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Envious sky chapter 30 . 12/14/2013
Finally, it is finished. Took you long enough didn't it?
I have got to say, this is about the most original story that I have ever read, I'll admit I found a few spelling mistakes along the way, and you're ain't the best writers I've ever come across either (but it's unfair to compare you to Jaydee and you're still better than me I do believe), but this was one hell of a fabulous story.
I remember finding this story years ago, a little after I first found this site, I was hooked right away, in a way I wasn't to any other story. It was so amazing and original, so different to anything else I was reading.
I was devastated when I first found out that the two best friends were the hosts of Sephi and Tifa, it was such a cruel thing to do, but I love that you did it, the story just wouldn't be the same if you hadn't. I loved the way everything played out, all the sad things, and the happy things too.
It was funny in the fight scene in the chapter, it was all happening quite fast, but it felt like it went over a long time. I think it worked out like that because of your short paragraphs. It was fitting for Cloud and Tifa to be the last two surviving in the battle, and it felt right for Tifa to be the last. Sure Cloud's the game's main character, but in this Tifa is so much more important than him. The scene in the white space with the weird ghost thing were
I liked the ending, it was sad, but, it was right. It was the right way for things to end. It's sad though, because Tifa's the first one you meet, you know her first. You know how badly she wants to return to her own world for the longest out of the parasites.
Congrats on finishing the story after so long.
It's funny that you had the name before you had the story. I've done something similar.
A story of mine (Wings of Regret), didn't have a name for heaps long, the name was an echoing thought in my head, I didn't want to use it because it didn't make sense. Eventually I gave up and kept that as the name, pretty soon the story conformed to fit it. Bit strange don't you think?
This was a good ending for a good story.
Jya ne.

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 29 . 12/14/2013
I didn't expect the woman was a host, the possibility of that being the explanation for what happened last chapter did not hit me at all.
Puppy! Puppy was there, even though he's supposed to be dead. Now that was a surprise, I was so happy to see him. So it was Aerith (I don't like the ring Aeris has) who was the one who caused the materia to appear in all those places. Everything is in place now, it all makes sense. My sister made it sound like the ending wasn't too good, but this is good. I really liked this chapter, I'm so sad that there's only one more to go. But all good things must come to an end.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 28 . 12/14/2013
Things are most certainly going to hell aren't they? The scene with the old woman was, well, interesting. God I'd be confused if I'd been there.
The scene with Shiva was rather ironic I think.
I really didn't expect you to kill Rufus, not in the slightest, so that took me by surprise. How terrible it is that there only hope rests in something that's useless to them.
Jya ne.

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 27 . 12/13/2013
God damn it has Josh lost it. Sephi is so cruel in this story it's just ridiculous, but I love him any way.
My eyes went wide when he said that Alex and the others had to die for Meteor to be stopped. I was like, 'woah, what a cruel twist'.
I do reckon it'd be strange to be comforted by Video Game characters, it was a serious situation and all, but it'd still be the most peculiar experience to have.
It didn't actually occur to me whilst reading this that if Sephi use the black meteria that the world would be plunged into now I feel stupid, it's so obvious isn't it? Of course people would panic, they're all going to die and nobody can do anything to stop it.
This was a very good chapter, great job.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 26 . 12/13/2013
My mind was telling me that I've already read this chapter, yet I'm fairly sure I haven't
It's strange actually for everyone to be together now, I got so used to them being separated. I think it's Cloud being there that my mind is finding the most odd.
I'm starting to feel real sorry for Alex, I really wouldn't want to be in her head right now.
Good chapter. Almost to the end, I'm getting excited.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 24 . 12/8/2013
Oh dear lord...this was the chapter, this was the chapter that sent my sister insane. She was going all around the place screaming crap because of what happened in the last scene, she needed to have more. But then you didn't update for heaps long after that, she kind of snapped, it was joyous to watch.
I did get a little off track in the start of the chapter, but got back on track after having a Vincent Fan girling moment. I love Vince, he's awesome.
I must say, that last scene there, is my favourite scene in the entire story. It's just so psychotic, after all those months, he finally lost it. I adore how you wrote it, it was like nothing was wrong, only everything was. It was fantastic!
The next chapter is the one I first got up to, it's the only one that got reviewed last time I read this story, so I can't review it.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 23 . 12/7/2013
This is a chapter I remember well. How horrible it would have to be for them to have to go through that, it was more horrific than I remember.
I liked this chapter, I really do like the sad scenes more than in the happy ones in stories. I wonder if that's strange.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 22 . 12/6/2013
I couldn't remember how things ended up for Elena in this story, in my mind it said that she wasn't really helping the good guys and she was really bad, did not even remotely remember that this was what really happened. It was good to read through again. I forgot the part about Rufus being blinded and using Shiva to see as well, though I remembered that he had her summon.
This was a good chapter.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 21 . 12/4/2013
And finally back to a chapter I remember clearly. It was more violent then I recall. It really sucks for Alex and Josh, the situation they have found themselves in. I wouldn't want to imagine it happening to one of my friends, if it was the psycho one, I'd be like oh of course, since she'd find it funny, but for any of the others, it'd be torture.
I really liked this chapter, as wrong as it sounds is one of my favourite.
I want to keep reading now, but I don't have the time.
I have to go eat dinner now, jya ne.

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 20 . 12/3/2013
I have a feeling travelling around like they all are would be hella exhausting, I really do feel sorry for the hosts.
The first part of the chapter, I don't really remember, but I remember the last bit with Barret pretty clearly. It's fun how the first words out of his mouth are swears.
This was a good chapter, I liked it. They're almost all together now. and I'm almost up to what I got up to the first time round.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 19 . 12/1/2013
It's funny reading the author's note when the story is finished, because you're always talking about it being late, but then it's perfectly fine for me because I can just go on to the next chapter.
That text annoyed me, because I could barely read it, and now they're even more difficult to read. Why can't people just write properly? It's annoying.
I vaguely recall Sephi having that happen to him, but I didn't recall it happening to any of the others. I like this chapter a lot, because it's fun being reminded how crazy Sephi is, and how crazy Josh is getting.
You know what just occurred to me? That Cloud still isn't in the story. It's funny since he's the main character in the game, though I like it like this. But I like Tifa and Sephi quite a lot's not much of a surprise.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 18 . 11/30/2013
All I remembered in this chapter from the first time I read it, was that they met Elena and it was in a Casino in Paris. Her host had green eyes. That was all I recalled.
This was a good chapter, and I managed to keep my attention on it for once (I've been in a big ooh shiny mood whilst reading)
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 17 . 11/28/2013
I remember having this feeling of annoyance first time I read this chapter, because I didn't have the slightest idea of what the summons looked like. I have a better idea now, though I still haven't played VII. I'm hoping to borrow it off a friend's sister, but if that is even remotely possible it's not happening any time soon.
Good chapter, I'm upset that I don't have enough time tonight to read more, I'm finally starting to get to where I stopped.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 16 . 11/26/2013
I had nyaaaan echoing in my head during this chapter. It's my happy sound, it replaced yay. It's Vincent's fault it was in there.
I like how everything is starting to make sense, I re-learned a lot from this so it was good to reread. I did remember the thing about him switching hosts though. Of course he'd be the only one to consider that.
Good chapter, and it didn't bother me that it was shorter than usual, because I had less time than usually today to read it.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
Envious sky chapter 15 . 11/26/2013
My mind keeps telling me that I should give Josh a hug, but then it says that if I even try to help him at all that Sephi will kill me.
I really don't remember at all what happened in this chapter, but I found it pretty obvious that the one tipping them off would be Vincent. When first reading this, I had no idea since I barely knew anything about FF7 at that time. But I love him now so he's a top option regardless.
Good chapter.
Jya ne,

Serah Villiers Valentine
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