enough to make me want more! Great job with this chapter D

Take care,

Mizz-Madam chapter 6 . 6/8/2008
Brilliant two chapter as always. I'm looking forward to where you are taking this, and a little excited to see what the sad ending is going to be like. I hope you update soon because this is a great story and you are a great author.

~ Danni
chimney leaf chapter 5 . 5/27/2008
Things are getting very interesting indeed. The name's pretty good by the way.
Mizz-Madam chapter 4 . 5/26/2008
Despite whatever an idiotic person says, this story is brilliant and you're a fantastic author. I love the freshness of the story and how you are telling. Please update soon.

~ Danni
Im-all-yours chapter 4 . 5/26/2008
You just totally gave yourself away...
You cunt-licking fag chapter 1 . 5/26/2008
The dutch weinie has returned.

Oh, does 'Lau' stand for 'Laura'? It just occured to me.

HAHA! You dutch sack-of-scum abbreviate names like THAT?

How filthy.

You little c*nt-licker.

You will hear from me soon.

Make no mistake. Word through the grapevine is that the one person who stopped me from making mince meat out of you is out of the way.

You should be afraid,b*tch.
ArcticPuppet chapter 4 . 5/26/2008
So I usually bookmark stories and avoid commenting until I'm sure the writing won't slip and become crap. Hooray! Your writing hasn't slipped and become crap! I really like this, it shows more than just awkward Gohan with a crush on Videl. While that kind of story can turn out well, it does get a little boring after a while. I love that poetry is their common ground, and that Videl isn't just the city's hero and nothing more. I'm glad she's intelligent and deep, and that Gohan's affection for her is realistic. Some people don't seem to understand how to add depth to borrowed characters, but you're doing it so well. I can't wait for the next chapter
dbz-lover91 chapter 4 . 5/26/2008

This is unique. I think you've incorporated more than just Wordsworth (he's cool,isn't he?) in to this. I saw the scene where Gohan contemplated as to how he should capture Videl's interest reminiscent of our animated conversation. About 'space' and what not. Or maybe I'm just seeing things you never meant to include in that way...;

I read the original version of 'Angel' and it made me wonder...Is there G/notVidel in this at all?

I remember a line where he spoke about lovers.

Anyway, I'm still wating for POD Hehe. You know that's my favourite so far.

Not much more to say except that I'm STILL wondering whether you will reply. Like I said, I answered your questions.

dbz-lover91 chapter 3 . 5/24/2008
Nice stuff.

Not much else to say, I guess except that you haven't responded to MY reply;

I wonder where this is headed.

Is this fic your priority now?


A Serious Authoress chapter 1 . 5/24/2008
So I have this thing where I read the reviews before I leave one myself. And...seriously? What is up with some of these people? They're complete loons, I say! That was a gorgeous, beautiful, fan-freaking-tastic introduction! I loved it!

Bravo to you for the sad ending as well. I don't know if I'd have the guts to write one.

Anywho, you keep writing the way you do, and show those jerks how woefully incompetent they are! : )

miss-apple-dbz chapter 2 . 5/22/2008
Oh... is this "Angel"? I noticed it wasn't on your list of stories anymore. But I could be mistaken...

I usually don't like sad ending stories (as a matter of fact, I hate it)but since you're the one who's writing this story, I'd make an exception. After all, you're a fabulous writer and you can make anything work out. Just reading the second chapter proves it. Hehehee...

I hope that the following chapters are coming up because once again, just like you other stories, I can't wait until you update. But I guess I have to...
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