Reviews for Going Native
bearblue chapter 64 . 6/18
I thoroughly, utterly, enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing it. I thought about posting it at the end with the lost parts, but honestly, this particular time it seems more fitting to say it here. Wonderful story. Thank you! :)
Partsu chapter 4 . 6/15
Oh dear, Picard has an idea...
wsbenge chapter 67 . 1/7
I read the story straight through. Really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to more interaction between Data and the Centurions, but it hooked me well.
Difdi chapter 20 . 5/31/2016
Actually, full impulse on a runabout is the same as it is for the Enterprise, and it's not three quarters of the speed of light.

When a Starfleet officer (such as a starship captain) calls for full impulse, the speed the ship acceperates to is twenty-five percent of the speed of light. That's not maximum speed, it's a cruising speed chosen as the best balance between maximum speed and relativistic time dilation effects. The last thing anyone wants is for a ship to take years to arrive, with the occupants only experiencing a few minutes.

The ships are physically capable of speeds of up to ninety percent of the speed of light, but runabouts will expend most of their fuel reaching that speed. Since warp 1 is exactly the speed of light and takes MUCH less power and fuel to achieve than almost-lightspeed using impulse drives, most ships go to warp instead.
Difdi chapter 2 . 5/30/2016
Actually, Gaeta is either wrong about how Colonial FTL compares to warp drive (or the author is, heh).

Warp 9 gives a speed of about 1 light year every 5-6 hours. Most Federation ships have cruising speeds much slower than that.

A Colonial FTL jump goes about 5-6 light years for civilian ships, perhaps as much as twice that for military capital ships but it's hard on the engines. Cylon drives are about three times better than Colonial military drives, mostly due to having better navigation computers.

It takes 20-30 minutes between jumps to respool the jump drive (which is also about how long it takes to go from cold engine to jump). This makes a civilian Colonial jump drive about 50-60 times faster than Warp 9!

That is NOT comparable to a lower end warp engine.
a-d Pilot chapter 35 . 2/14/2016
I disagree with them dying completely due to photon torpedoes. I'm guessing you did it to convince them to come to the bargaining table instead of building a larger army to invade with, but it seems unnecessary.

Still, it's your story.
a-d Pilot chapter 32 . 2/13/2016
Kara grabbed him by the shirt. Reg could smell the alcohol on her breath. "You don't know what I would have done."

"No." Reg replied. "But you do. And you've already guessed what would have happened if he'd tried. No one would have believed him. They'd have laughed and called him crazy."

"He'd have been taken off duty and you would probably never of made it here."

"And that's the part which really infuriates you, isn't it. Knowing that help was so close, but even if it had revealed itself you'd have turned it away."

"That he'd have been a traitor to your people to speak up, and the only loyal thing he could do was remain silent, and keep leading you to safety."
quinn2219 chapter 39 . 10/25/2015
I like the story, but I find the adverbs grating to my brain.
VFR6 chapter 62 . 9/5/2015
Baltar got a mental/ghost BJob? A BJ FROM SIX? I want ONE!
Ruok chapter 33 . 9/3/2015
I thought that Felix was gay and had a boyfriend Hoshi from Pegasus.
Kaderos chapter 67 . 4/18/2015
The whole story is imaginative. It takes a character on BSG and mixes it with some ST:TOS series that in not really addressed in the new material. I think it was rather well done and really captures the struggle that the character goes through.
salamangkero chapter 67 . 4/8/2015
very entertaining story. thank you for sharing.
Major Diarr chapter 44 . 3/25/2015
I have to say, that's a brilliant twist on the Cylon social dynamic.
relguf chapter 67 . 1/22/2015
Wuved your work sir, I dont even know much about battlestar galactica, I came by by roundabout from the author jbern and his unfinished galactica fiction, you make me want to devour the series though.

I especially like the way you managed to hold the attention of the reader throughout the story even with limited action. Kudos.
mouse chapter 67 . 1/8/2015
Thank you! Just found this story and love it. Great portrayal of familiar characters.
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